Prize Giving gallery

Vize president of the Landtag Sachsen Horst Wehner (above) and the Mayor of Klingenthal Thomas Hennig
Winners cat. Soloists until 18 years:
3rd Nedeljko Banjanin (Serbia)
2nd Sophie Herzog (Germany) and
1st Rafael Sapukov (Russia) from left
Winners cat.I Soliste until 12 years
3rd Mantas Leonardo Lizzi (Italy/Lithunaia)
2nd Jonas Vozbutas (Lithuania)
1st Szymon Swierzewski (Poland) from left
Cat. II solists until 15 years
3rd Nola Radakovic (Croatia)
2nd Radovan Ivanovic (Bosnia Herzogowina)
1st Lanxin Xu (China) from left
Cat V a/b
3rd Duo Misterio (White Russia) Siarhei Butar/Bajan Vulliana Skorabava/Piano
2nd Dawid Rydz/Accordion & Radoslaw Jarock/Viola (Poland)
1st Aldo Duo(Poland) Aleksander Stachowski/Accordion Dominik Dopminczak (Clarinet)

Cat VI Virtuoso
3rd Nocolae Guto (Rep. Moldau)
2nd Maxime d'Errico (France)
1st Daniele Carabetta (Italy)

Soloists Cat. IV
3rd. Leo Herzog (German)
2nd Aleksander Stachowski (Poland)
1st Arseniy Strakovskiy (Russia)

The Winner of the 53rd International Klingenthal Competition - Cat IV Solists
performs togehter with the Vogtlandphilharmoinie Greiz/Reichenbach under the direction of David Marlow
by finnish composer KIRMO LINTINEN

The international Jury (from left) Foto by:

Aleksander Nikolik(Serbia), Juergen Ganzer(Germany), Jacques Mornet(France), Friedrich Lips(Russia), Tobias Morgenstern(German)
Marjut Tynkkynen(Finland), Ulf Seifert(Germany), Jeanete Dyremose(Denmark),Cao Xiaoquing(China), Ivan Koval (Cech Rep)
Zbigniew Ignaczewski (Poland).
Missing on the phot: Tibor Racz(Slowakia) and Stefan Fraas(Germany)

Special Awards
Vivian Leichsnering receives as the joungest german accordionist a special award from the Tourist Org Pro Loco Castelfidardo by President Aldo Belmonti a price award of Euro 300 Euro and a concert during the 41st Int.Comp. Città di Castelfidardo 2016 Sopie Herzog receives the special Award from the German Accordion Ass. for the highest points of a German participant in a solist cat until 18 years with a price of 200 Euro presented by Ute Sander.
Anna Betker receives for her excellent performance during the 53rd Klingenthal competition a special award from the DHV presented by the Mayor of Klingenthal Thomas Hennig. The Mayor of Neuerade Antonius Wiesemann(twin city of Klingenthal) holding his yearly speach and presenting their special awards of Euro 1.500 to several participants.
Accordion Personalities in Klingenthal 2016
Ivana, Beniamino, Aldo, Rainer, Maria and Mrs/Mrs. Fraas Ulf Seifert, Tobias Morgenstern, Mrs. Seifert, Jeanete Dyremose
Cao Xingquing, Mr./Mrs. Gaebler, Friedrich Lips Mrs Henning, sonThomas and Mayor of Klingenthal.
The offical speaker Elisabeth Schanz mit ihrem Ehemann and Dieter Meinel
Members of the jury Mr/Mrs Flechsig (
Brigitte Lausmann and Prof. Juergen Ganzer Delegation of the twin citys Neuenrade (behind) and Castelfidardo (front)
ex Mayor of Klingenthal Mr/Mrs. Schneidenbach Students and teachers of the school from Croatia/Porec
audience of the nearly fully filled Hall Antonio Spaccarotella
Mr/Mrs Gunter Gerber Aldo Belmonti, Jaques Mornet, Beniamino Bugiolacchi, Rainer Schneidenbach
Ivana Zagaglia, Jaques Mornet, Holda Holda and Ivana
Beniamoni Bugiolacchi, Arsenij Strokovskiy top category solo winner, Aldo Belmonti. ...with head of Jury - Prof. Guenther Ganzer
twin city Neuenrade at the opening speech of Mayor Thomas Hennig  
as every year - a wonderful buffet being prepared by Restaurant/Hotel Doehlerwald / Carsten Foerster
  The Klingenthal competition office
Italian Delegation with the Mayor from Markneukirchen Mr. Rubner Mrs Hennig and son Thomas
Aldo, Holda, Ivana and Beniamino (Italy)
saying good by to Klingenthal and to Maria/Rainer Schneidenbach


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Category IV Round 1 and 2

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