Exhibitors, Musicians, Visitors, Friends ... from the A-Z Accordion and Music World...
in Frankfurt to present-to see-to hear everything "NEW"
and to meet accordion enthusiasts and musicians from around the world!

2nd day of the Musikmesse....many guests and visitors are animating the fabulous fairground....Here some of these nice moments to join....

The Roland crew Alessandra Curzi, Luigi Bruti, Roberto Gaetani, Marco Cinaglia, Sergio Spacchini, Alfredo Maroni (President)
At the Roland Booth with Sergio Scappini performing Holda and Roberto Gaetani / V-Accoridon Engineer
Lido Polverini and Son Christelle Sautaux - Frederic Deschamps - Roman Jbanov
Roman Ibanov, Antonio Spaccarotella, Mirco Patarini Fred Deschamps and Christelle Sautaux Cagoni with guest
Andrea Ballone Burini Damir/Bugari Stand
Giancarlo Borsini Samuel Borsini, Cagnoni, Ballone Burini, Alessio Gerundini/Zero Sette, Ottavianelli, Carlo Borsini
Andrea Ballone Burini, Alessio Gerundini, Carlo Borsini Guest with Pino Di Modugno and Roberto/Master-Production (back)
guest with Alessio Gerundi/Zero Setto Accordions The Ballone Burini Crew
Alessandra Curzi and Roberto Gaetani from Roland The Limex Crew
The reed Producers Titlbach, Vociarmoniche (Paola)and Cagnoni Ignazio and on the right the the Titlbach brother and sister Roland Crew with lovely Alessandra Curzi on the right
Luigi Bruti, Holda and Alfredo Maroni Sikoba with Prof. Joram Kufert
Giansandro Breccia and Fausto Fabi from Paolo Soprani Accordions Holda and Fausto Fabi/Paolo Soprani Accordions
Pietro Adragna Frederic Deschamps and Christelle Sautaux Performance at the Hohner Stand

performing together...France/Ramon and Czech Republic

enthusiastic crowd at Master-Production (Midi)
Alberto della Noce and Antonio Spaccarotella duo at Scandalli's
"Baffetti Lady" with Bruno Casali from IMC-Company Riccardo Taddei for Ballone Burini
Holda with Fausto Fabi and Ada Dimpbath from Soundwear in the middle Antonio Spaccarotella with Antonella Toccaceli
Roman Jbanov with his beloved Bugari The Delicia "Ladies"
Fausto Fabi with radiant Selly from Scandalli Accordions Akim Oda /Roland Japan with Holda
Andrea Naspi and Federico Pigini Massimo Pigini Jon Hammond and Federico Pigini
3 Borsini Generations: Carlo, Samuel, Giancarlo Roberto and Antonella from Master Production/Midi with P.DiModugno
Buzir jr. Mons. Piccand from Switzerland with Holdaq

Holda between the ORLA LADIES Lucia Monaci and Claudia Orlandoni

Enrico Monaci (right) of ORLA
S.Scappini, Akim Oda,Ludovic Beier, Luigi Bruti, Roberto Gaetani Andrea Naspi, Donatella, Jon&Jen, Federico, Heinz Aumueller
Guglielmi Brothers Fausto Fabi, Paula/Vociarmoniche, Mario Moreschi, Giansando Breccia and Sergio Capeci
Ada Dimbath from Soundwear The Roland Stand with Sergio Scappini performing

The Hohner company getting ready for their night of WELCOME. Guests and Distributors are invited to their welcome party at the end of the show day!
Klaus Stetter is introducing new staff and giving a short speech with information of the latest news from the Hohner company
Part of the HOHNER crew!

...some great moments from the Musikmesse in Frankfurt 6-9 Aprilo 2011

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