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20th September 2002 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note

There are a number of important competitions and festivals coming up around the world over the next few months. Accordion friends of Accordions Worldwide staff are competing at the Citta di Castelfidardo (Italy) and Coupe Mondiale (Denmark) competitions next month. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all competitors success in these competitions.

Wayne Knights Webmaster



This Weeks News

Paolo Soprani Accordions

52nd Trophée Mondiale Accordion Competition - Italy

Anibal Leao FreireThe 52nd Trophée Mondiale de l'Accordéon will be held in Belluno, Italy from September 25th to 29th. The jury includes Miljan Bjeletic (Yugoslavia), Gina Branelli (England), Damir Buzleta (Croatia), Claudine Cintas (Switzerland), Anibal Leao Freire (Portugal), Roman Jbanov (Russia), Miroslav Kosnar (Slovakia), Jacques Mornet (France), Pol Quick (Belgium), Emanuele Rastelli (Italy), Daniel Rodrigues (Spain) and Emanuele Spantaconi (Italy).

Emanuele RastelliCompetitors will perform Test music including "Preludium, Aria & Toccata" by Otmar Macha (Senior category), "Tre sonate napoletane op.86" by Renato Grisoni (Junior category) and "A tutto gas" by Wolmer Beltrami (Variety category).

CMA delegates throughout the world include Hermi Kaleta (Austria), Norman Quinlan (England), Charles Demaele (Belgium), Nevio Prenc (Croatia), Carlos Nunez (Spain), Frederic Deschamps (France), Bio Boccosi (Italy), Ladislav Horac (Czech Republic), Irena Mednanska (Czech Republic), Domi Emorine (France), Isacco Comandini (St. Marino), Claudine Sautaux (Switzerland) and Milan Tomic (Yugoslavia). For further information email:



Friedrich Lips on Tour in the USA

Friedrich LipsContributed by Kevin Friedrich

The American Accordionists' Association is proud to present Friedrich Lips in concert on September 25th at the Saddle Brook Holiday Inn Hotel, Saddle Brook in New Jersey.

Friedrich Lips is one of the most outstanding and internationally known bayanists in the world. Distinguished as a legendary virtuoso, music professor at the world-famous Gnessin Institute for Music Education in Moscow, educator and musicologist, he is esteemed as one of the most significant accordionists of our time.

Lips will also perform concerts in Duluth (22nd), at the Chicago Accordion Club (23rd), New York (25th), and with his former student Stas Venglevski at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (26th), Wisconsin Lutheran College Milwaukee (27th), and at the North East Wisconsin Accordion Club in Green Bay (29th). Lips' program will include pieces by Boellmann, Gubaidulina, Berinsky, Podgaits, Gershwin, Strauss, Piazzolla, Shenderjov and others. For more information phone: +1 201 991-2233


Scandalli Accordions

Festival de Jazz Manouche - France

Accordionist Ludovic Beier will take part in the Festival de Jazz Manouche at the Cinema Le Palace in Beaumontoise on September 26th and 27th. Concerts will be held with the Angelo Debarre Ensemble and Dorado Schmidt. For further details phone: +33 1 34 70 17 47


New Repertoire For Accordion With Anne Landa - Europe

Songs of FreedomContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

A new project "Songs of Freedom" will present a new repertoire for the accordion with percussion, guitar, and three female voices. Accordionist Anne Landa will take part in this project which will begin this season outside of the Netherlands, aiming to create a new repertoire by combining contemporary jazz and improvisation. Anne will perform with A. Purves (percussion - Ireland), F. Zenker (guitar - Germany), and vocalists B. Verhoef (Holland), H. Boverhuis (Holland) and S. Stark (Holland).

The sextet presented this project in Holland last spring, premiering six new pieces written by the group. During this new season, they will continue premiering pieces by a variety of composers and they will present "Songs of freedom" in several European countries. For further information email:


On Line Shop

"Gorni Kramer Biennale" in Poggio Rusco - Italy

The International Accordion Festival "Gorni Kramer Biennale" will take place in Poggio Rusco (province of Mantova) on September 21st and 22nd. The event will consist firstly of candidate auditions in the Classical, Free Bass Classical, Variety and "Gorni Kramer-Style Jazz" categories, followed by award ceremonies and concerts (during the evening) featuring the winners and a prestigious list of guests. These include Gervasio Marcosignori, Cesare Chiacchiaretta, Romano Benetello, Marco Fabbri & Lorenzo Munari, Fabio Rossato, Mirco Fazzi & Luciano Zuccati. Teresa and Laura Gorni as well as authorities and other guests will attend the festival. For details email:



5th Annual Texas Squeeze Accordion Festival - USA

Cedryl BallouRamz GuerroroThe 5th Annual Texas Squeeze Accordion Festival will be held at the Club 21 Dance Hall in Uhland, Texas on October 27th. Organizers have planned a memorable afternoon of good accordion playing , delicious food and great dancing to some of the best dance music in the State of Texas.

Performers include 19 year old Cedryl Ballou and the Zydeco Trendsetters, Los Pioneers de Ramz Guerrero (which features accordionist Ramz Guerrero), The Gulf Coast Playboys and Conjunto Los Pinkys. For further details email:


Paolo Soprani Accordions

Solo Concert Tour - China

Luo HanContributed by Li Cong

Luo Han (button accordionist and teacher from the Tianjin Music Conservatory), gave a solo concert tour recently, following the completion of his studies in Russia. Concerts were held in Mudanjiang (Heilongjiang Province), Baoding (Hebei Province), Jingzhou (Hubei Province), Changsha (Hunan Province) and Shenzhen (Guangdong Province) during July and August. Guest performer Li Xinlin joined Luo Han for some duets, much to the delight of the audience. Many accordion celebrities in China attended the concerts, including Zhang Ziqiang and Sun Delun.

Luo Han first learnt the piano accordion at the age of seven. He studied at the Keyboard Department of the Tianjin Music Conservatory in 1992, with teacher, Dep. Professor Liu Wen Lin. After graduating in July 1996, he became a teacher in the Conservatory and continued further studies with Professor Wang Yuping in 1998. In 2000, he travelled to Russia to study under Professor Friedrich Lips, graduating in June 2002 with a degree which has been recognized by the Chinese Government.



Concertinas at Witney - England

Concertinas at Witney will be held at the Henry Box School in Witney on September 28th and 29th, for all concertina systems - English, Anglo and Duet. In conjunction with this year's event a "Wheatstone Bicentennial Concert" will be held to commemorate Sir Charles Wheatstone, inventor of the English concertina, who was born in 1802. The concert will take place in Oxford on Friday evening in addition to the usual Saturday concert.

The weekend will also include a variety of workshops tutored by Chris Coe, Jenny Cox, Luke Daniels, John Dipper, Rob Harbron, Douglas Rogers, Harry Scurfield and Dave Townsend. For further details email:


Scandalli Accordions

Unexpected Alliance - Russia

Sergei Voitenko & Galina KhomchikSergei Voitenko (accordion) and Galina Khomchik (vocals) will present their new CD "Unexpected Alliance" at the "Slot" cafe on September 22nd and at the Central House of the Artist in Moscow on September 25th. These concerts are part of a series held during the 2002/2003 season in St. Petersburg, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Ufa, Kazan and other Russian cities. For further details email:



"One Night in Buenos Aires" Tango Show - Australia

Bandoneonist and arranger, Norberto Vogel (Argentina) will participate in the tango show "One night in Buenos Aires" with the Back to Back Dancers, presented by the Torres & Torres Entertainment Group and directed by Fabio Robles. The show will be held on November 15th and 16th at the National Theatre, St Kilda, Melbourne. For details email:


On Line Shop

New Music Site

Charnwood Music and have combined to offer the first online accordion music publishers site with a full technical array of features including a search database, shopping basket, dual currency (you can purchase in US$ and €) and fully secure bank credit card system.

Charnwood Music was established in 1958 by Francis Wright in Leicester, England with a view of encouraging British composers to write and expand the literature for accordion. Charnwood Music owners Anna and Raymond Bodell see the internet as an exciting new way to make easily available their music to accordionists all over the world.

The Charnwood catalogue features their very popular tutor course, many Scottish arrangements, 4 Jimmy Shand albums of original works as well as Graham Romani compositions and arrangements. Charnwood Music has just republished 35 works for accordion orchestra including 11 original works and the business will be steadily expanding its catalogue in the coming months.




Jazz and Tango Workshops - Liechtenstein

Accordionist Klaus Paier will hold a Jazz and Tango Accordion Workshop at the Musikschulzentrum in Eschen, Liechtenstein on September 28th and 29th. For further details phone the Liechtensteinische Musikschule at: +423 235 0330


Paolo Soprani Accordions

International Songwriting Competition

A new International Songwriting Competition is offering US$65,000 in prize money, US$25,000 in merchandise and services, and a chance to have your compositions heard by the music industry's top decision makers and musicians! All musicians, bands, songwriters, and solo artists are invited to participate and the closing date is only two weeks away - September 30th. Winners will be notified after November 1st, 2002. Submissions will be judged on the basis of creativity, originality, lyrics, melody, and composition.

The competition aims to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena. Categories include Pop/Top 40, Rock/Alternative, Country, Folk/Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter, R&B/Blues, Hip-Hop/Rap, World Music and Lyrics Only. Entrants may submit multiple songs in as many categories as they wish. For details email:



Allan William Jones Memorial Scholarship Evening - New Zealand

Adam ThorpeCampbell BettridgeThe Allan William Jones Memorial Scholarship Evening was held on September 15th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Auckland. A variety of music was performed by The North Shore Music Makers (conducted by Christine Adams), Adam Thorpe, Caprice, Tracey Collins (dressed as Snow White), The North Shore Juniors (conducted by Linley Hawkes), Campbell Bettridge, NSAO, (conducted by Lionel Reekie), Kathryn Fletcher, and the Musicale Ensemble that toured China (conducted by Lionel Reekie).

Scholarships were awarded to:

Grades 3 & 4: Cameron Noyer
Grades 5 & 6: Gillian McNeil
Grades 7 & 8: Travis McWalter and Oliver Thorpe

The Marie Efford-Masefield Travel Assistance Grant was presented to Mylie & Hilary Thwaites as they will be competing in the 2002 Coupe Mondiale in Denmark

The Douglas Mews Rosebowl "for excellence" was presented to Kathryn Fletcher. Kathryn is in her final year of her accordion performance degree at Auckland University.

The Annual Merit Award was presented to Murray Perrot of Taranaki.


Scandalli Accordions

Musical Crossroads - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On September 23rd, classical accordionist Mie Miki will hold a joint concert with Joji Sawada (bass) and Masaaki Takashima (piano). The concert entitled "Musical Crossroads" will be held at the Yokohama Minato Mirai small Hall in Yokoyama City. For details phone: +81 45-682-2015


Don't Be Afraid. It's Just an Accordion! - Italy

Italian accordionist Beppe Turletti will hold a concert entitled "Don't Be Afraid. It's Just an Accordion" on September 22nd in San Salvario, Turin. Beppe is a collector of statuettes, puppets, figurines, books, sheet music and all things accordion! For further details on his collection or the concert email:

On Line Shop

Guests from Ireland at "Plough & Stars" - USA

Guests "Josephine Marsh & Band" will entertain at the Plough & Stars Pub in San Francisco on September 26th. The group from East Clare in Ireland, which includes Josephine Marsh (accordion), Declan Corey (mandolin/bouzouki), Paul O'Driscoll (double bass) and Tommy Carew (guitar/vocals), will play a variety of Irish music. For details phone: +1 415 751-1122



New Sites/Updated Sites New site for Cavagnolo Accordions - manufacturers of high quality chromatic, diatonic, button and piano accordions. Also MIDI accordions and Odyssee models available, all suitable for musette, jazz and folk music styles.


Paolo Soprani Accordions

Accordion Information Required

Neville Matroos would like information on a small 48 bass Walther accordion., which is pearl white with black edging. Email:

Rondini AccordionOliver Hauver would like information on an old accordion with the markings "Concerto", "Product of Sibvio Marotto" and "Kent", made in Italy. Email:

Roberta would like some information on the Rondini 120 bass, piano accordion (pictured). On the front at the bottom is engraved 271/5215 and there is a small emblem on the front that has two wings connected to a G with a lyre or small harp like instrument in the middle. Email:


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