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The Squeeze
12th September 1997

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Editors note:
The 1997 Coupe Mondiale, one of the world's great international accordion competitions, began in Switzerland on Wednesday. There will be many accordion delegates from most of the known accordion nations of the world there along with the cream of world accordionists. Accordions Worldwide is sponsoring the winner of the event an internet site for one year, so be sure to look out for that in the next couple of weeks!

Wayne Knights

This weeks titles:

  • Coupe Mondiale 1997 in Switzerland
  • Accordion Evenings in Puerto Rico
  • Tatu Kantomaa in Iceland
  • Accordionist has an Unlucky Break Spain
  • More New Experiences for Accordionist Renzo Ruggieri, Italy
  • Texas Accordion Association plans Book of Original Compositions
  • Long Lost Accordion UK
  • New Zealand Orchestra Champions in Concert
  • "Chinese Accordion Folk Music" Book
  • Friedrich Lips in Italy
  • Accordion at Festival in Canada
  • Duo "Ukraine" on Tour to France
  • Accordion Concert in The Berlin Philharmonia of Karajan
  • Eddie LeJeune at Accordion Festival in London
  • A Big Wheel with an Accordion


    Contributed by Ove Hahn, President of Confederation Internationale des Accordeonists

    The Confederation Internationale des Accordeonists (CIA) this week hosts the 1997 Coupe Mondiale from September 10th to 14th in Reinach, Switzerland.

    The programme is as follows:

    September 10th:

    • Welcome for delegates, jury members and candidates
    • First Congress meeting.

    September 11th:

    • First section for solo competitors from France, Great Britain, Yugoslavia, Spain, Russia, Czech Republic and Italy.
    • First and second section for the Junior category.

    September 12th:

    • 12 highest placed soloists perform their second selection
    • Virtuoso music section (own choice music).

    September 13th:

    • 6 highest placed soloists perform in the final section
    • Second Congress meeting.
    • Coupe Mondiale prizegiving concert at 8.15pm

    September 14th:

    • Concert by the Swiss Accordion Teachers Orchestra
    • Prizegiving for all competition sections


    Contributed by Juan A. (Tony) Casanas

    One of the favourite activities of accordionists in Puerto Rico is what they call "Acordeonatas". These are Bohemian nights where groups of accordionists get together (usually at a local restaurant) and bring their accordions. Very informally, whoever feels like playing will play and anybody may join in.


    Contributed by Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson

    On September 2nd, Mr Tatu Kantomaa performed at a concert in the Art-gallery at Sigurjon Olafsson in Reykjavik, Iceland to an audience of over 150 with standing room only. Mr Kantomaa played a variety of pieces including: Ai, ai sorja simisilmapoika (a Finnish folk song), Voices of Spring (Strauss), Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 (Liszt), The Flight of the Bumblebee (Rimsky-Korsakov) and Sabre Dance (Khachaturian).

    The biggest newspaper in Iceland, (Morgunbladid) included an article written by Mr Jon Asgeirsson (a member of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra Committee, and highly respected musician and composer) on Tatu Kantomaa, which included the following:

    "Tatu Kantomaa (born 1974) is a young genius from Finland and he not only has great technique, but he uses it in a particularly musical way. Right at the beginning he showed his unbelievable technique. All the music was extremely well played. Tatu Kantomaa is in one word, a GENIUS."


    Contributed by Angel Luis Castano

    1990 Coupe Mondiale winner Angel Luis Castano broke his left hand in a car accident recently in Spain. Doctors who operated on his hand at a hospital in Segovia are hopeful that in 6 to 8 months time and with rehabilitation, Angel Luis Castano will make a full recovery. Future concerts during this time have had to be cancelled.


    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    On August 3rd, "The Sword of Fire" by Pablo Neruda was held at Borgo di Ostia Antica (Rome). Staged by the theatrical company "Scenari Paralleli" (director Paolo Perelli) this is a show of music, voice, dance and mime. The original and creative side of the show let the dancers, mime artist and musician (Renzo Ruggieri on accordion and piano) feel free to create.

    With some fixed points as guidelines, they improvised on the text following each other. The accordion had a very important role, with its intense sound that was able to create the necessary atmosphere, word after word and gesture after gesture. The show was an excellent success.


    Contributed by Tom Collins

    The Texas Accordion Association has just announced their plan to publish a 1998 book of original accordion compositions. It will be marketed around the USA during the fall of 1998. Currently the upcoming book already has 100+ pages of new music. If you have composed a selection, then they will want to publish it. Full-page advertisements are also available. If you are interested, mail your composition to:

    Texas Accordion Assn
    11240 Drummond Drive.
    DALLAS, TX 75228
    Ph: + 1 792 270 3791
    or email:

    Please enclose a US$10 computerisation fee if your composition is hand-written.


    Contributed by Jack Beecroft

    I'm looking for a Pancotti Accordion c1938, which a friend sold when he went into the armed forces. He is wondering if it was still being played by someone.


    Pancotti Accordion ( blue ), 41/140 with 2 treble registers flush on edge of keyboard. 1 bass register. The name Pancotti in script on front. On the bass side were the words Vercelli Recanati Italia. On the treble reed blocks was written the name K. Andrews.

    If you are able to help, please email Jack Beecroft:


    Contributed by Wayne Knights

    The West Auckland Accordion Orchestra (recently crowned New Zealand Orchestra Champions) performed a concert last weekend in Hamilton, two hours drive south of Auckland. The concert was organised by the Waikato Accordion Orchestras, who also performed solo and duet items in the first half. The second half began with Maurice Jones and Grant "Yogi" Martin on MIDI accordion. Under the baton of Erica Knights, the West Auckland Accordion Orchestra ended the show, featuring a selection of pieces from their Championship winning performance. "The Sounds of Philadelphia" ended the concert and featured Yogi joining the orchestra as jazz soloist, which left the audience spellbound.

    The West Auckland Accordion Orchestra now has a busy concert schedule for the rest of the year with many guest appearances. Planning is well under way for a four day trip of the lower North Island of New Zealand in April next year before they defend their Championship title in June.


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    Mr Luo Wanyong, an accordion performer and manager of an accordion shop "Tino" has just completed his new book "Chinese Accordion Folk Music" which will be published by Art Publishing House of Chengdu.

    The book includes folk songs from the Sichuan province which have been adapted for the accordion and are suitable for amateur accordion players.

    Highlights of the music include

    • On the "Paoma" Mountain
    • Sichuan Rivers' Songs
    • Peanuts
    • The Brook in Front of My House
    • The Lovely Panda


    Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

    For the first time the accordion was invited to take part in an international course for chamber music which took place from August 22nd to 31st in Portogruaro (Italy, near Venice). This festival which has been run for the past 15 years, was organised by violinist Pavel Vernikov. Russian pianist Svjatoslav Richter passed away on August 1st, and this year's event was dedicated to this world-famous artist.

    The festival was previously reserved only for piano and string players. Friedrich Lips was chosen to represent the accordion and he performed pieces by Sofia Gubaidulina. His performances were well acclaimed by the public who were rather surprised by the different sounds that can be produced on the accordion.


    Contributed by Domenic "the Accordion Beatles guy" Amatucci

    On September 20th, Domenic Amatucci will perform at the 4th Annual Earl Beatty Community Centre Neighbourhood Festival from 1 to 1.30pm. Domenic's repertoire includes songs from the Beatles, Elton John, Eagles as well as novelty and original pieces for the accordion.

    This festival is a worthy community event and going by last year's numbers, over 500 people are expected to attend. There will be food stands, craft booths, pony rides, face painting as well as various musical acts.


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov

    On September 22nd at 8.30pm the duo "Ukraine" will give a concert at the 13th Music Festival in Paris, France. Members of the duo are Yuri Fedorov (bayan) and Ludmila Kohanskaya (bandoura - a Ukrainian national instrument), who both teach at the National Musical Academy of Ukraine. The concert program will include classical and Ukrainian folk music.

    For further information see Future Events.


    Contributed by Vladimir Besfamilnov

    Russian bayanist and composer Vladimir Bonakov has an upcoming concert tour to Germany from September 28th to December 22nd. On December 16th he will give a concert in the Karajan Chamber Hall of the Berlin Philharmonia and is believed to be the first to perform in this venue, which has seating for up to 1200 people. His concerts will consist of two 1 hour sections, and will include works by Bach, Marchello, Paganini, Glinka, Bizet, Rimsky-Korsakov as well as his own compositions, such as 2nd Symphony, Sonata-Ballada, Russian Pictures and others.


    The United Kingdom Independent newspaper recently featured an article on Eddie LeJeune playing at the Accordion Festival in London on September 12th. Held at Docklands's Canary Wharf, he will be accompanied by guitar and violin rather than his regular band.

    The article included some background information on this popular accordionist including the following excerpt: "The chief early influence on him was his grandmother, who told him stories about his father's life and played his music on her accordion. Soon, he was hooked on a style that combines irresistible toe-tapping tunes with songs that - though their words are barely intelligible to all but the natives - are loaded with melancholic soulfulness."

    LeJeune says "I play traditional Cajun music. It's important because it's something we need to preserve".

    The festival will run from September 10th to 13th. For further information see news from 29th August.


    Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

    On a surfing expedition, accordion enthusiast Jereon Nijhof unearthed the following valuable accordion information tucked away on a unicycle website - "On the open-stage at the 19th European Juggling Association Festival, in Grenoble, France, 1996, Peter Weiss played the piano-accordion with one-foot idling a six-foot giraffe, and balancing a broom on his other foot. (A giraffe is a high unicycle, with a chain from the pedals to the wheels, as opposed to the 'normal' type where the pedals are mounted directly on the axis of the wheel.)"


    Subject: Need keyboard Keys

    Please I need help finding a place where I can order all 25 main keyboard keys for my accordion. It's a Hohner ** Tempo** it has 25 notes, but I need all the main keys for my keyboard. I found an address on the web in Montreal, Musique Gem Centre and I was wondering if I can order these keys from them.

    Bob Evans

    I'm not sure. What I suggest is that you have a look at the page on the Accordion Yellow Pages that lists all the manufacturers, distributors and retailers in Canada (which is where I presume you are from):

    If you don't get any help from them, please let me know and I should be able to help you further.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Yours musically,

    Wayne Knights
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