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2014 Results and Pictures

Preistraeger Kategorie IV
Platz Name Vorname Land
1. Tanaskovic Nikola Serbien
2. Zubimendi Maria Spain
3. Seredin Grigorii Russia

Kategorie IV Solisten ohne Altersbegrenzung, Soloists no age limit

Kategorie I Solisten bis zum vollendeten 12. Lebensjahr
Soloists up to the age of 12
(Geburtsdatum 12. Mai 2002 oder spaeter)

Category II Results
Kategorie II Solisten bis zum vollendeten 15. Lebensjahr
Soloists up to the age of 15
(Geburtsdatum 12. Mai 1999 oder spaeter)

Category III
Kategorie III Solisten bis zum vollendeten 18. Lebensjahr
Soloists up to the age of 18
(Geburtsdatum 12. Mai 1996 oder spaeter)

Category Va
Kategorie Va Akkordeonduos, Accordion Duet

Category Vb
Kategorie Vb Instrumentalduos - besetzt mit einem Akkordeon
und einem anderen Instrument. Duo Accordion and Other Instrument.

Category VI
Kategorie VI Solisten ohne Altersbegrenzung mit virtuoser
Unterhaltungsmusik Soloists of any age, virtuoso Light music

Category VII
Kategorie VII Bandoneonsolisten ohne Altersbegrenzung
Bandoneon soloists of any age

Category VIII
Kategorie VII Instrumentalgruppen mit mindestens einem
aber hoechstens zwei Bandoneons mit insgesamt
bis zu sechs Musikern. Instrumental groups with at least one
but not more than two bandoneon with a total
up to six musicians.


Some impressions from Klingenthal and the wonderful Tango Evening on Saturday 17th May 2014 with the Sexteto Obsesión Tango

Maria and Rainer Schneidenbach/Director of the Klingenthal Competition
Castelfidardo in visit: Beniamino Bugiolacchi, Rainer Schneidenbach, Aldo Belmonti, Joerg Kuenzel and Ingeborg Flechsig

Sexteto Obsesión Tango
Robert Schmidt - Anna Kana - Peter Rein - Ricarda Sibylle Bormann - Michael Dolak - Susanne Cordola Welsch

Peter Rein
Michael Dolak
Peter Rein
Michael Dolak
Alexander Nikolic from "Beltango" with Bandeon Competitor Mercedes Krapovicas
Alexsander Nikolic with Tango Teacher from the Argentinian Tango Plauen e.V.
Alexsander Nikolic with Tango Teacher from the Argentinian Tango Plauen e.V.
Alexsander Nikolic with Tango Teacher from the Argentinian Tango Plauen e.V. performing

Antja and Joerg Kuenzel with Manfred Gaebler

Ingeborg and Thomas Flechsig
Jukka-Pekka Lilja (Finland/Jury) Mercedes Krapovicas/Arg, Alexsander Nikolic (Serbia/Jury), Lee Fo Jin (Korea) Mika Varynen (Finland/Jury)
Aldo Belmonti, Beniamino Bugilacchi and the Klingenthal officials from the Competition Organizers Office
Holde and Manfred Gaebler (left middle) with Klingenthal Citizens
Fotographers: Helmut Schneider and Thovald Meisel

Sunday 18th May 2014
Final round and Prizegiving concert in the Aula/Klingenthal

Mr./Mrs. Sasse from Neuerade Jury members Prof. Viatcheslav Semionov and Prof. Tibor Racz.
Viatcheslav Semionov and CNIMA Directors Jacques Mornet and Nathalie Boucheix Holde and Manfred Gaebler
Elsbeth Moser, Ulf Seifert and Fritz Dobler Mr./Mrs. Schneider (Photograph from Klingenthal)
Prof. Aleksander Nikolic (Serbia) with Jarmila Vlachova (Czech Republik) Aldo Belmonti and Beniamino Bugiolacchi, Castelfidardo City representatives.
CNIMA ( Jacques Mornet and Nathalie Boucheix) with Alexander Dimitriev Mr./Mrs. Reichelt
Speaker of the afternoon Mr. Meinel with Xenia Brunner and Maire Thomas Hennig and Ingeborg Flechsig Vice-President of the Landtag Sachsen Horst Wehner holding his speech
Mrs./Mr. Noebl Beniamino Bugiolacchi, Prof. Krzyszof Olczak (Poland, composer of the Concerto) and Aldo Belmonti.
Beniamino Bugiolacchi, Aldo Belmonti and Mr./Mrs. Foerster. Welcome Speech by speaker Mr. Meinel
Eo Jin Lee (4th in category Bandoneon)  
Cat.III - 3rd Mikahil Belov, 2nd Maryia Arol and
1st Vladimir Stupnikov (Russia).
Mayor from Neuenrade Mr. Klaus Peter Sasse. Neuenrade is a twin city of Klingenthal.
Cat. I, 3rd place Sofia Ros (Spain), 2nd Petar Dincic (Serbia), 1st Rostislav Mudristskiy (Russia) Cat II - 2nd Stepan Armarsar (Russia), 1st Alexej Dolmatov (Russia).
Cat. III - 1st Vladimir Stupnikov (Russia).  
Cat. I, 1st Rostislav Mudristskiy (Russia)  
Cat Vb, 3rd Duo Dolce (Croatia), 2nd Duo Jasmin (Russia-Japan), 1st Duo Lodz (Poland)  
Cat. Va, Duo Siberian Duet of Bayan with Andrej Bitiuskikh and Aleksander. Sirotkin from Russia
Cat VI, Virtuose 2nd Iacheng Xue (China) and
1st Jean-Baptiste Baudin (France)
Cat IV, 1st Nikola Tanaskovic (Serbia), 2nd Maria Zubimendi (Spain), 3rd Seredin Grigorii (Russia).
Special Accordions Worldwide Award /Free Website goes to German competitor Leo Herzog presented by Holda Paoletti-Kampl as well as special Castelfidardo Proloco Award presented by Aldo Belmonti.
Cat.II, 1st Andrej Dolmatov (Russia)  
Cat VI, 1st Jean-Baptiste Baudin (France).  
Cat Vb Duo Lodz (Poland)  
Final Speech by the Mayor of Klingenthal Thomas Hennig and the winner of the top Soloist Category Nikolas Tanaskovic (Serbia)
performing together with the Vogtlandphilharmnie Greiz / Reichenbach directed by Music Director / Conductor Stefan Fraas.
Congratulations to all WINNERS of the Klingenthal Competition!

Following the final concert was a dinner-buffet
presented by the Klingenthal City Hall.
The Mayor Thomas Hennig opening the evening with a delicous buffet dinner provided.  
A guest, Mayor of Klingenthal Mr. Thomas Hennig, 1.Beigeordneter Rolf Keil, Mitglied d.Deutschen Bundestages Yvonne Magwas. Director of the Klingenthal Internationa Accordion Competition was Rainer Schneidenbach with Rolf Keil.
Aldo Belmonti, Manfred/Holde Gaebler with Beniamino Bugiolacchi. Enrico Bràunig, Brigitte Foerster, Mayors of Kraslice and Markneukirchen.
Andreas Schertel, Aldo Belmonti, Beniamino Bugiolacchi, Mr/Mrs.Schneidenbach, Rolf Keil and Yvonne Magwas. Thomas Flechsig, Maria Schneidenbach.
Elsbeth Moser, Mika Vayrynen, Aleksander Sevastian (Canada), Viatcheslav Semionov and competitor from Canada. Mika Vayrynen, Viatcheslav Semionov, Jacques Mornet, Nathalie Boucheix, Elsbeth Moser, Krzyszof Olczak, Jarmila Vlachova, Aleksander Nikolic, Fritz Dobler.
Viatcheslav Semionov, Holda Paoletti-Kampl, Aleksander Nikolic.  
Jarmila Vlachova and Thomas Hennig Aleksander Sevastian, Holda Paoletti-Kampl and Aleksander Nikolic.
Klingenthal Office staff with Stadtrat Carsten Foerster (right) Tobias Morgenstern, Ivan Koval, Ulf Seifert, Tibor Racz, Fritz Dobler und Andreas Schertel.

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