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Title: Les Invités
Artist: Accordéon Mélancolique
Supplied by: Artist
Review date: 07 November 2008

Les Invités Accordéon Mélancolique

I have said in the past that a record by Accordéon Mélancolique (that is J.P. Guiran and Cherie de Boer) is like an invitation to spend a pleasant afternoon in their company.

Here we have the confirmation in their new CD entitled “Les Invités”. I want to say from the outset that their enchanting view of the world expressed through music should not be undervalued. It would be a mistake just to be satisfied with the simplicity and instant appeal of this cd which actually has considerable substance.

Lets see. Firstly there is a delightful cover from a water painting by Cherie de Boer and inside the booklet more color and a story based on hospitality – the theme of the CD. In a world going more towards virtuality and that thinks of music in terms of downloads, here Accordéon Mélancolique provide us with something beautiful and tangible - a painting, a story and a collection of music within this CD – all of which have their raison d’etre. Accordéon Mélancolique are orientated towards defining a world in harmony and pursue their work diligently like a keen gardener would .. but this garden is different .. the gate is open .. it is not inaccessible and exclusive.

Jean-Pierre.Guiran and Cherie de Boer know how the world turns and do not live amongst the clouds. Track number 6 is the one that gives this indication. It is the most touching melody of the CD. Written by Guiran and entitled “Clandestin” it is dedicated to all those who live far from home and without the necessary papers.

There is a page in the booklet which super imposes the word “Benvenuti” on thier photo. It is an invitation to everyone .. the Cd contains not just original pieces but also music from around the world – traditional swedish to klezmer, from Nino Rota to Saint Saens and not forgetting the occasional flavour of south america. Bravo.

Reviewed by Renato Belardinelli, November 2008

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