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24th May 2002 This weeks news | Past News | Send news

Editors Note
Accordions Worldwide Weekly News co-ordinator, Christine Adams is currently in Sydney, Australia judging at the AATA International Competitions and Festival. She will return to New Zealand on May 27th.

Also attending the festival is Accordions Worldwide Manager Harley Jones, Maurice Jones and well known Auckland entertainer Lionel Reekie. Event President is Tania Lukic-Marx, our Accordions Worldwide CD reviewer. You can be sure, we will all be having a great time.

Wayne Knights Webmaster



This Weeks News


Klingenthal International Competition - Germany

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

This year's successful Klingenthal International Competition was held in Klingenthal from May 10th to 17th. Jury members included Fritz Dobler (Germany), Jeanette Dyremose (Denmark), Stefan Fraas (Germany), Prof. Jürgen Ganzer (Germany), Claudio Jacomucci (Italy), Prof. Friedrich Lips (Russia), Kimmo Mattila (Finland), Tobias Morgenstern (Germany), Jacques Mornet (France), Prof. Elsbeth Moser (Germany), Prof. Owen Murray (England), Prof. Lech Puchnowski (Poland), Prof. Tibor Racz (Slovakia), Prof. Georg Reidys (Germany), Ulf Seifert (Germany), Prof. Jonas Tamulionis (Lithuania), Wang Yu ping (China), Prof. Radomir Tomic (Yugoslavia) and Prof. Gudrun Wall (Germany).

Sergej OsokinResults of the main class - Category IV (soloists without age limit):

1st: Sergej Osokin (piano accordion), Russia
2nd: Alexander Sielivanov, Russia
3rd: Maria Vlassova, Russia

Further results and a full report will be published as soon as possible.


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

New Zealand Accordion Championships and Festival - New Zealand

Branko DzinovicThe New Zealand Accordion Championships and Festival and the South Pacific Accordion Championships will be held in Epsom, Auckland from May 31st to June 2nd. The event offers six performance categories: International Championship, New Zealand Championship, Standard, Qualified, Appraisal and Festival. The "South Pacific Piano Accordion Solo Championship" for contestants aged 23 years and under offers a first prize of NZ$1,000 The rules for this class are now aligned with the new Coupe Mondiale International Piano Accordion Class. The winner of that class will be sponsored (wherever in the world they may live) to perform concerts at the Australian International Accordion Championships in Sydney, Australia and the South Pacific Accordion Championships in Auckland in 2003.

This year's South Pacific Accordion Championships will include a guest performance by the winner of the 2001 Coupe Mondiale Piano Accordion Class Branko Dzinovic. In addition the New Zealand Accordion Association will recognize the efforts and dedication of three of its members - Campbell Bettridge, Rebekah Grieg and Paula Harris, who competed in the 2001 London piano accordion competition. For further competition details email:



Academia Española Concert - Italy

Duo Anaki, which includes Indonesian pianist Ananda Sukarlan and Spanish accordionist Inaki Alberdi will perform at the Academia Española in Rome on June 14th.

Their repertoire includes "Soinua" (Gabriel Erkoreka), "Monodias Españolas" (José Evangelista), "Quatorze Portraits sans Laure" (Frederic Iñigo) and "Noise Enough" (Iain Matheson). For further details email:


Leavenworth Accordion Festival - USA

Contributed by Frank Calapristi

The Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration will take place at the Leavenworth Festhalle in Leavenworth, Washington from June 18th to 22nd. Guest performers include Dick Contino, Chuck Berger, Diane Hagen, Button Box Trio, Joe Smiell Band, Sylvia Fjordsong Polka band, Diane Schmidt and Tony Lovello. For details email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Amala Summer School - Yugoslavia

Dusko BelicContributed by Dusan Ristic

The Amala Summer School for Gypsy Culture (located in the picturesque Valjevo hills, 100 kilometres southwest of Belgrade) will hold summer workshops in Valjevo, Serbia from June 9th to September 7th. Accordion tutor Dusko Belic will give workshops covering popular dance music. For further details email:



Annual "Tropical Indonesian Market Performance" - Netherlands

Accordéon Mélancolique, which includes accordionists Jean-Pierre Guiran and Cherie de Boer will entertain at the annual Tropical Indonesian Market at the Tong Tong Podium, Malieveld in The Hague on June 17th. The theme of the event is "The Journey from the Netherlands to Indonesia". For details email:



"Spring Concerts" in Montreal - Canada

Sylvia PagniContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Well known Italian accordionists Sylvia Pagni and Gervasio Marcosignori recently took part in a series of concerts in Montreal. The event was devoted to the ingeniousness and creativity of Italians abroad, and was part of the "Spring Concerts" series. The venue, the "Lino Saputo" theatre, is part of the "Leonardo da Vinci" Centre in Montreal. The concerts, which featured other well-known performers such as Luciano Testani, were held on May 4th and 5th and were made possible by members of the Italian Canadian Community Foundation, including President Silvio De Rose and Cultural Director Gian Carlo Biferali. The two officials received personalised plates made by Castelfidardo goldsmiths and presented by Excelsior Accordions, a very popular brand in Canada. The concerts were attended by diplomatic and consular authorities and the theatre was filled to capacity by an enthusiastic audience.


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

7th Annual Folk Music and Dance Gathering - Australia

The 7th Annual Folk Music and Dance Gathering will be held at Albion Park in the Illawarra region of NSW from June 5th to 10th. Performers include Dave de Hugard (piano accordion, button accordion & concertina), Jacko Kevans (piano accordion, button accordion & concertina ), Mike Martin - member of the band "Collector" (button accordion & concertina), Peter Ellis (button accordion & concertina), David De Santi (member of the band "Wongawilli"), and Morrie Gerisch (member of the old time dance band "The Gay Charmers").

The event will feature performances of Australian content and nature through folk song, music, dance, poetry and storytelling by over 70 performers in 40 events providing an opportunity to enjoy Australia's cultural history and entertainment. For further details phone Bev Murray at: +61 2 4236 0701



Accordion Band Auditions - USA

The AF Band will hold auditions for the accordion position with the AF Strolling Strings on June 13th at Bolling AF Base, Washington, DC. Their current accordionist Bill Popp is retiring from the position. Applicants must be aged between 17 and 35. For details email:



National Accordion Competition - Kazakhstan

Contributed by Vladimir Zubitsky

The 1st National Competition for accordionists was held last month in Atyrau (North Kazakhstan), organized by the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan, Mayor of Alytrau and sponsored by Neil Booth & the Agip KCO (England). The jury included professors from national conservatories and musical colleges of Kazakhstan - Anatoly Gaissin (Almaty), Mukhadas Gabdiev (Atyrau), Sergey Ostrikov (Uralsk), Evgeny Ivanov (Aktubinsk), Alexey Eremenko (Astana), Vladimir Demchenko (Chimkent) and Vladimir Zubitsky (President - Italy).


Grand Prize: Mikhail Petrov
1st: Radik Zakorov
2nd: Ilya Krukov & Vadim Golovkin
3rd: Alexandr Vitushchenko, Konstantin Strigin & Meyrambek Konysbekov

In 2003 the competition will be held in conjunction with the International Accordion Competition "Coupe of Asia".


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Danças Ocultas Tours Germany

Danças Ocultas which includes accordionists Artur Fernandes, Filipe Ricardo, Filipe Cal and Francisco Miguel toured Germany from May 16th to 20th. During the tour the group performed with the "Companhia Paulo Ribeiro" (Contemporary Dance Company), choreographed by Paulo Ribeiro. The show, which was entitled "Tristes Europeus - Jouissez sans Entraves" was performed in Stuttgart and Dusseldorf.



Bercy Village Performances - France

Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Accordionist Daniel Denécheau and Denis Gérard (banjo) will perform at Bercy Village in Paris regularly on Tuesdays beginning May 21st. For further details phone: +33 1 45 42 49 75



Hilton Hotel Recital and Conference - USA

American accordionist Henry Doktorski will give a recital on June 4th at the 143rd bi-annual meeting of the "Acoustical Society of America" at the downtown Hilton Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The theme of the conference will be "Free Reed Instruments: Historical Perspective and Recent Research".

Doktorski will perform pieces intended to expose the conference participants to a wide range of historical repertoire for the accordion - ranging from early 20th Century compositions by Hugo Herrmann and Guido Deiro to more recent works by Astor Piazzolla - to showcase the varied acoustical properties of the instrument. The recital will conclude with a duet by Doktorski and Howard Levy (mouth organ) - Bach's Polka from Cantata 78. For details email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

8th Annual San Sebastian Seminar - Spain

Anne LandaContributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 8th Annual San Sebastián Seminar for musicians will be held in San Sebastián from July 8th to 14th. The course will be held in two sections. The first will be dedicated to the accordion, with individual and collective classes and concerts under the direction of French accordionist Jean-Luc Manca. The second will be dedicated to the Alexander Technique and is open to all musicians who would like to improve the sounds they produce on their instruments, reduce stage fright and additional tensions etc., through psychophysical re-education, a skilled use and ultimately a greater awareness and control. Accordionist and professor of the Alexander Technique, Anne Landa will be the tutor.

The event, which is organized by the Acco Land cultural association, with the collaboration of the San Sebastián City Council and Conservatory of Music, has become an important international annual appointment for accordionists and musicians, professors and students. For further information and registration email:



4th "Le Printemps des Bretelles" Festival - Canada

Daniel ThononThe fourth "Le Printemps des Bretelles" festival was held at Le Lion D'Or in Montréal, Québec on May 19th organized by Soufflemuse. The following day a "Jam Session" was held at Bobards in Montreal in conjunction with the festival.

Festival attendees heard a variety of tangos, javas, waltzes, tsigane jazz, ditties, popular French songs and Latin rhythms. Performers included Jacques Arsenault, Sylvain Côté & Jean-Marie Moncelet, Chocolat, Pierre & Jacques Calvé, Francis Covan, Didier Dumoutier, Claire Lafrenière, Sylvain Rondeau, Christine Fortin, Julien Masse, Vladimir Sidurov, Bernard Scotti and Daniel Thonon & "Montcorbier".


Poynton Folk Club Concert - England

"Albireo" which includes Howard Jones (melodeon & concertina), Chris Perry (violin), Sean Bechhofer (guitar), Phil Cawsey (bass) and Steve Hodgskiss (piano) will perform at the Poynton Folk Club in Poynton on May 25th. The group, which is named after one of the stars in the constellation Cygnus (The Swan) play a variety of English, Irish, Scottish and American tunes. For details email:

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Accordionist in Tango Musical - USA

Accordionist Dr William Schimmel performed in "Camilla" the Tango Musical by Lori McKelvy at the ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers) in New York on May 20th. The next performance of this musical will be in San Francisco in 2003.

On June 4th, Dr Schimmel will premiere his own new work "Empty World" for accordion and chamber orchestra at Christ and St. Steven's Church in New York, Manhattan. It was commissioned by and will be performed by the "North South Consonance" Chamber Orchestra (conducted by Max Lifchitz). For further details email:



"Cimeira do Fole" Concert Series - Portugal

Alain Pennec QuartetAs part of the "Cimeira do Fole" concert series (which is dedicated to the concertina) the Alain Pennec Quartet will perform in Águeda on June 8th. The concert series, which is organized by the d'Orfeu Cultural Association has already included performances by the group "4Portango", Kepa Junkera & Renato Borghetti.

The Alain Pennec Quartet includes Alain Pennec (accordion), Aurore Breger (celtic harp), Stephane Barbier (drums) and Youen Landreau who plays the "chapman stick", an electric, multi functioned string instrument that mixes the qualities of guitar and bass. For further concert details email:



36th Annual Ennis Polka Festival - USA

The 36th Annual Ennis Polka Festival will be held in Ennis, Texas from May 24th to 26th. The event will include a dance contest, a parade on the 25th, and entertainment by a variety of accordionists and bands at four different venues. Performers include Steve Holy, Brave Combo and the Jodie Mikula Orchestra. For further details email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

New "Swap" CD

"Swap" have just released their new CD "Mosquito Hunter" which includes the title track "Mosquito Hunter" by Ola Bäckström, Karen Tweed's hypnotic "This is My Pen" and Ian Carr's dizzyingly beautiful "FiskmDs". Swap members are Karen Tweed (accordion), Ian Carr (guitar), Carina Normansson (fiddle & vocals) and Ola Backstrom (viola). For further details email:



New Solo Recording - USA

Composer/accordionist Guy Klucevsek has just released a new solo recording entitled "The Heart of the Andes" on the Winter & Winter label. The CD consists primarily of Klucevsek's own compositions, including the title track (a 14-minute suite), plus pieces by Shostakovich, Dave Douglas and Phillip Johnston. For further details email:



Information Required on Study of Accordionists from Italy and Argentina

Carlo Fortunato is currently in the process of completing a study on the life of Francesco Massobrio (from Castellazzo Bormida, Italy) and of the very rare accordions he made, and is looking for relevant pictures and information. Carlo is also interested to hear from Argentinean readers who may have some information such as photos, sheet music, recordings, newspaper articles etc., on his son Lorenzo Massobrio, who was a well known accordionist and composer in Buenos Aires between 1945 and 1960, mainly thanks to his performances with the Caldarella duo. If you can help please email:


Las Vegas International Accordion Convention

Accordion Information Required

Bill Harper would like information on a 60 bass Stancato piano accordion. Email:



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