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Martin Frey began learning the accordion in 1965. In 1969 he began studies at Peter Frey's Music School, and began playing in accordion orchestras. He has taught the accordion since 1985, and has performed and conducted seminars in many countries both as a soloist and with many international performers. He is a member of international and national accordion committees. Today he has his own business "Akkordeon Importe", which acts as a distributor for the brands Pigini & Excelsior, retailer and repairer of all types of accordions. Martin also teaches the accordion in public schools and also as a private accordion teacher. He is a co-editor of the "First Swiss Radio" and the "First Swiss TV" and has written reports and reviews in many magazines and newspapers.

As well as the accordion, Martin is fully qualified and has years of experience in Civil Engineering. His other pastimes include swimming, running, climbing and alpine skiing, theatre, musicals, concerts, ballets, reading books, reading scientific reports and travel.

1971-1974 Ground Building Design Certificate
1974-1979 Diploma in Civil Engineer (B Eng) at Brugg-Windisch Hohere Technische Lehranstalt
1986-1987 Diploma of Business Management (MBA) at the Institut fur Betriebs und regional Okonomie in Luzern
1996-1998 Post-graduate studies for engineers at the "CIM-Centre" from the "HTL Brugg - Windisch" (FH) in Baden/AG/Switzerland. Graduating as "Communications and Informations Manager" "CIM". The study covered the import of universal, theoretical and practical knowledge and the ability for the business process engineering and development in enterprises, as well as the integration of people, such as technique and organisation" "HTO".

Martin is proficient in three languages; German, English and French. He has a strong computer knowledge of all Microsoft programs and many other software programs. In the last few years Martin has organised concerts and seminars for the following performers:

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Generalvertretung Schweiz
Akkordeon Importe GmbH
Martin  F r e y
Untere Holzstrasse 9
5036 Oberentfelden

+41-62-827 21 61
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