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9th July 1999
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Accordions Worldwide has had a number of requests by families and friends of well known accordionists who would like to have a permanent Memorial on the internet of their loved one and their contribution to the accordion.

The new "Memorials" site has been designed to have an Obituaries page, no charge, to list those just passed away, for a period of 2 months. The site seeks to inform accordionists about who has recently passed away and allow you to easily send a message of condolence. Also available are Memorial pages, being a page of information so that your friend or family members contribution to the accordion is recorded prominently for all to see.

At the moment, the site text is in English only, although information is invited in all languages. We will shortly consider French, German and Chinese language pages as well, depending upon how popular the site is with readers.

You probably all know of accordionists that deserve the world recognition that the internet "Memorials" site can bring to their work. This is your opportunity to formally honor them and recognize their important contribution.

Wayne Knights Webmaster

american Accordionists' Association


american Accordionists' Association
World Music Day - India

Contributed by Ravindra Rao

Accordionists M. B. Prakash and P. Ravindra (India) celebrated World Music Day in June with concerts in Bangalore with other musicians who performed a variety of music such as Indian classical, folk and western folk.

The duo concert included polkas, waltzes, tarantellas and landlers. The concert was well received, especially by the French people present, who felt they were at home with music rendered with Great authenticity. The response was so positive that the organizers have requested the duo perform again for the next World Music Day.


New Music Release - Bulgaria

Contributed by Peter Stanchev "Five Beautiful Pieces for Two Accordions"

"Accordion Magic" in Bulgaria is happy to announce the release of a new accordion collection called "Five Beautiful Pieces for Two Accordions" arranged by Diana Stantcheva and accompanied by an audiocassette. The collection includes "Blues in 9" (M. Leviev), "A Fifth of Beethoven" (W. Murphy), "La Vie en Rose" (Louiguy), Czardas (Monti) and two French pieces.

The first four pieces from the cassette are recorded by two young and promising Bulgarian accordionists, Veselina Ivanova and Maria Dimitrova. The girls are students at the Academy of Music and Dance Art (AMDA) in Plovdiv and have been working as a duo since 1998, directed by Bulgarian arranger and teacher Diana Stancheva.

A book promotion was held recently at the prestigious concert hall of the AMDA (in Plovdiv) during the annual accordion concert of the Chamber Accordion Ensembles Club. For further information email:


International Accordion Summer School - Croatia

Contributed by Isolda Preuc

The 8th International Accordion Summer School will be held from July 19th to 29th at the OKUD "Istra" and the Teacher Training College in Pula. This event is for students, professors, conductors and orchestra directors with the aim of teaching professional improvement and new knowledge skills. The accordion will be presented through joint playing with other instruments, individual lessons, theory and practical work, musical lectures, chamber music and joint concerts.

Accordion lecturers include Denis Modrusan (Croatia), Aleksandar Skljarov (Russia) and Peter Soave (USA).

Active participants will be awarded diplomas and certificates of participation.
For further information fax: + 385 52 543 596


Gunma Accordion Festival - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On July 3rd the San-Tama Accordion Circle held a concert at the "Tokyo Met Fuchuh Kinroh Fukushi Hall" in Yazaki, Fuchuh, Tokyo. The following day the "Gunma Accordion Festival" was held at the Yabuzuka-honmachi Culture Hall, Gunma Prefecture organized by the Gunma Accordion Center. This free concert included a performance by popular accordionist Noboru Emori.


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President attends Accordion and Organ Concert - Mexico

Antonio BarberenaContributed by Brenda Anaya

The President of Mexico attended an interesting concert that took place recently at the Museo Nacional del Virreinato in Tepotzotlán, México with an accordion and a recently restored 17th century baroque organ playing together. Antonio Barberena (bayan) and Hugo Rosales (organ) performed music by A. Soler, A. Vivaldi, A. de Cabezón, J. S. Bach, A. Gabrielli and other baroque composers.


Concert with Five Accordion Orchestras - Germany

Contributed by Conny Suender

On June 27th the Alsenborner Akkordeon Orchester (conducted by Klaus Kronibus) played a concert in Ludwigshafen, Germany with four other orchestras, the Akkordeonorchester Ludwigshafen, Akkoredonorchester Gruenstadt, Akkordeonorchester Frankenthal and Akkordeonorchester Koblenz.

Over 200 people attended the event, which included a well received performance of "L`Arlesienne Suite", "Music" and "Perpetuum Mobile".


american Accordionists' Association
"Planet Accordion" Competition - France

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl Two Days of the Accordion

The first "Two Days of the Accordion" event organized by Planète-Accordéon, (an association which brings together famous names among players of our instrument), was held on June 19th and 20th at Isle, Limoges, France. President of the association, Roland Romanelli, was present at the event.

This two-day festival brought to a close 10 days of celebrations, all part of the program "Isle est une Artiste" (Isle is an Artist), organized by the City Council and the Culture Centre. The festival included a ball with Eric Bouvelle and his International Orchestra, trophy competition, concerts by the "Trio de France" which includes Frédéric Guerouet (1977 world champion), Valéry Guérouet (accordionist and pianist) and vocalist Laurence Cavagnolo.

The event was the first in a series of concerts which will be held over the next nine months in Cambrai, Labastide St Georges, Cany-Barville, Meyzieu, Annonay, Millau and Chateauroux, with a grand final to be held in May 2000. The jury at the final will include Roland Romanelli, Frédéric Guérouet, Eric Vigneron ( producer of the FR3 program "Confidences de Nacre") Philippe Coudert and Jean-Louis Noton.

Competition results:

Joe Rossi Trophy for Classical Music

  • Regional Trophy and Medal of Isle City - Dominique Emorine
  • Regional Trophy - Roman Jbanov
  • Gold Medal - Mickaël Biardeau

André Astier Trophy for Light/Popular Music

  • Regional Trophy and Medal of Isle City - Camille Privat
  • Gold Medal - Guillaume Blin

"Celebrity Interviews"

Our next "Celebrity Interview" is with Professor Li Wei Ming, Head of Department and Accordion Tutor at Xia Men University. Please send your questions to Moderator Wallace Liggett by July 21st. The interview will be published on July 27th.

Questions for our next "Celebrity Interview" with well known French accordionist Jean-Louis Noton have now closed. The interview will be published on July 13th.


Over 80,00 Expected at Concert - Scotland

Contributed by Gary Blair

Over 80,000 people are expected to attend one of the U.K's biggest rock concerts ''T in the Park'', held in Balado, Fife, Scotland on July 10th and 11th. Guest artists include "The Gary Blair Ceilidh band", "Blur", "The beautiful South", "Fun Lovin' Criminals", "Manic Street Preachers", "Massive attack", "Happy Mondays", "The saw doctors", "Barenaked Ladies", Joe Strummer and Fatboy Slim.

For further information email:

Great publicity of the accordion before so many young people - Editor


Lisebälg-99 - Sweden

The Lisebälg-99 festival will be held in Gothenbourgh, Sweden on August 21st from midday to midnight. Featured artists include accordionists Veikko Ahvenainen, Bengan Janson, Kenth Börjesson, Magnus Jonsson and Maritta & Erik Livonen.

For further information email:


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6th Beijing International Accordion Festival - China

Contributed by Li Cong

The 6th International Accordion Festival will be held from July 24th to August 3rd in Beijing. The event will include two accordion competitions and eight concerts of differing musical styles. Included in these are accordionist Cao Xiao Qing (Tian Jing Music Conservatory) who will perform with Rummel, an Austrian cello player. Together they performed recent successful concerts in Cologne, Germany and Austria.

Other concerts will include performances by Vladimir Zubitsky, Russian accordionist Shishkin and teachers and students from the Russian Vladivostok Music College. The finals of the Young Artist Accordion competition will be held on July 31st with 70th birthday concerts for Sir Zhang Zi Qiang and Sir Li Yu Qiu the following two days.

For further information email Li Yan Sheng:


Duo Concert Recording - Bulgaria

Contributed by Peter Stanchev

Bulgarian accordionists Veselina Ivanova and Maria Dimitrova performed recently as guests of the Georgi Galabov Accordion Club in Sofia. The concert was recorded on CD and video. Since then the duo has been busy performing concerts in Veliko Tarnovo and at The Plovdiv University.


american Accordionists' Association
Memorial Concert - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On July 11th the "Tefukindo" band will perform an evening concert at the west gate of JR Yokohama Station, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Admission is free. For further information email:

On the same day the "Ponpokorin" Accordion Circle in Toyonaka will hold a "Memorial 10th Anniversary Concert" at Aqua Hall, (near Sone-station of Hankyu-Takarazuka Line), Osaka Prefecture. The concert will feature accordionist Chikaie Yoshida. For further information phone: + 81 6-6849-6689


Accordion Magazine First Anniversary - Belgium

Contributed by Joeri De Jongh, Accordo Magazine

The Belgian accordion magazine "Accordo" will celebrate its first anniversary in September. To commemorate this event, the magazine would like to receive visiting cards that include pictures of accordionists from all over the world. All original cards will be included in the January issue (number 7). Visiting Cards can be sent to: Accordo, Postbus 86, B-2900 Schoten, Belgium, Europe.


SESKU Festival - UK

Contributed by Paul Asher

Nottingham, UK group "M_C_Cajun" will perform at the SESKU Festival, South Elmsall, Yorks on July 11th. The festival includes a day of dancing with instruction in Salsa and Jive, with live music from "M_C_Cajun" and a Salsa band.

Group members Paul Asher (accordion and violin), Harry Stanistreet (guitar), Niall Broderick (violin and rubboard), Humph Wallis (guitar), George Silk (guitar) and Lesley Stanistreet (percussion) play a variety of popular cajun dance music.

For further information email:


"Bangers & Mash" at Midsummer's Party - Netherlands

Contributed by Peter Janssen

Netherlands group "Bangers & Mash" will play at the "Midsummer Party" in Bentelo, Overijssel Province, East Netherlands on July 11th. Their 2½ hour program will include Irish folksongs such as "The Ferryman", "Back Home In Derry" and "The Wild Rover", Scottish and Australian folksongs, Dutch songs, golden oldies and a few of their own compositions. A large crowd is expected to visit the party and the weather forecast is excellent.

Group members Jeroen Stam (guitar and vocals), Sjanneke van Herpen (violin), Lowie van Herpen (lead singer, guitar, banjo, tin whistle and mouth harp) and Peter Janssen (accordion, mandoline, bodhrán, guitar, gun and vocals) recently made their first video clip with the song "The Ferryman". The clip will available on the internet soon.

For further information email:


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Summer Concerts in Canada

A series of concerts sponsored by CGI (information technology services firm) will be held over the summer on Rideau Hall's new outdoor stage in Ottawa. All of the concerts will be free of charge. Accordion concerts include "Quartetto Gelato" (with accordionist Joseph Macerollo) on July 25th and "La Bottine Souriante" on August 13th.


Busy Performance Schedule for Orchestra - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The New Fisorchestra Liberina (directed by Pasquale de Marco) will perform a number of concerts over the next three months in Collepiano, Atena Lucana, Siderno Marina, Pisticci, Tricase, S. Sostene and Pignataro Maggiore.

The orchestra (conducted by Alfonso de Marco) perform a variety of works including Marcia Turca (Mozart), Czardas (Monti), Ave Maria (Schubert) and Danza (Rossini), In September the orchestra plan a trip to Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. For further information email:


american Accordionists' Association
Latvian Accordionists Meet in Daugavpils

Contributed by Vladimir Ushakov

Over 500 accordionists from 23 areas of Latvia went to Daugavpils for an accordion meeting recently. Residents heard accordionists performed as soloists, ensembles and orchestras. In the afternoon, a parade was held in the central streets with an accordion orchestra at the end. Following this a concert was held at the Concert Stage, in the Park Area of Daugavpils with performances by many accordion soloists, duos, ensembles and orchestras including Vladimir Ushakov and Sergei Likhachev (St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble).


Music at the Market - France

Axel ReuterFrench accordionist Axel Reuter is currently producing a new CD "Au coin de Rue" (At the Corner of the Road) which includes 20 tracks (over one hour of music). The CD will be released later this month and includes a variety of pieces such as "Coin de Rue" (Charles Trenet), "Les Bouquetières" (Axel Reuter), "The Days Are Gone" (traditional) and "Mon Amant de Saint Jean" (Emile Carrara). Axel performs at many events in his home town of Simiane including weddings, birthdays and public events such as markets and fairs.

For further information email:


Accordionists at Birthday Bash - New Zealand

Contributed by Christine Adams Tatiana Lanchtchikova

Accordionists opened and closed the Birthday Concert of the North Shore Harmony Club in New Zealand on July 7th. The Harmony Club is for past and present noted music teachers around Auckland and invites musicians to perform at monthly concerts.

The SCWALT accordion quintet of Sarah Langley, Wayne Knights, Tatiana Lanchtchikova, Campbell Bettridge and Lionel Reekie opened the programme to over 120 people, performing "Spring" from Vivaldi's Four Seasons (with soloist Tatiana Lanchtchikova) and "Caprice" by New Zealand composer Gary Daverne. Current New Zealand Solo Champion Paula Harris closed the evening's entertainment by playing a well known Russian Folk Song "Porushka". Both performances were extremely well received.


New CD release by Accordion Ensemble Caprice - Germany

Contributed by Jürgen Bruch

"The Accordion Ensemble Caprice from Hilchenbach, Germany have been asked repeatedly if they have made a CD", says Manager Jutta Menn. So the ten member group who play several instruments and share a love for accordion music recently released their first CD titled "Caprice Akkordeon-ensemble". The music featured on the CD is mainly modern and entertaining. Caprice has chosen pieces, which were composed especially for the accordion, as well as pieces from musicals, classical melodies, jazz and South American music.

For further information email:


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