Gallery of 7 April

The Scandalli girls Selly, Elisa, Lu Bin and M°Mirco Patarini ... ...showhing proudly the new instrument / Bandoneon made by Scandalli
Fausto Fabi and Michele Moreschi from Paolo Soprani/ Pasco Musikmesse Mythe from USA Jon Hammond coming for the 30th year
Gary Blair from UK with Holda Laura and Marco from Fismen
Francesca Pigini (celebrating this year 70th anniversary of the company) Massimo and Federico Pigini always busy being in touch with the factory
Scandalli with their dealers Freso and Harry from Nijkamp Musichouse...... .......Netherlands and than pictured together ....with Holda
Andreas Schertel aus Klingenthal Chris Lovell from The Accordion Shop / UK and his wife
The Maire from Klingenthal, Thomas Hennig with W.Walshe from USA and Prof.Ulrich Schmülling Stagi sen./jun.
Massimo Ricci with W.Walshe (author) and Prof.Ulrich Schmülling Milena and Francesco Mengascini Beltuna presenting their new line of accordions
Francesco Mengascini Beltuna and Mario Gatto Fisarmony Accordions by Salvatore Puglisi (son)
Anna Rita/Musictech showing the many choises for digital systems available Stéfane Bonifassi booth with Jean Luis Noton and demonstrator
Brother and sister Massimo and Francesca Pigini Enrico and Leonardo Monaci / Orla
Holda and Massimo Ricci Andrea Ottavianelli / Bugari with german Distributor Zimmermann
Dexibel - Manfredo Maroni and Luigi Bruti Marco Cinaglia and Sergio Scappini - with the NEW BugariEVO digital accordion
Marco Cinaglia Sergio Scappini
Andra and Roberto Ottavianelli / Bugari


The "youngsters" Ballone Burini Fabietto and Marco Moreschi with Fabio Ballone Burini
Andrea Gabbanelli Piermaria together with Bruno Casali IMC
Reed Producer from Cech Republik Mr. Titlbach/Harmonikas togehter with daughter Jane
Happy come togehter at the Dino Baffetti booths and to conclude the playing a SELFY with Genuino Baffetti