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Title: dancing according to me             
Artist: Accordion duos by Jörgen Sundeqvist and Øivind Farmen                  
Supplied by: Artist
Review date: 07 March 2008

What a happy duo recording! The music is mostly accordion solo compositions arranged for accordion duo including John Gart's Vivo and Scherzo and Wolmer Beltrami's Il Treno. Alongside those popular pieces are the Galla-Rini's artful arrangement of George Gershwin's jazzy Three Preludes and several other well-known pieces beautifully arranged and popular with audiences worldwide. Only the Fredrik Högberg composition, dancing according to me, for which the CD is named, is new music. Accordion enthusiasts everywhere will truly relate to and enjoy the repertoire on this recording. When I say the music is popular, I do not mean to disparage or disapprove of it in any way; I only mean it is familiar music from the past. With the exception of the Högberg, which was newly written for Sundeqvist and Farmen, and was given its premiere performance during the 2006 Coupe Mondiale in Norway, many of us have played these accordion pieces in one form or another. So they bring back good memories of happy experiences and many accordionists of all ages do play these pieces today.

Fredrik Högberg should continue to write for the accordion. He is a fine craftsman and has a keen sense of both melodic and rhythmic ideas which match the instrument's qualities very well. His piece dancing according to me is easy to listen to, quite interesting and, of course, both Sundeqvist and Farmen play it extremely well, with just the right flavor and energetic style.

The arrangements are colorful and finely arranged, the compositions are well-known, and both players compliment each other. The balance between instruments is not a problem, even though they are different makes; however, the balance between bass and treble is not always as satisfactory since it seems the bass is somewhat too strong at various times. Otherwise, the recording is more than pleasing throughout. I wish the duration and the publisher for each of the pieces had been listed since this often comes in quite handy at a quick glance and for players wishing to obtain the music for their own use. The liner notes are very interesting and informative and the general design and layout of photos and written word is quite attractive.

I most certainly recommend this recording to everyone; it is an exceedingly accessible concert of accordion duo music with appealing repertoire popular among most accordionists today. You will definitely enjoy this music.

The CD is produced by Fredrik Högberg at

CD Review Joan Cochran Sommers, 07 March, 2008