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Video: Misa a Buenos Aires

Video Archive Project sponsored by Scandalli

Stadtkirche Zofingen

1. Akkordeon Brittnau and the Soland Choir directed by Ruth Soland performing Misa a Buenos Aires by Martin Palmeri. Julien Tudisco - Bandoneon, Alto soloist Susanne Wiesner, Conductor Ruth Soland, Gregor Loepfe - Piano.

2. "Misa Tango - Misa a Buenos Aires" by Martin Palmeri is probably his best-known and most successful work, which has already been performed in over 16 countries around the world, often with himself as piano soloist.

Astor Piazzoll inspired the young Palmeri in his "Misa Tango" with his artful tango compositions. Palmeri used the Latin mass with the stylistic features of the Argentine tango nuevo. This stylistic synthesis succeeds in this work in a very convincing way and is absolutely coherent.

Kyrie and Agnus Dei work primarily with almost textbook fugues and the compositional means of counterpoint. In the Credo, the diminished chord appears at the Crucifixion, which for centuries stood for the worst but everything in cadence. This has a long tradition in South America: just think of the swinging neo-baroque "Bachianas brasileiras" by Hector Villa-Lobos and some stylistic quotations in the Piazzolla tangos.

At times Palmeri makes it sound as if Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven had joined the Buena Vista Social Club. This unique blend is probably the reason for the exuberant enthusiasm that the Misa Tango always inspires in audiences at all its performances around the world. We present the "Misa Tango" as arrangement for accordion orchestra as a world premiere performance.


Video Archive & Educational Project sponsored by Scandalli
The Scandalli Accordion Factory is the sponsor of the 2022 Video Archive and Education Project. 

This is a project initiated in 2010 by the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) with assistance from sponsors and Accordions Worldwide

The project includes:
(i) A video of all the Coupe Mondiale categories and their contestants to be kept in the CIA archives in Finland, which over the coming years will become a wealth of historical recordings, including the premiere of many original accordion works and the emergence of upcoming artists at the Coupe Mondiale.

(ii) Each year, video and pictures from many international accordion events are added to the CIA archives in Finland.

(iii) Free downloads of the performances by competitors in each Coupe Mondiale category. These will be placed online as free downloads for the educational benefit of accordion teachers and students. The purpose is to enable the free spread of knowledge and information and thereby raise the levels of accordion performance and musicianship internationally.

We thank the Scandalli Accordion Factory for their sponsorship to enable this ambitious free project to assist accordion students and tutors throughout the world.

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