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11 June 2004 This weeks news | Past News  | Send news

This Weeks News

  • Squeezing For Accordion Appreciation Month - USA
  • Zhiqing Wang CD and Book Released - China
  • Victor Prieto Continues Busy Schedule - USA
  • Miguel Harth-Bedoya and Auckland Philharmonia - New Zealand
  • Cotati Accordion Festival - USA
  • Ebay Accordion Scam - Scotland
  • CJ Chenier in New York - USA
  • Rose City Accordion Club Presents "Blairs" - USA
  • New Work for Accordion - Mexico
  • Randolph's Derrane wins NEA prize - USA
  • Rene SOPA Concert Dates - France
  • AAA Festival Workshops Announced - USA
  • Young Accordionists Concert in Plovdiv - Bulgaria
  • Dian Thomas at Las Vegas Convention - USA
  • Tan Jia In Concert - China
  • New Three Row Button Accordion Method Book - USA
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  • CD Review
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    Squeezing For Accordion Appreciation Month - USA

    Just about everyone knows what an accordion is, what it looks like and how it sounds, but how many people really appreciate the accordion? Some well-placed, polka-loving members of the accordion community in the USA have issued a decree that June be designated Accordion Appreciation Month to get more people to appreciate the accordion.

    This is fine with Mike Allen of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, who took up the accordion a couple of years ago. While Allen also plays guitar, pennywhistle, harp, bagpipes and countless other musical instruments, the accordion, however, kind of mixes several of those instruments up into one, in his opinion.

    "Celtic music is full of accordion," said Allen. "So I thought, Well, I've got to get one of those!" Allen straps on his accordion and squeezes out a tune by Talking Heads, "Same As It Ever Was."

    Story by Eddie Glenn, cnhi News Service


    Zhiqing Wang CD and Book Released - China
    Contributed by Lian Jones of Accordion House

    Zhiqing Wang, the piano accordionist of the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra has just released her, "Accordion Duet Popular Music Album" along with a CD titled, "Accordion Duet Popular Music".

    The release has stirred a lot of interest in China as Wang has grown quite popular following several concert tours throughout China and overseas with the Tianjian Art Group. Wang's particularly interesting performances include a solo titled "Sabre Dance" performed during the tours and also duets with well known singer Guan Mu Cun and teacher Mr Meng Xian Hong.

    For more information on the CD, email

    Victor Prieto Continues Busy Schedule - USA
    Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

    International accordionist and accordion teacher Victor Prieto continues his busy schedule this month. Victor started his musical career at the age of nine, encouraged by his mother who urged her son to concentrate his studies on accordion.

    Victor has since come a long way, having earned his classical music diploma at the Conservatorio Profesional de Musica de Orense.

    His concerts in June include:
    - Victor Prieto Trio at Detour, 21st June 21st from 9:30pm to 12:30am, 349 E 13th Street, New York, NY. At this event listen to Victor accompanied by Carlo De Rosa on bass and Elliot H. Kavee on Drums.
    - Victor Prieto Trio at Cafe 111, 27th June from 10 pm to 12 am, 111 Court St.

    For further information e-mail

    Miguel Harth-Bedoya and Auckland Philharmonia - New Zealand

    "Very natural, very easy going, very direct and a very warm person," is how Miguel Harth-Bedoya describes his friend, the Argentinian composer Osvaldo Golijov, who just happens to be one of the hottest new voices in the music world today.

    And Auckland will hear that singular voice when Harth-Bedoya conducts the Auckland Philharmonia tomorrow in two of the composer's works, "Last Round" for string orchestra and "Three Songs" for soprano and orchestra. Harth-Bedoya is proud he has taken Last Round to Oregon, Los Angeles and Boston and it is programmed for his other "home orchestra" in Fort Worth next February.

    He stresses the piece's South American connection is a tribute to the great tango master, Astor Piazzolla, "recreating the action of an accordion. It compresses and expands inwards and outwards, caught in between the two orchestras on stage" with accordion sounds featured.. The Auckland Philharmonia, conducted by Miguel Harth-Bedoya, with Natalia Lomeiko will perform June 11 at the Auckland Town Hall at 8pm.

    Story by William Dart of the New Zealand Herald.

    Ángel Luis Castaño

    Cotati Accordion Festival - USA

    The Cotati Accordion Festival, organized by Clifton Buck-Kauffman and Jim Boggio was formed because of the two men's love of and respect for the accordion and the town Cotati, California. Jim Boggio recorded an accordion album, Accordion to the Blues at the Cotati-based recording company, Prairie Sun Studios which happens to be partly owned by Clifton Buck-Kauffman.

    When Buck-Kauffman heard Boggio's accordion album, he was dazzled. The multicultural diversity of accordion music triggered his imagination and not long after the recording session, the two men were soon asking each other, "What do you think of the idea of having a Cotati Accordion Festival?"

    The two made a deal that Boggio would handle the musical end securing the musicians, planning the program, orchestrating the entire musical production while Buck-Kauffman would handle the rest: staging; arranging for the sound equipment, posters, banners and signs, T-shirt sales, vendor booths, etc. The first Cotati Accordion Festival was presented as a community service, free to the public and was held in the downtown plaza under the oaks where the response was overwhelming.

    "We were amazed at the reception and response to our idea. It tickled the fancy of music lovers locally, nationally and internationally!" recalled Buck-Kauffman. Boggio said, "The thing that struck me was all those smiling faces. People of all ages dancing, listening, tapping their feet with smiling faces." The next Cotati Accordion Festival will be held on 28th to 29th August from 9.30am on both days.

    For more information, email


    Ebay Accordion Scam? - Scotland

    Beware accordion buyers! An accordion owner from Fort William recently alerted us to a possible accordion sale scam on Ebay. Roderick Johnston recently placed his Bugari accordion for sale on the Accordion Yellow Pages site and became suspicious after he started receiving responses from people who had seen the same advertisement on

    "I was contacted by email … by someone who saw the identical advert on ebay and became suspicious," Roderick said. "On visiting ebay I have found that my advert had been placed onto ebay word for word, but with a USA contact."

    While it seems like a miraculous coincidence that someone in the USA has the same accordion and identical reasons for sale, we would just like to warn our readers and members of the accordion community to be very careful.

    For more information, email


    CJ Chenier in New York - USA
    Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

    Zydeco superstar CJ Chenier will perform at the South Street Seaport Music Festival on 29th June in a free concert at 1.00pm. The popular Pier 17 located at 19 Fulton Street at South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan, New York is a stunning setting for the popular concert series.

    CJ Chenier plays the piano accordion because it allows him more freedom than the button accordions used by most zydeco bands today. He can express himself musically in many styles or combinations of styles-ballads, waltzes, blues, boogie, rock and roll, funk, jazz, it all comes together as CJ Chenier's fingers race up and down the keyboard as one reviewer describes "red hot rhythms and soulful grooves."

    In addition to his own interpretations of songs from different genres and his father's songs, CJ Chenier has also written a number of original songs.


    Rose City Accordion Club Presents "Blairs" - USA

    The Rose City Accordion Club presents a special Scottish Accordionists program to be held at the Cultural Expression Arts Center in Portland on 12th June at 7.00pm.

    The show includes a special appearance by Scottish Father and Son "Gary Blair with Gary Blair!"

    These two popular accordionists continue a family tradition with the accordion and play music from Scotland and many other styles. Gary is a former UK champion and has some of the fastest fingers around while his son, Gary Junior is a current champion in his age group.

    Las Vegas Convention

    "Colour" by Gonzales Macias Premiere - Mexico
    Contributed by Brenda Anaya

    The premier of a new compositon for Accordion was held in Mexico City on May 7 during the 26th International New Music Forum. It took place at "Palacio de Bellas Artes".

    The piece titled "Color", was written by Mexican composer Gonzalo Macías for accordion, clarinet, piano and computer. The accordion part was played by Antonio Barberena. Gonzalo Macías (1958) is a composer who graduated with Masters from Lille University in France. He also was a pupil of great composers Gérard Grisey and Franco Donatoni.

    For further information, email


    Randolph's Derrane Wins NEA prize - USA

    Boston Irish accordion master Joe Derrane has won a National Heritage Fellowship for 2004, one of only 10 such annual awards presented by the National Endowment for the Arts. The highest award reserved for folk artists in the United States with each winner receiving $20,000.

    "I'm stunned. It comes out of the blue, a total surprise. I thought someone was yanking my chain when I got the call,'' said Derrane, 73, of Randolph. "It is such an honor. There are 300 in contention every year, from all walks of the arts.''

    In the late 1940s, as a young man playing the very active Irish dance hall circuit in Roxbury, Derrane recorded 16 tunes. Due to those recordings, Derrane long had an underground status as a seminal Celtic button-accordionist. But when those tracks were released on CD in the 1993, his career as an Irish instrumentalist was reborn.

    Story by Daniel Gewertz of

    René Sopa Concert Dates - France

    René Sopa began studying the accordion at the age of 9, and his first teacher was Lucien Galliano, father of Richard Galliano, one of the world's most influential accordionist since the death of Astor Piazzolla. Sopa turned professional at the age of 18 after having studied for many years and winning several international competitions along the way. He recently released a CD titled, "Sandunga", a collection of mellow and cool grooves.

    Rene Sopa's next concerts are on;
    18 June - Festival jazz deJEt in Belgien
    26 June - Frammeries jazz in Belgien.
    10 July - Jazz concert in Cannes,Frankreich.
    11 July - Accordion Festival ST Jeannet / Alps maritime, Frankreich
    17 July - Cellar Ragnan in Nizza, Frankreich.
    22 July - Festival Joly Jazz in Trelon, Frankreich
    23 July - Jazz mit Peymenade - Alps Maritimes, Frankeich
    26 August - Jazz Festival - Holland.

    For further information, email

    AAA Festival Workshops Announced - USA
    Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

    The American Accordionists Association announces an impressive line up of workshops which will be offered during their annual festival, this year to be held in the Boston area from July 11-15, 2004.

    Included in these years workshops are:
    Working with Young Adults & Seniors" by Sam Falcetti
    "Playing for Uncle Sam" by Manny Bobenrieth
    "The Art of Memorization" by Helmi Harrington
    "Jazz Theory and Improvisation 101" by Frank Marocco
    Sibelius Computer Programs by Robin Hodson
    "Accordion Repairs Made Easy" by Joe Cerrito
    "Playing with Feeling" by Joan Grauman
    "Club Dates 101" by Eddie Monteiro
    "They came! And then what?" by Karen Adam
    "A World of Accordions Museum" by Helmi Harrinton
    "The Art of the Bellow Shake" by Tony Lovello

    Private or Group Master Class at the AAA 2004 Festival with notables:
    CARMEN CARROZZA - Performance.
    FRANK MAROCCO - Jazz Improvisation and Studio Performance.
    EDDIE MONTEIRO - Club Dating, Jazz and Presentation.
    CARMELO PINO - Composition and Performance.

    For more information, email:

    Young Accordionists Concert in Plovdiv - Bulgaria

    Seven young accordionists from Macedonia, directed by Prof. Zorica Karakutovska, performed a two-hour concert in the Balabanova hall at the Music School in Plovdiv, known to be one of the most beautiful halls in Plovdiv-Kashta. The audience admired the beautiful interpretations of Russian accordion classics and French jazz-musettes with 14 year old Alexander Kolovski also proving quite popular. Those who were at the concert have talked about Kolovski's performance saying there was very little doubt that the youngster was one of the stars of the new Macedonian school. Students at the Music School in Plovdiv are also soon to tour Macedonia, with plans to perform in Skopie.

    Dian Thomas at Las Vegas Convention - USA
    Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

    The Las Vegas International Accordion Convention is pleased to announce that Dian Thomas will be giving a keynote address on Promoting the Accordion during the upcoming event in Las Vegas from 13th June to 16th June.

    With over 25 years of public relations experience, Dian Thomas has more than 5,000 television and radio appearances to her credit. For 8 years she was a regular on NBC's Today Show and spent 6 years with The Home Show on ABC. Additionally, she has appeared on numerous national TV shows, including The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, and The Martin Short Show. She is also an author of 9 books, including the New York Times bestseller, Roughing It Easy. As a media giant and a successful entrepreneur, Dian knows the importance of publicity, especially how to capitalize on free exposure and turn it into financial gain.

    Dian likes the accordion and the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention said they were, "excited to have her as a special guest speaker and instructor." Dian will be conducting a workshop on Promoting the Accordion and another entitled the Magic of Writing Articles to Promote the Accordion and You!

    For more information, check out


    Tan Jia In Concert - China
    Contributed by Charley Shu

    Chinese young accordionist Ms. Tan Jia recently staged a very successful accordion recital on May 31 at the China National Conservatory concert hall. The recital started with the transcription "Introduction and Rondo Capriccio" and lasted over 90 minutes. The recital attracted some 200 people, including important members of the Chinese accordion community such as Zhang Ziqiang, Yang Wentao, Du Ming and Yang Yi.

    Tan, who is only 23 years old is a student of the China National Conservatory and she started playing accordion at the age of 6 under the instruction of Professor Zhang Ziqiang. Tan Jia has won many prizes at various accordion contests including winning a first prize at the Beijing International Accordion Contest in 2002.


    New Three Row Button Accordion Method Book - USA

    Steve Clary announced that he has recently published a book for the 3 row button accordion in GCF. The title is "Just another Accordion Book from Texas" and it's in full color and in English. The book has been prepared with conjunto music in mind.

    For more information, please contact:



    Quote of the Week

    Teaching Quote of the Week Edited by Willoughby Walshe

    "Sustain of final chords must be done with your ear (so they do not disintegrate into individual notes) and not according to the amount of bellows air remaining."

    Find out More… The Art of Bayan Playing or Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips.

    CD Review

    A New CD titled, "Luciano Fancelli" by the Sinequanon Akkordeon Ensemble. Reviewed by Musicologist Paolo Picchio.


    New & Updated Sites - Updated information on Tania Lukic-Marx. - Updated information on Vladimir Besfamilnov.


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