Exhibitors, Musicians, Visitors, Friends ... from the A-Z Accordion and Music World... in Frankfurt to present-to see-to hear everything "NEW"
and to meet accordion enthusiasts and musicians from around the world!

Accordiola - Belgium New Accordion Producer "Alpen" from Slovenia the Baffetti brother and sister
Baffetti/Italy and Saltarelle/France Ballone Burini Andrea Fabio Ballone Burini and Vincenzo Borsini
Beniamino Luciani Francesco Beltuna Pino Di Modugno Vincenzo-Giancarlo and Carlo Borsini Giansandro Breccia,Fabio BallonoBurini, Mario Moreschi
- Pasco Italia
Bruni Casali, Holda, Anacleto Gabbanelli Bruno/IMC, Roberto/Bugari, Alessio /07,Anacleto/IMC Roberto Ottavianelli from Bugari Armando
Bugari Artist - Roman Jbanov Amleto Dallapé with client the Delicia Family
Franz Schmidt and Ulrich Schmùling/Intermusik Fred Deschamps, Kimmo Mattila, Mirco Patarini Fred Deschamps, Antonio, Grayson, Sascha Selivanov
Grayson Masefield Grayson Masefield Grayson Masefield
Antonio Polverini and Max Cucciomei Speedy with "Hohnerbellow" Max and Paolo d'Ascani
the Grimm Family

Heinz Aumùller, Roberto Lucanero, Jon Hammond,
Andrea Naspi

The Herold Company/Klingenthal
Fred Deschamps and Horst Fausel/Hohner Holda/Selly,Paola/Mrs. Brescia The Intermusik Crew with Massimio Ricci (middle)
The Italcinte "Family" of Beniamino Bugiolacchi The Schwarz Sisters of Kàrntnerland/Austria Mr/Mrs Schwarz/Kàrntnerland
Kimmo and "bandoneon" Producer from Klingenthal Antonella and Roberto from Master Production Mengascini Matteo with artist
Matteo Mengascini Part of the Musictech "didigital acc.orchestra family" Maria Rita/Musictech
Mr. Brescia and Father/daughter Ora Company Euphonia/Ora Orla (Monaci) Mum/Son
Enrico Monaci/Claudia Orlandi-Orla with client Mario Moreschi /Pasco Gabbanelli (Anacleto/Mike/Andrea) Bruno Casali
Francesca and Federico Pigini Mirjana Petercol and Massimo Pigini Francesca Pigini, Roberto Lucanero, Lorenzo Antonelli di
Vociarmoniche and Massimo Pigini
Antonio Mirco Selly and Fausto Fabi Antonio Spaccarotella and Selly Menghini Antonio with crowd
Veronica Todorova yes....new look....Renzo - you look GREAT! Renzo Ruggieri
Super looking Alessandra and Sara from Roland Ludovic Beier / France Alessandra Curzi/Roland
The Roland staff Amelie....playing Roland V Ludovic Beier and....drummer
Vincent Roux.....Saltarelle/France Julien Gonzales....Speedy Roland "Managers" Marco Cinaglia, M° Sergio Scappini,
Akira Hanechi , Luigi Bruti (from left to right)
The Titlbach Sisters of Harmonikas Harmonikas Orosz Zoltan.....Hungary (middle)
Frank Marokko/Elke+Riccardo Breccia, V.Barbalarga Weltmeister/Fr.Herberger&Ulrich Schmueling/Intermusik Elke and Riccardo Breccia/Victoria
Yulia Amerikova and Sascha Selivanov Company Schlosser/Klingenthal Galassi "Lion" Bellow
Hohner....crowd.... crowd.... and crowd...
Hohner artists: Steve Baker, Adrian Costa, Marcos Coll,
Dwayne Verheyden (from left)
Hohner Managers from left to right: Mr.Klaus Stetter,
Mr.Arthur Chuang, Dr.Horst Bräuning with The Hooters
Hohner/Mr. Arthur Chuang with Michael Hirte
Paola Malizia/Enzo Brescia
Cagnoni Company
Iganazio Cagnoni
Carlo Borsini
Totter Midi
Galassi Renzo and son
07 Alessio Gerundio/Holda
Antonio Spaccarotella / Holda
Holda / Bruno Casali Piermaria Ramon Pereira/France
Anacleto Dallapé/ Holda
Paoloa Malizia / Holda
Peter Lanzinger / Holda
Claudia Orlandoni/Orla
Hohner Dwayne Verheyden
Veronica Todorova/Fausto Fabi
Minna Sirpa and Kimmo Mattila
Musiekhuis Nijkamp/Netherland
busy working
Paola and Lorenzo Antonelli di
Hohner/Mr.Arthur Chuang
Fred Deschamps & Hohner
Acc.Manager H.Fausel

Selly Menghini /Mirco Patarini
Paolo Soprani /Scandalli

Alessandra Curzi/Max-Polverini
Giansandro Breccia / Pasco the Hooters
Eric Bazlian and Rob Hyman

Hohner Dr.Horst Bräuning + Bonny B FVB-Music Store-Holland Stefanie Zimmer / Hohner Marketing Riccardo Breccia / Holda

Hohner/Mr. Klaus Stetter with
Michael Hirte

24 - 27 March 2010

...this is the date for the next Musikmesse in Frankfurt!
see you than...and in the meantime...continue to:
"Make Music - Play Music - Live for Music