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Title: Fences Come Down             
Artist: The Groanbox Boys                  
Supplied by: Artist
Review date: 22 Februay 2008


Fences Come Down             
Can you see them in the photo? Cory Seznec and Michael Ward-Bergeman are beyond the fence and smiling. And thats what you will be doing soon if you buy this CD, you will be smiling after the first time you listen to it.its little more than a year since their last CD ”Smokestack Trilogy”, itself a very good album at the time, this new one “Fences Come Down”  is even better. The music takes us back to old time, folk , blues, ragtime and other styles of american music but this timethe work is more detailed, stylized, focused and the result is captivating. There are no weaknesses in“Fences Come Down”  and it is useless to look through the tracks, one traditional “Little Sadie” and eleven truly original ones, for the best bits. All the tracks have a certain freshness about them. The range of the duo is impressive. Seznec plays the string instruments and harmonica; Ward-Bergeman is the accordionist and singer and they both add percussion.  Their music can be light yet deep, entertaining and introspective and they give their music a certain warmth and color that we as listeners always seek in a CD. I dont want to over use the adjectives but perhaps one more – they are great! My only regret is that being based in Italy I will have little possibilty to see them perform – but there is always hope.

CD Review -Renato Belardinelli, 22 February 2008

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