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26th March 1999
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After a month, the Accordions Worldwide Survey has finished. The idea of the survey was to identify our reader's wishes. It was very interesting to see that obviously the Weekly News Section is the most popular area of the Accordions Worldwide site. This is a nice compliment to us and we are very happy to provide you with more and more interesting things to read. Please remember that at any time you can email us interesting news, YOU have to do it!

The Yellow Pages and its huge number of services was next most popular then CD Reviews by Tania Lukic.

Thank you to all those readers who participated. Your help to provide a better service for you is greatly appreciated. Free CD's are on the way for the lucky winners.

War in Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia, a country with many accordionists, is again a war zone. We want to send our very best hopes that the many accordionists there will somehow survive unharmed. If only people would make music, "the international language", the world would be a much better place.

We also hope this will not have an adverse effect on the upcoming Coupe Mondiale to be held from October 27th to 31st in Kragujevac and we will bring you news about this just as soon as we receive it.

Wayne Knights Webmaster


Last Weeks Question:
What is your favourite pop piece that features the accordion?

Readers favourites are:

Lemon Tree
The Boy in the Bubble
Lady of Spain
Twilight time
To Love Somebody (Bee Gees)

Email us any questions you would like to see asked in the Weekly Poll.


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Warm Welcome for Hot Accordionists - USA

Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

It was "Welk Salutes the Accordion" day in Branson, Missouri on Thursday, March 25th, by proclamation of the Mayor. That's the BIG day when the five finalists of the "Search for the Hottest Accordionist in America" played off. The five finalists, selected from over 150 entries were: Terri Conti (New Jersey), Dwayne Doopsie (Louisiana), Phoebe Legere (New York), Tim Padilla (California) and Jason Stephen (Missouri).

The search for the "Hottest" has attracted huge publicity, ranging from the front page of the Entertainment Section of "USA Today" newspaper to the opening monologue of Jay Leno's Tonight TV Show. The NBC-TV Tonight Show covered the final of the red-hot accordionists' competition, along with ABC Good Morning America and CBS Sunday Morning. Among attending media people was a New York Times reporter doing a feature for Sunday's Entertainment Section.

CBS TV camera and news crew were at the airport to greet arriving contestants and film for their Sunday Morning Show.

Accordions Worldwide has its North American representative Kevin Friedrich on the spot and a full report of this exciting event is on line.

What a fantastic promotion for the accordion. Great work by the AAA, their President Faithe Deffner and the Welk Organisation. Such positive promotion of the accordion deserves all our support. - Editor


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"Trouble" in Belgium

Contributed by Michael Leahy

Accordionist Vincent Trouble will perform live at the Theatre de la Vie, Brussels, Belgium from March 25th to April 2nd. Trouble will play extracts from his upcoming CD "Petits Exorcismes" with guest performers Thierry Roques (accordion) and Jan Kuijken (cello). Trouble is an award-winning accordionist and singer whose previous releases include "Beau, triste et fier". He mixes the "atmosphere" of French chanson with the "muscle" of rock.

For further information phone: +32 2 218.79.35


Finnish Accordionist Tours Germany

On April 7th Finnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen will perform with the "Tango for Four" quartet at the Tampere Hall, Tampere and at the Mikkeli Hall on April 8th.

Mika will then tour Germany from April 9th to18th, playing concerts in Friedrichsrode, Schlangen, Bad Segeberg, Hamburg, Essen, Kiel, Herten and Dusseldorf. His program includes music by Mussorgsky, Grieg, Gubaidulina, Constant, Makkonen, Derbenko, Piazzolla and Myers.


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In The Mood - Spain

Contributed by Pilar Rubio

On February 12, "Grupo de Acordeones Fermín Gurbindo" performed a well received concert in Nájera, La Rioja, Spain. Their program included classical and popular pieces with some of their own arrangements including "Petite Valse", "Bajo los Puentes de París Scotto", "El Sitio de Zaragoza", "In the Mood", "Czardas" and "Radetzky March".

The group consists of accordionists José María Sanz, Teresa Madorrán, María Lombillo, Juán Carlos Gutierrez and Pilar Rubio.


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Beijing Festival - China

Contributed by Li Cong

The Beijing Accordion Association will hold their 6th International Accordion Festival in Beijing this August. The event will include concerts, competitions and workshops. The festival has been a popular and important activity each summer in the Chinese accordion world. Famous international accordion artists will be invited to perform at the festival and competitions will be held in two categories:

1. non professional Chinese accordionists
2. accordion solo, duet, and ensemble

The festival prospectus will be published in English on Accordions Worldwide in the next few days. For further information please email Li Yan Shang at:


Memorial Concert - Russia

Contributed by Viacheslav Semionov

On March 1st a memorial concert was held in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow for Victor Gridin (accordionist and composer), who passed away last year.

The 4 hour concert included performances by accordionists, singers, ensembles and the Osipov National Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra. Soloists included accordionists Sklyarov, Youry Sidorov and N Mironov.


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"Celebrity Interviews"

The next "Celebrity Interview" will be Beniamino Bugiolacchi to be published on April 15th. Beniamino Bugiolacchi of Castelfidardo, Italy is the owner and manager of Italcinte, musical instrument strap and accessory manufacturer. Currently he is National President of Italian constructors. In 1975 he was instrumental in the birth of the Premio Internazionale di Fisarmonica, Città di Castelfidardo accordion competition and festival.

Another important contribution by Beniamino Bugiolacchi was the founding in 1981 of the "International Museum of the Fisarmonica" (accordion) in Castelfidardo of which he is still a Director. This museum is one of the most important museums for accordion in the world. Please email your questions to "Celebrity Interview" moderator Wallace Liggett at: by April 6th.

There will also be a "Celebrity Interview" of the winner of the "Hottest Accordionist" competition. Please email your questions for this Interview by April 7th.


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Limbazhi Festival - Latvia

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

From March 26th to 29th, an international accordion festival will take place in Limbazhi, Latvia. The festival, directed by accordionist Viktor Nikandrov (Principal of Limbazhi Music School) includes a competition for children's accordion ensembles and at least five concerts.

On Monday March 29 a final concert will be held in the Golden Hall of the Latvian National Society in Riga. Performers include Vitali Pirog (Ukraine), Konstantin Ischenko and "Ensemble Musette" (Russia), Jukka-Pekka Kuusela (Finland), Eduardas Gabnys, Gennadi Savkov and Ricardas Sviackevicius (Lithuania).


House of Football - New Zealand

Contributed by Christine Adams

Auckland accordionist and entertainer Lionel Reekie performed recently on the Nationwide TV Sports Channel program "The House of Football" which was a special feature on German soccer. Lionel provided live entertainment on air, which included a variety of German folk music.

One week later Lionel was interviewed on New Zealand Prime TV, representing the Music Education Centre and their sponsorship of a recent talent competition.


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Wyre Accordion Festival - England

Contributed by David Batty

The Wyre Accordion Festival will be held on Easter Saturday April 3rd at the International Club, Fleetwood Road, Thornton. The competitions start at 9am and continue until 5.30pm, when presentations will be made. There will be a trade show during the day and a concert in the evening featuring folk accordionist John Kirkpatrick.


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Sylvia Pagni in Frankfurt - Germany

Contributed by Roberta CantariniSylvia Pagni

Accordionist Sylvia Pagni took part in this year's Frankfurt Music Fair in a double role of concert performer and demonstrator of Excelsior products. During this event she held two concerts in the Gallery and three in the Music Hall, proving once again her extraordinary talent with a repertoire that ranged from classical music, Argentinean tangos to musette and jazz.

The audience gave a warm and enthusiastic welcome to this musician who brought a unique approach and feminine touch to the accordion world.

The Frankfurt Fair also gave Sylvia the opportunity to launch her first CD, an anthology of the artists that made the 75 years of history of the Excelsior accordion factory. All CD tracks were organised by Sylvia Pagni.

For further information please email:


Semionov in Concert - Russia

On March 5th and 7th Viacheslav Semionov performed solo concerts in the concert halls of the Musical School No. 48 and the Gnessin RAM. The concerts were devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Russian folk instruments faculty of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music.

Semionov's concert program consisted of original compositions for accordion by contemporary composers such as A. Piazzolla, B. Lorentsen, A. Khachaturian, B. Belshitsky, V. Novikov, V. Gridin, G. Shenderiov. Natalia Semionova (domra) also took part in these concerts.


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Rare Accordion Figurine collection needs a Home - USA

Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

When Dorothy Jackson began accordion lessons in 1940, her mother began collecting accordion figurines. Over the years the collection has grown to include 115 pieces. Ranging in size from under one inch to over one foot, from dime store to Hummell, the collection includes everything from animals to clowns, to ethnic backgrounds, all with accordions of course.

Now Dorothy is looking to find a new home for this collection which is priced moderately. Anyone who is interested in expanding their current collection, or beginning a new one, please contact Dorothy at: + 1 760 240-9741 or e-mail:


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Hof Orchestra Concert - Germany

Contributed by Gunther Zeilinger

On April 25th the Hof Accordion Orchestra will perform a concert in Bad Elster, Sachsen at 3pm to an expected audience of over 300 people. The orchestra (conducted by Gunther Zeilinger) will play The Magic Flute (Mozart), Starlight Express (Musical) and several folk music songs. The Hof Quintett will play "Asturias".

For further information email:


Big Squeeze Aftermath - USA

Contributed by Arleen Watkins

The first annual Big Squeeze was held on February 28th at the Heidelberg Club in Tucson, Arizona to an enthusiastic crowd of over 400 people. Performers included accordionists Linda Ackermann, Roxanna Baker, Ed Biernat, Frank Cic, Bill Dickerson, David Hernandez, Mike Leeming, David Ropp, Nathan Sady, Bob Torkelson and Steve Yool. Guest performer Al Monti demonstrated jazz and played duets with Bob Torkelson. Jack Tobak and Ed Pecjak formed a nucleus of patio players, joined by Hans Frederick and many others.

The audience received a special nostalgic treat when 14 accordionists dressed in black and white strutted to the stage and performed several tunes in three part harmony. Jim O'Brien wrapped up the program with some rhumbas, tangos and melodious old standards.

There was also a unique exhibit of six beautiful and genuine Slovenian accordions. These hand-crafted instruments were colorful with intricately decorated bellows. The event also included accordion displays, information on accordion maintenance and repair, and international folk dance displays. Due to the enthusiastic feedback, another Big Squeeze is planned for February 2000.

If you are interested in performing at the next Big Squeeze please email:


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Noton and Soave in Scotland

Contributed by Gary Blair

Jean Louis Noton (France) and Peter Soave (USA) performed a concert at the Hamilton Town Hotel, on March 22nd, organised by Rolston Accordions. Peter was the first to take the stage and enthralled the audience with a variety of styles from Scarlatti to Duke Ellington. He was very well received and promised to try and return to Scotland for another concert in the future.

The audience were then treated to the talents of Jean Louis Noton, and his ''reedless'' accordion. Jean is a master at the use of MIDI and like Peter had the audience in the palm of his hand! The superb show saw both players receiving rapturous applause.


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Nob Hill Performance - USA

Popular group, Strictly Tango have been performing regularly at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, Nob Hill, San Francisco as part of a "Monday night Milonga". The group played popular Argentine tango tunes such as "La Cumparsita", El Choclo", Milonga de mis Amores" and La Puñalada" as well as original compositions and pieces by Astor Piazzolla such as Verano Porteño, Libertango, La murerte del Angel and Oblivion.

The group consists of Dale Meyer (bandoneon), Mark Wyman (piano, synthesizers and accordion), Katrina Wreede (violin), Michael Silverman (double bass) and Paul Binkley (guitar). Their next performance at the Hotel is on March 29th at 8.30pm. For further information email:


New Music Book

Contributed by James Wadowick

A new music book - Thesaurus of Scales for C-System Chromatic Accordion and C-System Bayan written by Jim Wadowick is now available.

The 56 page book contains button charts with fingerings and musical notation of all possible scale patterns for both right and left hands in all 12 major and minor keys. Jim believes the book will be of great help to those starting the chromatic accordion and also more advanced players wishing to improve their general technique. Later instalments of the book will cover chord formation in all keys, and various other subjects to help players develop their skills.

For further information please email:


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Popular Concerts - France

Accordionist Eric Blin's tour of France with the European Philharmonic Orchestra will conclude on March 28th. Eric has performed popular concerts all over France including Aussois, Barcelonnette, Lusy, Mende, Plancoet and Janze. His program includes works by Bizet, Brahms, Mozart and Shostakovich. For further information see Future Events


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Alabama Accordionists' Association - USA

Contributed by Jim Wadowick

The Alabama Accordionists' Association will hold their next meeting on April 17th in Clanton, Alabama. The club was newly formed in January 1999. The meeting will feature soloists, followed by a rehearsal of the club's accordion orchestra. They would love to hear from other clubs around the world! For further information email:


Information required on French Accordionist

Brent de Filippis is asking for information on Tino Rossi, a famous French accordionist back in the 1920's to the 1950's. If you are able to help please email:


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Ensemble Accompanies Singer - Russia

On March 3rd, vocalist Sergei Ribin performed in the St. Petersburg Music-Hall, accompanied by St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble members Vladimir Ushakov and Sergei Lihachev. Their program included popular songs such as "I will wait for You" and "Be my Love". They also performed "Cascade de Paris" (Y. Doga) to over 1000 people.

The St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble will travel to Latvia in the near future to perform in the Jubilee concert of Valeri Hodukin (conductor of the Daugavpils City Accordion Orchestra). Following this they will participate in the Limbazhi Accordion Festival, Latvia.


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