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This website is devoted to preserving the memory and works of Eugene Ettore, composer, arranger, accordionist, inventor, teacher and more! A true Renaissance man.

This Eugene Ettore Memorial website was compiled by Rita Barnea (Accordion USA Editor and former student of Eugene Ettore who has frequently performed his works) with the professional guidance of Harley Jones, (Accordions Worldwide founder).

Eugene Ettore made a very important and valuable contribution, not only to the accordion world, but the entire musical world as you will see during your travels through this web site.

Special thanks go to Eugene Ettore's daughter, Carol Ettore Asimou who generously provided many of the original articles, photos, etc. which you will see on this web site. Sadly, Carol passed away in 2021. She was always proud of her father's accomplishments as is her husband, John, and two sons, Eugene and Christoper and granddaughter, Bella.

It would be greatly appreciated if any readers who have further information, photos, articles, etc. about Eugene Ettore, would kindly email the info to: Ritabelll@aol.com

All the published music of Eugene Ettore is listed on this website including information of where to purchase. Compositions never published before,are now available by MusicForAccordion.com and also listed on this website. You can also find the sound tracks of many Ettore compositions on this website..

In honor of his birthday, June 2, I have updated the website with photos of his many distinguished awards and honors which he received over the years.

This Eugene Ettore website will be continuously updated. If you have any letters or original manuscript scores by Eugene Ettore, I would greatly appreciate knowing about them. Please contact me at: Ritabelll@aol.com

Additionally, I will include on this website recollections and remembrances by accordionists who knew Eugene Ettore. If you have programs or news articles which you do not see on this website, I would appreciate your sending a copy to me at Email: Ritabelll@aol.com

Eugene Ettore is a very important and valuable part of the development of the accordion. It is hoped that all - especially the younger generation of upcoming accordion artists - learn about him and include his music in their repertoire.

If you are interested in obtaining his music, please contact me: Ritabelll@aol.com Additional plans include the availability of further music at MusicForAccordion.com
In honor of Eugene Ettore, Rita has made the music and sound files on this site and on MusicForAccordion.com available for free download at any time.

Below are YouTube links for compositions recorded by Rita Davidson Barnea at past AAA Festivals:


1. “Rhapsodie Espagnol” (Rita Barnea) https://youtu.be/yeoryp6f-ZI download pdf sheet music

Eugene Ettore workshop presented by Rita Barnea. Rita Barnea, music teacher, presenter of workshops, adjudicator, and founder/curator of this Eugene Ettore Memorial Web site, studied with the noted composer Eugene Ettore. Rita talks about the life of Eugene Ettore and performs many of his virtuoso compositions. AAA 2018 Accordion Festival 80th Anniversary July 11-15, 2018. All videos by Dean Ratzin.

2. “Prelude and Scherzo” (Rita Barnea) https://youtu.be/HURVHY0oHs8

3. “Agitato” (Rita Barnea) https://youtu.be/H9TCNLcpSDI download pdf sheet music

4. “Waltz” (Rita Barnea) https://youtu.be/L0vBLABGJ5s

5. “Springtime Caprice” (Rita Barnea) https://youtu.be/wI_4-zOYuJ0 download pdf sheet music

6. “Five O”Clock Rush” (Rita Barnea) https://youtu.be/htG6UFpVjoQ

7. “Accordion Miniatures Concertino 2nd movement” (Rita Barnea) https://youtu.be/_XDumBLUvl4

8. “Manhattan Concerto 1st movement “ (Rita Barnea) https://youtu.be/Y8QncCn1uwg

This composition was published in 1952. It is in 3 movements. In this video, Rita Barnea performs the 1st movement. It is scored in 3 ways:
1. For solo accordion ( Rita's performance}
2. For solo accordion with full symphony orchestra accompaniment
3. For solo Accordion with accordion orchestra accompaniment
Please contact Rita Barnea at Ritabelll@aol.com for information on obtaining the music.

9. “Concert Etude No. 2 “ (Rita Barnea) https://youtu.be/3KSwWcKqzLY

10. “Spanish Holiday (Rita Barnea) https://youtu.be/0NUxVDUGVi4

11. “Five O”Clock Rush” (Jorgen Sundqvist) https://youtu.be/0J05hwqHF8A

12. Accordionist Daniel Desiderio performs “Scherzo Tarantelle” by Henri Wieniawski and “Five O'Clock Rush” by Eugene Ettore at the Eugene Ettore Memorial Concert in Livingston, New Jersey on October 5, 1986.

13. Accordionist Mary Tokarski has recorded two of Eugene Ettore’s compositions on her solo recordings:
“Pioneer Concerto” (solo) is on her CD “Music with Mary . . . for my friends! “
“Spanish Holiday” is on her CD “Music with Mary . . . with my friends!” If you are interested in purchasing her CD’s please email Mary: mary.tokarski@comcast.net

14. Here is the link to the Eugene Ettore Memorial Concert on October 6, 1986: See Program Notes are on this website:
6:07 “Rhapsodie Espagnol” by Eugene Ettore performed by Rita Davidson Barnea
47:04 “Manhattan Concerto, Movement 1” performed by Mary Tokarski
54:39 “Manhattan Concerto Movement II” performed by Maddalina Belfiore

15. “Bambi Samba” (Pearl Fawcett-Adriano) https://youtu.be/uVvfkbzzI88

16. Accordion Pops Orchestra performing "Conflict Overture" at Shannondell, Audubon PA. September 22nd, 2019. Video by Dean Ratzin https://youtu.be/k8VdufgSqUQ

17. "Holiday Caprice" (Ettore) - LP recording of World Accordion Champion (1962) Iona Reed-Pukara https://youtu.be/B_kDqWsx974

Eugene Ettore was commissioned by the CIA to compose this work for as a compulsory test piece for the 1962 Coupe Mondiale World Championship competition in Prague. As the title implies, it's a cheerful & frolicky piece with a high degree of difficulty. You'll recognize the playful holiday mood where the composer quotes "I'm the king of the castle!" in a few places. Interestingly, the composer features only the chord buttons in the left hand & combines different chords to produce some very unique harmonies. You'll enjoy Iona's energetic & spirited performance of this original accordion composition just as the judges in Prague did. As at February 2022, Iona is still living in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, but her teacher-husband Karl Pukara, sadly, passed away in 1998.

“Free Bass Compositions” includes additional compositions for free bass accordion. If you are interested, please contact me: Ritabelll@aol.com. “Rhapsody Espagnol” and “Valse” are included in this book.

You can also check Amazon for his compositions, books, etc.

Thank you for visiting this site. Comments and suggestions are appreciated: Ritabelll@aol.com

Rita Davidson Barnea
National Editor - Accordion USA News www.accordionusa.com
Cell phone: 201-675-4861


Eugene Ettore History

Eugene Ettore was born on June 2, 1921 into a musical family. His father, Antonio, was an accordion teacher and played the accordion in Vaudeville shows in the early 1900's. Eugene, at the age of four, took lessons on the banjo, guitar and ukelele.

Eugene began to study the accordion with his father at age five. His family was orginally from Italy, emigrating to New Bedford, Massachusetts where he grew up. Because of the Great Depression, they moved to New Jersey in the 1930's. There were five boys in the family and all played the accordion.

While in high school, Eugene also studied the French Horn which he continued to play his entire life. He eventually became principal French Horn in several orchestras including the Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra. He also wrote a French Horn method book which is still available today. A little known fact about Eugene Ettore is that he invented and produced 28 French Horn brass mutes which were used by players in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the Chicago Opera Orchestra, and many principals of major symphonies in the USA.

One of his teachers was Victor Loppoli, an accomplished pianist who accompanied the great singer, Enrico Caruso. He introduced Eugene to the piano literature, Hanon, Czerny, and Clementi, whose music he transcribed for accordion. Eugene studied composition and arranging with Gene Von Hallberg, one of the founders of the American Accordionists' Association, who wrote music for old time radio and worked with Charles Magnante.

Eugene's great musical foundation and the running of his own trio formed the solid base for his further musical career. WW II gave him wider practical experience, while he was playing in Military and Dance bands and had the responsibility of running a Special Services Radio Show Quintet.

Before the war ended he took over the direction of the Nunzio Accordeon School, while Charles Nunzio was still serving in the US Navy. At the same time he went on with his studies of theory and harmony and he continued his composing acitvities.

Eugene Ettore has to his credit over three hundred published and unpublished copyrighted works of all types as you will learn by reading further and he was commissioned many times by various musical organizations.

Eugene Ettore was truly a Renaissance man, with varied interests, always excelling in any subject that he devoted himself to. For example, in 1968, he began a two year course to be a Voluteer Braille transcriber. In 1970, he was certified by the Library of Congress as a Braille Transcriber.

He also became a master piano technician. He not only tuned pianos but also rebuilt them becoming well known for his meticulous and excellent work.

He was a strong believer in the Power of Positive Thinking. Many of his students were taught methods of focusing, concentrating, and relaxing, all of which were helpful not only in preparation for the rigors of accordion competitions, but also in handling the stresses of everyday life. He was ahead of his times in so many ways.

Eugene Ettore specialized in composing original accordion compositions for 120 bass accordion and free bass accordion. His free bass music and other unpublished works are listed on this website.

Eugene arranged music for concert solo and ensemble accordion groups, organ, and guitar including pop and standard tunes. He was the author, including the compositions and arrangements of method books for accordion, French horn, recorder, and melodica. He was the Chief Editor and Arranger for Pietro Deiro Publications from 1955 to 1965.

Eugene Ettore served as President of the American Accordionists Association from 1952 to 1955 and 1963 to 1965; Vice President of the AAA from 1956 to 1958; Vice President of the Accordion Teachers Association of New Jersey from 1959 to 1960. He was member of ASCAP from 1958.

He was recognized by the following organizations:
AAA as Outstanding Composer and Arranger of 1956
AAA and Accordion Teachers Guide as Outstanding Composer of 1959
AAA as Outstanding Accordion Composer-Classical of 1960
AAA as Outstanding Accordion Composer of 1961.
All of the above awards were determined by popular vote of the entire membership.

He was recipient of ASCAP Standard Pane Awards for 1964 and 1965 and listed in 1955 in "Who's Who in the East".

Eugene Ettore was a contributor of many articles about the accordion to:
1. Accordion World Magazine
2. Metronome
3. Music Journals
4. Music Trade
5. Music Dealers Review
6. Accordion Review{ in Europe}
7. Accordion Horizons.

His compositions and arrangements were published by
1. Modern Accordion Pulbications, London
2. Pietro Deiro Publications
3. Santee Press, NY
4. O.Pagani & Bros., NY
5. Mills Music
6. Kejving Publications, Sweden
7. Deffner Publications

Many of his compositions were commissioned works:
Commissioned by NJ State organization to compose Virtuoso test piece for 1964
Commissioned by the Massachusetts State organization to compose the Virtuoso test piece for 1965

Commissioned by the Connecticut State organization to compose the Virtuoso test piece for 1965.
Composed the test piece Concert Etude No.2 of the 1961 Coupe Mondiale.

The scope of his arrangements embraced the following styles: concerto, concert solos, duets, novelties, polkas, marches, study books, complete courses of instruction etc.

His works range in style from conventional to contemporary dissonant types.

He also ghosted many accordion solos in all grades and classifications.

Eugene Ettore was also a gifted artist. You will see his art work at a future time on this site.

Read the USA News http://www.accordionusa.com/?d=01-May-2011#art727 for a fascinating story about Horace Lazzari, Washington state accordionist, who performed the world's first performance of "Manhattan Concerto" in 1961 with the Walla Walla Symphony Orchestra. The article talks about my meeting with Horace and his lovely wife, Jeanette, and my visit to the Petosa Company with Joe Petosa. You can see the program notes on this website as well as his letter to Eugene Ettore after the concert.

I hope that you all enjoy learning about the life and music of Eugene Ettore. He deserves to be remembered and his music, all to be available very soon, is worthy of your study and performance.

His Life

Eugene Ettore Photo for Sano
Eugene Ettore Picture for Hohner

Historic Performances of Eugene Ettore Works

On Tuesday, April 18, 1961, the world's first performance with a symphony orchestra of the "Manhattan Concerto" by Eugene Ettore was given by accordion virtuoso, Horace Lazzari. Horace Lazzari Memorial website at: http://www.accordions.com/hlazzari/
1961 Manhattan Concerto Program Cover
Click the following link to view a printable Acrobat pdf file of the whole 1961 Program.

Picture above: Horace Lazzari performing Eugene Ettore's "Manhattan Concerto" with the Walla Walla Symphony Orchestra, April 1961.
Letter from Horace Lazzari to Eugene Ettore about the performances.
Horace Lazzari letter page 1
Horace Lazzari letter Page 2
Click the following link to view a printable Acrobat pdf file of the 1961 letter.

Eugene Ettore Accordion Compositions

Published by M.A.P. Editions (Modern Accordion Publications) - UK

Grading is based upon UK music examinations board grades:
Amelia (Mazurka), solo, grade
Bambi Sambi, solo, grade
Bass'n Boogie, solo, grade
Butterfly Fantasy, solo, grade
Ettore's Etude, solo, grade
Forest Festival Dance, solo, grade
Fuggi (Run Away) Polka, solo, grade
Juntos (Tango), solo, grade
La Rondinella, solo, grade
Musette Polka, solo, grade
Polketta, solo, grade
Samba-Polka, solo, grade
Schools Out (fast descriptive), solo, grade
Spanish Holiday, solo, grade
Tarantella Abruzzese, solo, grade
Valse Capriccioso (Concert Waltz), solo, grade

Eugene Ettore Accordion Album containing 12 titles is also published M.A.P. Editions

To order music or for further information email: pearladriano@hotmail.com

Ettore Fantasia CD Cover Twelve compostitions by Eugene Ettore are recorded on the CD titled "Ettore Fantasia" by M.A.P. Editions concert artist Pearl Fawcett Adriano. You can purchase this CD online from MusicForAccordion.com - click Ettore Fansasia

Eugene Ettore Accordion Compositions

Published by Ernest Deffner Music - USA

All the music listed below is available online from the www.ernestdeffner.com website.
Ad Lib ‘n Swanee (Rock)
PD5794 2.50
Ave, Maris Stella – in The Catholic Hour     d'Auberge OP8011 7.95
Bass ‘N’ Boogie                                         
PD0710 3.25
PD808 3.95
Blue Angel                                                
OP9344 3.95
Bobbie’s Riff (Rock)
PD5797 2.50
OP9408 2.95
Carmen’s Riff                         
PD5792 2.50
Chopin Made Easy        Ettore OP8015 7.95
OP9344 2.95
Clementi Sonatinas Ettore PD869 5.95
Cloak and Dagger March                             
PD5620 2.95
Dance with Me Baby & Rocking All the Time  Cantarella PD0949 2.50
Ettore Accordion Method Book 3    
OP8621 5.95
Ettore Accordion Method Book 4            
OP8622 5.95
Ettore Accordion Method Book 6      
OP8624 5.95
Five O’Clock Rush                                      
OP7139 4.95
Five O’Clock Rush                                      
OP9406 3.95
Frontier Concerto
PD5865 5.95
Hot Rod & Juke Box Jive                             Cantarella PD0950 2.50
Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso Op.28   Ettore OP9389 7.95
Little Songs for Pleasure                 Ettore OP8016 6.95
Lullaby and Awakening
PD5806 6.95
Mammy’s Roll
PD5798 2.50
Manhattan Concerto                  
ED137 9.95
Manhattan Concerto                          
OP7994 9.95
March of the Toys From “Babes in Toyland”  Ettore PD5627 6.00
Muscular Exercises for the Left Hand           
OP8024 6.95
Pioneer Concerto                                  
PD0901 6.95
Polkatrinka Biviano PDD30 2.50
PD728 2.50
Prelude and Scherzo                  
PD5733 6.95
Readin’ and Rhythm
PD777 6.95
Rhythm on the Keys Deiro/Ettore PD7026 6.95
Rock ‘N’ Roll Riff                                        
PD5789 2.50
Rocket Rock
PD5799 2.50
Rockin’ Melody
PD5795 2.50
Roll a L’Impromptu             
PD5793 2.50
Rollin’ All the Way Home                          
PD5790 2.50
OP9346 3.95
Sandra’s Victory March                                 
PD5664 3.25
Sheep That Could
PD5796 2.50
The Junior Artist
PD765 5.95
Topsy Turvy                                   
PD0914 2.50
Village Fiesta                                             
OP9407 2.95
Village Roll                                        
PD5791 2.50
Yonkers City March                                  Ettore OP9978 2.95

The Life and Music of Eugene Ettore
Eugene Ettore introduced Lou Coppola
Eugene Ettore,Carmela Rivelli, Lou Coppola, Lee Deiro, Rudy Molinaro
Eugene Ettore, Lou Coppola, Pietro Deiro

The United States Navy Band in Concert on Friday 15 March, 1968.








The Sano Symphony under the direction of Eugene Ettore (circa 1963), Rita Barnea seated right front.
This is the Library of Congress Seal showing that the piano tuning device was copyrighted by the Library of Congress and protected. Following you will see the plan and diagram for this device:
In addition to being a gifted composer and accordionist, Eugene Ettore was also a talented artist. Here are some samples of his artwork:
Sketch of "A Pensive Boy" by Eugene Ettore August 17, 1962

This letter was written by Mr. Edward Napiwocki, conductor of the Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra, to Connie Ettore, Eugene's wife.

Eugene played Principal French Horn in the Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra for over 20 years. In addition to being a fine accordionist, he was also a professional French Horn player. He studied for many years with Anthony Cecere, who performed with Metropolitan Opera, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, the New Jersey and Boston Symphony Orchestras, and the New York Philharmonic.

Eugene Ettore also invented a special mute for the French Horn which was used by many professional French Horn players in major symphony orchestras throughout the United States.

Eugene Ettore was a true Renaissance man, who excelled in many musical avenues. As this site continues to be developed, you will discover more fascinating facts about him.

This page indicates that Eugene Ettore was in the process of composing a work based on the letters in the name of Steven Dominko, 1964 Coupe Mondiale first place winner. Very often, composers will devise personal, special techniques for thematic development. This system is based on a numerical and alphabetical system. I am in the process of researching his music to see if a composition exists with the created theme. When and if discovered, I will update the website.

June 3, 2011..... I discovered two compositions that Eugene Ettore composed for Stephen Dominko. They are "A Name That Swings" and "Round Trip" which are in his book called "Original Compositions for Free Bass Accordion". The book was originally published by the LORAC Publishing Company. "LORAC" is Eugene Ettore's daughters name, Carol, spelled backwards! The book is out of print. If you are interested in the music, please contact me, Rita Davidson, at Ritabelll@aol.com

Letter from Stephen Dominko to Rita Davidson:

July 12, 2001
Hi Rita:

Thank you for sending me the material you did on the piece Eugene wrote for me - what an honor ! Eugene and I really enjoyed each other's company. There were times when Rudy Molinaro would take me to Eugene's home (I believe in NJ). There they would work with me together on my Coupe Modale
piece. They were SLAVE DRIVERS !! The two of them would sit there with a bottle of VO between them and just have a blast working me to the bone. They even made me go through it 3 times in a row to gain endurance. At this point I challenged them. I said "You know you two have a ball there drinking this great whiskey and all I'm drinking is sweat. i would like to have a drink too" They knowingly laughed and said "You think you can drink. After one shot of VO you can play like you always do?" I arrogantly said "Of course". I had my shot I played the Wanderer Fantasy and to their delight massacred it. That's a night I'll never forget and a warning to those that think they can drink and play their best.

Be Well

Eugene Ettore with Rudy Molinaro and his students

Eugene Ettore and Al Monte. Al Monte who was an accordionist and accordion teacher for over 40 years in New Jersey. He passed away in 2021.
The Life and Music of Eugene Ettore continues on the next page:

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