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06 February 2004 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note

New high level accordion courses such as that being headed by concert accordionist Mika Väyrynen at the Lahti Polytechnics Faculty of Music in Finland (formerly the Lahti Conservatory) are a benefit to our international community. A most interesting factor of this course, is the possibility of it being in English, thereby making the course open to suitable applicants from all over the world who speak English. This is another sign of how our world grows ever smaller, closer together and how the spread of knowledge and information is continuing to improve.

Harley Jones
Acccordions Worldwide Director
Texas Accordion Association

This Weeks News

Latin-American Music Extravaganza – South Africa

Contributed by: Stanislav Angelov

South Africans now have two chances to hear live the Concierto para Bandoneón, Orquestra de Cuerdas y Percusion by Astor Piazzolla on the 19th to 20th February. The performance will feature Stanislav Angelov (pictured) accompanied by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Francisco Bonnin. Another two members of the Cape Town Tango Ensemble Jacek Domaga (violin) and Albert Combrink (piano) will join the orchestra. The program includes music by Gershwin, Ginastera, Bernstein and others.
For further details email:

Mika Väyrynen offers new Accordion Class in Lahti – Finland

Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

Concert accordionist Mika Väyrynen will open a new accordion course at the Lahti Polytechnics Faculty of Music in Finland (formerly the Lahti Conservatory) beginning in September 2004. Mika will operate this class in addition to his current course that he is teaching at the Sibelius Academy of Music in Helsinki.

Classes are offered for both Finnish and foreign students with courses being designed to accommodate the specific needs of the student. The course will be taught in either Finnish or English. Foreign students will have an extra emphasis placed on performance skills both in solo and chamber music. The full program will take 4 years to complete, however those transferring from other Conservatories may receive credit for their previous studies. The Faculty of Music will provide assistance in setting the course requirements and finding housing in Lahti.

Interested students should apply to the Lahti Polytechnics Faculty of Music before 2nd April, 2004 for the September course. The entrance examination will take place on 17 or 18th of May, 2004. Three pieces must be performed in the audition.

For further information, please contact:

Texas Accordion Association

The Jon Hammond TV Show - USA

Contributed by Jon Hammond

Accordionist Jon Hammond and his trio appeared live, 2nd February, on TV in New York. The event was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of continuous uninterrupted broadcasting of the Jon Hammond TV Show. Jon celebrated the event with his co-producer Joe Berger (Ham-Berger Productions) with an open-bar reception at Roth's Westside Steakhouse on Columbus Ave in Manhattan. On the 4th February, Jon played there all night long with Bill Wurtzel (guitar) and Rudy Lawless (drums) to further celebrate.

Val Tidone International Music Competitions 2004 - Italy

Contributed by Holda Poletti-Kampl

The Val Tidone International Music Competition will organize four music events in the Val Tidone castles:
- Val Tidone International Music Competitions will be held on the 7th to 13th June.
- I.M.C. Project - Val Tidone Summer Camp will be held on 27th July to 7th August.
- Val Tidone Festival will be held on 29th May to 30th September.

The Val Tidone International Music Competitions requires a high level to win the prize money and the international concert tour prizes. Accordion adjudicators include: Radjap Chaikhoutdinov, Jean-Marc Fabiano, Sergio Scappini, Ricardas Sviackevicius, Vladimir Zubitsky.

For further details email:

Accordion in Bordeaux - France

Contributed by Bruno Maurice

From 20 to 22 January, Bruno Maurice, in his second year of teaching in Bordeaux Conservatory, organized a "Spanish Flavour in Bordeaux" event. He invited Iñaki Alberdi to give masterclass to his students. There were 3 concerts and one conference by Philippe Imbert (master of accordion). On the 20th, Iñaki Alberdi performed solo and duo concert (with Andres Gomiz - saxophone) featuring Spanish original music (G. Gerenabarrena, J. Torres, R. Lazkano, A. Hortigüela, A. Posadas, J.M. Sanchez Verdu).

On the 21st, Maurice played in trio improvisation free-jazz with Etienne Rolin (bass horn, soprano saxophone) and David Holmes (drums) in another program of Spanish music. On the 22nd, Maurice played with the string orchestra of Bordeaux's Conservatory. The program was the "Opale Concerto for Accordion" of Richard Galliano. He also performed solo, 3 Spanish works by Albeniz, Granados and Manuel de Falla. More than 500 people attended this last concert of a very successful "Spanish Flavour in Bordeaux” event.

On the 7th February, Maurice Bruno is performing with the "Aquitaine Symphonic Orchestra" of the region of Bordeaux in a program of Piazzolla symphonic tangos at the Marmande "Notre-Dame" Church. Maurice will next perform "Opale Concerto for Accordion" with dance choreographic accompaniment on the 8th of April in Bordeaux.

For furthe details email:

Accordion Festival to Honour Joe Axsmith - USA

The American Accordion Musicological Society Festival weekend is on the 5th, 6th and 7th of March in Westmont, New Jersey. This year’s event is a tribute to Joseph Axsmith and his lifelong dedication to the accordion and support of the AAMS.

The festivities include 3 major concerts, a banquet, 60 competitive and non-competitive events, 12 workshops, displays, vendors and an on-going accordion repair service. This first concert will feature bandoneon/cajun/zydeco music by the Rick Kaplan Cajun Four with other performing including the Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra and the Polka Trio.

The Saturday night concert will feature The Parade of Stars. Performing will be: The Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra, Stanley Darrow, Joanna Arnold Darrow, Carmen Carrozza, The Zoltan Racz Ensemble, Dee Langley, EvAnn Dahl, Lenn Feldmann, Ron Onda, and more. Featured Guest Artist is: Stas Venglevski.

The Sunday Concert will feature accordion entertainer: Bobby Raye, an exciting dynamic cruise ship entertainer as well as Lenn Feldmann and the Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra.

For further details email:


Syphonic Accordion Orchestra Concert - Spain

Contributed by: Mikel Bikondoa

The Syphonic Accordion Orchestra Concert will be held at San Sebastian on the 6th of February at the Auditorium of the Music School in Burlada-Villaba. The varied program includes:
- Hungarian Dance No. 5 and No. 6, Brahms, transcription by Mikel Bikondoa
- Pizzicato Polka, Strauss, transcription by Mikel Bikondoa
- Andre Madalen, José Sáez Garmendia “Pepe Andoain”, transcription by Mikel Bikondoa.
Adiós Nonino, Piazzolla, transcription by Mikel Bikondoa.
- Zíngara Overture, Curt Mahr.
- Heitere Suite, Rudolf Würthner.
Performing accordionists include: Ander Tellería Lázaro, Idoia Laburu Legarreta, Iratxe Etxarte Alzuri.

Italian Concert dates from Simone Zanchini - Italy

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Simone Zanchini has a busy schedule of concerts in the coming months. He is playing in ensembles, quartets, duos and solo throughout Italy.
- 24 Feb, featuring with the Instrumental Scaligero Ensemble at the Theatre Flagmen in Ravenna,
- 26 Feb, featuring with the Magritte Quartet at the bar Wolf in Bologna.
- 07 Mar, performing with Hungarians Dancers in Cesenatico
- 08 Mar, Solo concert at the Acquafono Club in Fiumicino (Rome)
- 14 Mar, Zanchini-Marzi-Zannini show in Ancona
- 21 Mar, Solo concert at Social Theatrein Novafeltria (PU)
- 22 Mar, featuring with the Instrumental Scaligero Ensemble at the Communal Theatre in Macerata
- 25 Mar, Zanchini–Bartoli Concert at Lugo (Ravenna)
- 04 Apr, will perform at the Zanchini- Rabbia in Cassero Jazz, Castel S.Pietro (BO)
- 07 Apr, Zanchini will feature at the Boghes and Voices (Favata-Zanchini and the Concordu di Castelsardo) in Cremona
- 12 Apr, he will perform at the Quartet Sax (Zanchini-Ros-Dellantonio-Menato-Beberi) in Brescia
Wonderful to see accordion artists in such demand.

Texas Accordion Association

Iñaki Alberdi & "Seven Words" by Sofia Gubaidulina – Spain

Contributed by: Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The “Real Filharmonia de Galicia” will present the work of “The Seven Words” by Sofia Gubaidulina. It will take place on the 5th of February at the Auditorium of Galacia (Santiago de Compostela). The performance will feature conductor Melanie Thiebaut, Iñaki Alberdi and Sonia Beltràn (cello).

For further details email: contact@ialberdi.

The Quartada Tango Concert - Argentina

Contributed by: Carolina Soler Alencastre

The La Quartada Tango group invites music lovers to a show running from the 1st to the 8th of February in Notorious. This group of talented Argentine musicians show that it is possible to reunite youth and experience in equal parts as they play with sweeping musical vitality, in tango style. Performers includes: Hugo Satorre (bandoneon), Gabriel Clenar (piano), Musical Director Marcelo Rebuff (violin), and Cali Canestrari (double bass)

“A celebration of the life of Tom Collins” - USA

The family of Tom Collins is sending out an invitation to all those who knew Tom, to join them in “A celebration of the life of Tom Collins”. This will be held on the 21st February at the Double Tree Hotel, Missoula, Montana.

For further details email Carol Collins:


Quote of the Week

Did You Know? by Willoughby Walshe
Australian International Accordion Festival and Championship organized by Australian Accordion Teachers Association (AATA) welcomes participants from the South Pacific as well as Canada, China, and USA. As part of AATA policy of moving with the times and keeping costs from rising for members, the association no longer prints a prospectus, but publishes the rules and regulations on its Internet site. Find out more….. "Walshe Essential Guide to Accordion and Harmonica Events".
Another Quote:
"Most of us go to our grave with our music still inside of us." Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent"……..Victor Hugo

CD Review

New CD Review -“Live” by the Ars Harmonica Trio (Piotr Chololowicz, Piotr Biazik and Jakub Mietla) formerly of Poland.

New and Updated Sites

New Sites: - Quintet "Excelsior" and St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble. Vladimir Ushakov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Svetlana Stavitskaya (Daugavpils, Latvia), Gennady Savkov, Eduardas Gabnis (both Vilnius, Lithuania), Sergei Likhachov (St. Petersburg, Russia) -
International Bayan Festival, held in Samara, Russia. Accordions Worldwide Russian news sponsor.


Accordion Information Required

Silvergent has recently bought an accordion called Estrella Italia. He would like to have any available history of this accordion. If you have any information please email:

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