February 11th to 16th, 2020, Kokkola Winter Festival

Event Pictures and Videos

Timelapse of the Guardia Nueva concert and the audience arriving. This was fully televised with professional TV camera crew and sound team.

Guardia Nueva televised concert.
Talviharmonikka 2020 - Nuoret virtuoosit, harjoitukset. With ballet.


The Music Wizards

Guardia Nueva opening of the new cultural town house
Tiit Kalluste, Villu Veski/Nordic Sounds (EST) & Teija Niku Solo
Raimo Vertainen, Festival Director relaxing at the sauna in the center
of town set up for the time of the festival.

2020 Kokkola poster

Program of events:

The XXII Kokkola Winter Accordion Festival will be held at a variety of venues in Kokkola, Finland from February 9th to 16th, 2020. The Artistic Director since inception of the festival is Raimo Vertainen (picture right).

The events will include a large variety of concerts, parades, children’s events, surprise events to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the city, lunchtime performances, sledding events, Songs for Seniors and jazz music.

February 9th: Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory, Pitkänsillankatu 16 at 3 pm. Finland’s accordion association has assembled a parade of accordionists including winners of the Golden Accordion award, Pilvi Huhta and Janina Suihkola. The Kokkolanseudun Harmonikkakerho will perform traditional music.

February 10th: Pop up music in Kokkola City Center - Surprise performances in different downtown locations with the city’s 400th birthday celebration as its theme.

Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory at 6 pm. Young music students show off their stuff as soloists, duos and groups. Basically, anything goes here. Junior Accordions, K-30 Orchestra, Jazzcombo, Kokkola Ballet School, and others.

February 11th: Kälviä free time center & sports hall 9.30 am at Marttilankatu 4 and Lohtaja Maininki, Karhintie 5 at 12.30 pm. Performance by “Loiskis” which includes accordionists Jarmo Kivelä and Marianne Oivo.

Lunch music in Kokkolinna, Isokatu 1 at 11.30 am - Music students perform an intimate concert of lunchtime music.

Mardi Gras sledding in Roskaruka, Kelkkatie 1 from 5 to 7 pm where participants will sled to the beat of music. Free admission

Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory, Pitkänsillankatu 16 at 7 pm concert by accordionist Tiit Kalluste and Villu Veski – saxophone with photographic scenery from the coasts and archipelagoes of the Baltic Sea.

February 12th: Around the World Children’s concert by “Loiskis” at Hollihaan koulun sports hall, Pikiruukintie 4 at 9 am and Isokylän koulu, Sillanpääntie 22 at 12 pm.

Lunch music in Harjun Puffeti, Pitkätsillankatu 15 at 11.30 am

Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory at 7pm - The Music Wizards premier performance concert. Accordion wizard Veli Kujala (picture above right) and piano magic man Jarkko Riihimäki meet at the border between reality and illusion, and sparks fly when it all crumbles. Get lost in the music – but don’t be surprised when the magic takes your breath away. The concert will include music by Carlos Gardel, Jacob Gade, Path Metheny and Pekka Pohjola with some improvisation.

February 13th: Songs for Seniors at Lohtaja, Palvelukeskus Lepola at 12.45pm, Kälviä, Palvelukeskus Leporanta at 2pm and Ullava, Hopijakummun Palvelukeskus at 3.30pm.

Seppo Lankinen plays and sings in senior communities. Waltzes, tangos, schlagers and old favorites are on the program, as well as some story-telling.

Kokkola City Hall Grand Opening at 4pm. The newly renovated City Hall opens its doors to the sounds of Guardia Nueva (picture below). Free admission.

Black Sheep Pub jazz concert, Isokatu 20, Pietarsaari at 9pm. The JazzAcc Quartet includes accordionist Antti Purola. Their repertoire includes band members’ own songs as well as their personal arrangements of Finnish compositions and jazz classics.

February 14th: Children’s concert at Snellman Hall, Vingenkatu 18 at 9 am. Music from Finland, Sweden and especially the High Coast area of Sweden by Jörgen Sundeqvist, Päivi Mettälä and Julia Hansson.

Songs for Seniors at Kokkola, Kuusikummun palvelutalo at 10am, Kokkola, Tervakartano at 12 midday, Kokkola, Honkaharjun palvelutalo at 1.15pm and Kruunupyy, Sandbacka vårdcenter at 2.45pm. Seppo Lankinen plays and sings waltzes, tangos, schlagers and old favorites.

Songs for Seniors at Pettersborg, Kansakoulunkatu 17 at 10.30am and Emeliehemmet, Sairaalakatu 11 at 2pm with accordionist and vocalist Julia Hansson.

Lunch music at Campus Allegro, Pietarsaari, Kauppiaankatu 10 at 12 midday with Jörgen Sundeqvist and Päivi Mettälä.

Friends & Neighbours concert at Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory, Pitkänsillankatu 16 at 7pm with the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra. The concert will feature the world premiere performance of Aulis Sallinen’s Duo Concertante with accordionists Sonja Vertainen and Janne Valkeajoki and will be conducted by Anna-Maria Helsing. The concert will be featured live on YLE Radio 1.

Winter Accordion’s Love and Poetry Club at Kilta Bar, Torikatu 19 at 9pm featuring poems and songs on friendship accompanied by accordionist Antti Paalanen. Free admission.

February 15th: Kallentori sings, dances and Plays at Kallentori, Pitkänsillankatu 15 from 10am to 1pm. His concert will feature Finnish songs, Kokkola Regional Accordion Club, with Remell’s Orchestra celebrating its 100th anniversary, featuring Jörgen Sundeqvist and Päivi Mettäjä, Duo Vilma Wirén & Johannes Koivisto. Free admission

Kallentori Market, Pitkänsillankatu 15 from 10am to 1pm. A market and pop-up café organized by women, presented with a musical performance, baked goods, natural products, jewelry, handwork and more will be for sale. Free admission

Rosso’s Winter Karaoke and Sauna time, Rosso Corner, Isokatu 4 – Karaoke from 5 to 9pm

Grand Performance Concert: Kokkola turns 400 at Snellman Hall, Vingenkatu 18 - performances at 3pm and 7pm by Guardia Nueva (picture above) directed by Raimo Vertainen with soloists: Virva Puumala, Matti Korkiala, Maria Autio & Jiri Tammilehto. In honor of Kokkola, Guardia Nueva orchestra will perform tangos, evergreens and even some music penned by local composers. In all, expect a concert of beloved and unforgettable sounds.

Milonga night: Tango Coloriage at Sokos Hotel Kaarle, Kauppatori 4 from 9pm to 12midnight. The group, which features Henrik Sandås (bandoneon), Antti Heerman (violin) and Petri Mäkiharju (contra bass) plays danceable tango, drums and Milonga from the Golden Age and the repertoire of Anibal Troilo and Osvaldo Pugliesen. Free admission

February 16th: Dance, ski and accordion afternoon at Rastimaja, Ahvenpolku 8 from 12 midday to 3pm. Closing event featuring skiing and dancing to music by Kokkola’s own Accordion Club, Kokkolan Harmonikkaklubi. Free admission

For further details email: talviharmonikka@gmail.com

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