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The Squeeze
29th August 1997

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Editors note:
As a teacher, I know that it can quite often be very hard to get students to practice. I have found that when a student doesn't have a goal their practice habits generally become slack, which is not a good situation for either student or teacher. Whenever I can, I try to encourage my students to perform whenever possible, also entering exams and competitions. This gives them something to strive towards, improving their playing AND their practice habits.

Wayne Knights

This weeks titles:

  • Accordion Festival in London, England
  • Vladimir Buben in Denmark
  • Friedrich Lips Concerts in Japan
  • North Eastern Concertina Club - England
  • "Roads and Dreams" in the Numana Showboat Festival – Italy
  • Memorial Evening in Auckland, New Zealand
  • The First Children's Music Competition in Lasa, Tibet
  • Carmelo Pino Trio at Millenium Stage, Kennedy Center – USA
  • National Kiev Philharmonic Bayan Quartet Concert Tour
  • 1998 AAA Festival – USA
  • Russian Accordionists "Moscow Nights" Concerts
  • Accordion Orchestra Fulda Annual Concert, Germany
  • Texas Accordion Tour
  • Last Chance for AAA Master Classes and Concerts – USA
  • "Those Darn Accordions" Concerts In Oregon, USA


    Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

    From September 10th to 13th an international accordion festival will be held in London at the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, and Purcell Room.

    Music can be heard from eight countries including forrò from Northeast Brazil, zydeco out of the Louisiana swamp, button boxes from Country Clare, the sultry bandonéon direct from Buenos Aires and a Cajun Ceilidh by the legendary Eddie LeJeune and his Morse Playboys direct from Welsh, Louisiana.

    On Wednesday 10th you can hear Régis Gizavo who was born in Madagascar and began playing the accordion at the age of 6, and Kimmo Pohjonen from Helsinki, Finland, who is fast gaining a reputation as the "Hendrix" of the accordion.

    On Friday 12th Sharon Shannon from Eire will perform a range of styles including reggae, hooked-up house rhythm, the tango and waltz, plus Oswaldinho do Acordéon from Brazil will perform a unique brand of forrò (literally "for all") built around the traditional trio of accordion, zabumba bass drum and triangle. This will be followed by a Ceilidh party at Canary Wharf.

    On Saturday 13th E. Annie Proux's best selling novel "Accordion Crimes" is the focus of a special one-off "Now You Squeeze It" event. Extracts are chosen and read by a range of special guests including Fiona Shaw, Kathy Acker and John Peel with accordion accompaniment by Ian Hill.

    Following this, Juan-José Mosalini (Argentina) and Richard Galliano (France) will be performing. For details on all performances see Future Events.

    For further information contact: Royal Festival hall 0171 960 4242 or Cultural Industry Ltd. - email:


    Contributed by Hartmut Lange of the Intermusik Newspaper

    The well-known accordionist from Belarus, Vladimir Buben gave three concerts in Denmark in August, performing popular European music and jazz compositions. Invited by Vagn Jacobsen of the Accordion-Club Hernig, he also held a seminar about "Perfecting the accordionist's abilities in elementary instruction". Buben (42 years old) has been playing the accordion for 36 years and works as a teacher at the Music College Lida, Belarus.


    Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

    In July, Friedrich Lips together with his Piazzolla-Quintet Svjatoslav Lips (piano) Kirill Rodine (violoncello) Vladislav Igolinsky (violin) and Dmitri Susov, percussion) had three very successful concerts in Tokyo.

    Their programme consisted of the following tangos: Libertango, 20 Years After, Soledad, Fracanapa, Milonga, Le Grand Tango, Tanguedia 3, Fugata, Escualo, Milonga del Angel, Muerte del Angel, Adios Nonino, Tanguano, Otono Porteno, Invierno Porteno, Verano Porteno. All concerts were broadcast on TV and a new Piazzolla-CD was presented by the Quintet.


    Contributed by Dave Turner

    The North Eastern Concertina Players will be holding their annual event "Concertinas at the Nunnery" on Sunday September 7th in the Nunnery House Hotel, near Penrith, Cumbria. This event is open to all concertina players (English, Anglo or Duet). The day begins at 10.30am with coffee followed by a choice of workshops and finishes at approximately 5pm after an informal concert.

    NECP monthly meetings will recommence after the summer break on October 12th. On November 16th they will be visiting the Yorkshire Concertina Club at Otley.


    Contributed by Paolo Picchio

    The second edition of the Numana Showboat Festival was held in Numana (Marche, Italy) from July 27th to August 2nd. The event included a wide program of different artistic expressions (Painting, Music, Theatre, Sculpture, Portrait, Dance, Photography, Poetry) and was organised by the Cultural Association "Conero in Scena". The band "Strade e Sogni" (Roads and Dreams) performed in front of numerous tourists. This band (that calls itself "performer of Mediterranean music") is formed by guitarist Giovanni Seneca and accordionist Roberto Lucanero, and is joined from time to time by poly-instrumentalist Marco Agostinelli, who plays percussion and wind instruments. The music by "Strade e Sogni" (all original works of Giovanni Seneca) included popular rhythms and tunes such as waltz, tango, tarantella and many others to which the new musical format gives more evocative power, lyricism and taste, thanks also to the beautiful and colourful sound of Roberto Lucanero's accordion.


    Contributed by Christine Adams

    On Sunday August 24th a massed orchestra of over 120 accordionists performed a New Zealand composition - "Invercargill March" conducted by Gary Daverne at the "Allan William Jones Memorial Evening". This event is held annually to award scholarships to examination candidates that have achieved high marks and to present examination certificates to successful candidates.

    Allan Williams Jones (1909 - 1980) was a foundation member of the New Zealand Accordion Association and a dominant promoter of the Coupe Mondiale held in Auckland in 1980. He was awarded the Merit Award by the Confederation Internationale des Accordionists (CIA) "in recognition of his outstanding services to the accordion movement" and remains the only New Zealander to have received this honour.

    Scholarships were awarded to:

    Grades 3 & 4

    • Renee Jeffries (Hibiscus Coast)
    • Susan McNeil (Matamata)
    • Mylie and Hilary Thwaites (Hawera)

    Grades 5 & 6

    • Raukawa Schaumkell (West Auckland)

    A Teachers Diploma was awarded to Tanya Selak (West Auckland)

    The Douglas Mews Rosebowl for the highest exam mark was awarded to Adam Thorpe (Auckland)


    Contributed by Wu Jie

    On August 27th and 28th, the first Children's Music Competition will be held at the "Lasa Song & Dance Hall" in Lasa, the capital of Tibet.

    The competition is sponsored by the Tibet Song & Dance Troupe with the electronic organ contest on the 27th and the accordion contest on the 28th. About 200 children will participate in the event including 50 accordionists. All of the accordion players are students of Miss Jiang Hong who is a performer and a private accordion teacher in Tibet.

    This competition is a very important event to Miss Jiang Hong and her students, because this is the first time an accordion competition has been held in Lasa. Each child who participates must play one etude and either a classical or Chinese folk piece.


    Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

    On September 12th, the Carmelo Pino Trio (Carmelo Pino accordion; Judith Steinmeyer, violin; Steven Theodore, bass) will perform in concert at the Millenium Stage of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The Millenium Stage is part of a new "Performing Arts for Everyone" initiative aimed at opening the door wider to the performing arts for local Washington residents and all visitors to the nation's capital.

    In keeping with the concert series' theme, "The Dance", the Pino Trio will perform Rosini's La Danza, Khachaturian's Sabre Dance, Hungarian Dance No.1 by Brahms, and Smetana's Dance of the Comedians. This is the group's second appearance at the Millenium Stage and their program will emphasise many international dance forms such as the paso doble, the tango, French waltzes, bossa nova, the samba, and a jazzed-up version of a Bach invention.


    Contributed by Tatiana Lanchtchikova

    The National Kiev Philharmonic Bayan Quartet was founded in October 1939 by Nikolay Rizol, who played 2nd bayan in conjunction with his sisters Maria (1st bayan) and Raisa (alto and foot bass) and Beletzkaya and Ivan Zhuromskiy (bass bayan). The quartet utilises five instruments (one member playing alto and foot bass at the same time) so is able to perform music for a string quintet, which is shown in quartet score and written for five bayan.

    Concert activity of the quartet began in 1940 with their program including Symphony No. 40 (Mozart) Arlezianka (Dode) and Hungarian Dance (Brahms). In 1950 the Kiev Philharmonic Bayan Quartet came 2nd at the Republican Musical Competition, held in Kiev and in 1970 they performed in Klingenthal.

    The Kiev Philharmonic Bayan Quartet has opened a new page in ensemble performing in the Soviet Union by their 50 years of concert activity and they have set an example for other young ensembles.

    In the meantime, the Bayan Quartet now led by Sergei Grinchenko, continues the tradition of their previous members by playing in Russia, Ukraine and abroad. In August they had a successful concert tour in Switzerland and Italy performing a program from classical to traditional music.


    Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

    The 1998 AAA Festival will be held in New Orleans from July 8th to the 12th. Cajun music, zydeco music, blues, jazz, Gospel, Tex-Mex, alternative music and many other music styles featuring accordions will be seen in New Orleans. The American Accordionists' Association plans to bring a great number of music-loving accordionists to the Crescent City to celebrate their favourite instrument at a big Festival in the Radisson Hotel, 1500 Canal Street. At the same time, the American Accordionists' Association will be celebrating its 60th anniversary. Their giant accordion band will play en masse at Jackson Square, directly in front of the St. Louis Cathedral, followed by the traditional city sightseeing tour. A "Battle of the Bands" (all featuring accordion) is scheduled for Cabaret Night, July 9th. The Endless Performance Ballroom will be ongoing.

    Concerts, festival, competition are all parts of the fun package and a tentative schedule will be announced shortly. Special AAA rates at the Radisson are US $85 per night for up to quad occupancy. Optional sightseeing at attractive group rates will be offered from morning to afternoon on July 8th before the Festival begins and during the afternoon and evening of July 12th after the Festival ends. Information will be posted shortly on the AAA web site,


    Contributed by Ruth Pearce

    Russian accordion award-winning trio, "Moscow Nights" have been performing for the project "Music in Mission - The Children of St. Petersburg" to raise money for the orphans of St. Petersburg, Russia, through a nation-wide series of ongoing concerts. The goal of "Music in Mission" is to raise money to buy supplies, medicine etc. (whatever is needed) for the orphans. These entertaining, educational concerts help to generate enthusiasm and put a face to the cause, thus increasing people's awareness of a most dire situation for these children.

    Their program includes Russian folk music and dance, and classical selections, on various instruments including Russian Accordion, Balalaika, folk flute and spoons, plus vocals. Audience participation and interaction is encouraged.

    Anyone interested in hosting a Music in Mission concert e-mail:


    Contributed by Petra Klostermann of the Intermusik Newspaper

    The Accordion Orchestra Fulda will present its traditional annual concert in Fulda on Saturday, September 27th at 8pm, conducted by Martin Hartmann. They will perform an unusual program - an explosive mixture of Baroque, Swing and Classic-Rock which will be presented in the stylish ambience of the old university, a baroque-style building, that perfectly fits into the townscape of the baroque town Fulda.


    Contributed by Betty Jo Simon

    Betty Jo Simon's Texas accordion tour saw her playing to six clubs in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Longview, Austin, San Antonio, & Houston along with German & Czech restaurants in between.

    The theme of the program was "Around the World with the MIDI Accordion". Betty Jo said, "I played a lot of international tunes along with some classical numbers like Bolero, Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, and Dance of the Comedians. I also did a demonstration of the MIDI accordion so people could understand where I was getting all those sampled sounds. Everyone was amazed at the full orchestral sound that it emitted."

    Betty Jo also did a 30 minute radio interview with John Aeili in Austin. He was also amazed at the MIDI Accordion. The Longview newspaper did a feature on the Accordion club there and put a 10 inch colour picture of Betty Jo on the front page of their Lifestyles section.


    Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

    Accordionist-composer Dr William Schimmel will once again host a series of Master Classes and Concerts presented by the American Accordionists' Association from August 29th to 31st, at the Tenri Cultural Institute, 575 Broadway at Prince Street, in Soho, New York City. Intriguing titles such as "Bach and Coffee" and "Elvis and the Accordion" promise that the daily Master Classes will be highly provocative as well as extremely informative. The Master Classes begin at 3pm, and a daily concert will take place at 7pm after a dinner break. Lectures and performances are by well known musicians and educators. The daily Master Classes and concert cost US$25 each or US$65 for all three days. Master Classes or concerts are $15 single. For information and reservations telephone + 1 212 925 0827 in New York.


    Contributed by Paul Rogers

    "Those Darn Accordions" will be performing for the final time this year in the Pacific Northwest region at the Oregon State Fair from Saturday August 30th to Monday September 1st on the Fountain Plaza Stage. Performance times are:

    • 12-1pm & 3-4pm on Saturday and Sunday
    • 1:30-2:30pm & 4:30-5:30pm on Monday


    Subject: Thanks!

    Thanks for your e-mail and for the wonderful service you provide the Accordion enthusiasts of the world!!!

    I wish Accordions Worldwide success and gratitude for what you're doing.

    Betty Jo Simon

    Thanks for the really nice comments! I remember your performances with the Kansas City Accordion Orchestra when you were here in New Zealand in 1994 for the New Zealand Accordion Championships and the great reception you received.

    Best wishes,

    Wayne Knights
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