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Videos of 13th September

The city Hall with M Antonio Spaccarotella

the Proloco-Ladies Debora and Gloria City Hall Transport
M Antonio with his team from Calabria The museum entrance - Nicola
Assistants at the performing room/entrance Porta Marina
impressions of the city impressions of the city
the Pro Loco Andrea Borsini (Ideazioni)
The Bar in de Centre Michele and Martina Gabriele and Elisabetta (mother and son)
window shopping for Fisitalia Gabriele and Elisabetta's Bar
Production from Italcinte Entrance Italcinte
Nice entrance in town Book store of Marco Giannattasio
  Silvia from the company Giustozzi
Harley Jones and Amber Masefield from New Zealand Carola and Herold from Netherlands with M Patrizia Angeloni
2023 Cat.Virtuoso Winner/Klingenthal Emanuele Vito with his mom and with Paolo Soprani
the Proloco crew with Alessandro on the left Pub O'Brians
the largest Organetto with the owners fam. Francenella
M Saria Convertino with Holda city hall culture off. Ruben Cittadini (right) with Claudio Capponi
Beniamino Bugiolacchi with Aldo Belmonti and with Fiorella
Window shopping for Beltuna and Holda
M Saria and collegues M MarieAndree and her husband from France Elke and Silvia
Window shoppping for Fisitalia Mirco Patarinil with guest
paintings of well known artis M Luigini Pallotta
M Renzo Ruggieri M Antonio Spaccarotella
M Simone Zanchini M Marocco, Signori, Piazzolla
Sweden, Finland, China, New Zealand Sweden, Czech Rep. visitors from Netherlands with Carol and Herold
Harry Hussey and Gary Blair and with friends from Scotland
Josef and Peter Moger Sabine and Josef
Monument of Castelfidardo dedicated to the accordion by Franco Cappanari

More pictures 13th September 2023

Videos of 13th September

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