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Title: Ars Harmonica

Ars Harmonica Trio, Piotr Chololowicz, Piotr Biazik and Jakub Mietla

Supplied by: Ars Harmonica Trio
Review date: 23 January 2004
Tracks: 1. Slav Fantasy Part I
2. Slav Fantasy Part II
3. Slav Fantasy Part III
4. W moim agródeczku, folk music
5. Libertango
6. Kyrillikata
7. Recenicia Balkan folk music

An accordion trio formed by three fabulous Polish musicians: Piotr Chololowicz, Piotr Biazik and Jakub Mietla, all students of the Academic in Katowice. Their efforts in studies have been confirmed and honored with numerous affirmations in national and international competitions. Their second CD, being honored with an introduction by Prof Walter Maurer (see below), is introduced with a series of Slavic compositions. An interesting reproduction in "modern" style (sound) of the Slavic folklore.

The only exception of this performance is " Libertango " of Astor Piazzolla (the real different passage in comparison with the rest of all pieces), just as meant to show the inevitability of its presence in all repertoire of each today’s accordionists. Excellent level of this CD demonstrating great maturity of its interpreters, only a hash of doubt in synchronism in isorhythmic parts.

The three artists have an excellent control of their instruments, from which they are able to extract high quality sonority. Also perfect choice of their repertoire: "Slav Fantasy" of Bogdan Precz (in three parts) is an interesting passage for the sonorous combinations that creates, for the immediateness of the language (typical of this composer), leaving only some perplexity regarding the general structure.

The other three passages ("W moim ogrodeczku"- arrangement of Jakub Mietla, " Kyrillikata " of Grekow and Piotr Chololowicz j and " Recenica " arrangement of the Ars Harmonica trio) are the best parts of this work: where one can listen to most beautiful sonority, very well taken care of and interesting because unusual and innovative and a successful combination amongst rhythm and melodies evidencing the colours of Balkan and Slavic folklore.

CD Introduction by Prof. Walter Maurer

The passion for the accordion connected the three musicians who met in The Music Academy in Katowice (Poland), where they educated their owns skills under by Prof. Joachim Pichura's supervision. In Katowice they have started their concerts activity, which has become widespread all over Europe. The trio has won numerous national and international competitions, and they have competed in a lot of significant festivals. They have won critics and audience approval. The group has also performed with famous symphony orchestras. The musicians have various and broad range of artistic programme, which shows tremendous expression and sounds possibility of accordion. They prove that the accordion is suitable for every music style. During their concerts we can listen to J.S.Bach, A.Vivaldi, and A.Piazzolla, but - how the musicians claim that - the closest to their hearts and the eagerliest performed is folk music of the Slavonic lineage. This music is worked out and arranged by the trio "Ars Harmonica". The unique atmosphere of folk music comes from the connection of irregular rhythms, the specific temperament of the Balcan music and vivid harmony typical for Middle and East Europe. This causes that music appeals to the listeners' hearts in a natural way and leaves behind indelible impression.

" is an exceptional first award, because the jury was voiced special praise for artistically mature performance. The technique as well as the musical setting were at international level. The group's performance was fully professional. Since 1960 it is a first time when the jury was allowed that highest prizes for a group..."

General Secretary (CIA - UMC UNESCO) Prof. Walter Maurer

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