2016 Harbin China International Accordion Art Week
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Daily Reports - 4th August

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  Zhao Xuchen
Mikhail Safonov Song Jiayi
Liang Haoyu Zhou Xiaozhou

At the end of the morning session, I visited the
Bugari-evo accordion display. A teacher was
testing the new models. Picture right, Marco
Cinaglia standing beside the new
advertising banner including the new
Bugari-evo Haria digital accordion logo.

Large Outdoor Concert

During the day, there was a large outdoor concert held with over
1,000 accordionists taking part. CIA President Raymond Bodell attended
and made a speech there.
Raymond Bodell with the Harbin Accordion History book author Fan Xing Yi.
This book, titled Haerbin Shoufengqin De Gushi written by Fan Xing Yi
is about the history of the accordion in the Harbin region.
The book has 179 pages of pictures and information about
the history of the accordion.
Raymond Bodell with the very large orchestra in the background
Another view of the very large orchestra performing.

Yuri Shishkin Concert - 4th August

The Shishkin concert was a featured page in the 66 page color general 33rd China Harbin Summer Music Festival program (cover picture above). The above color page was part of the 33rd China Harbin Summer Music Festival Program and the Shishkin concert was also featured in the 100 page color Harbin Accordion Art Week Program.
The concert was held in the new Harbin Music Hall.
This hall has a most beautiful exterior.
Inside, this stunning hall of 1,200 capacity features beautiful wood surfaces excellent acoustics.
The lone chair of the soloist sitting there waiting for Yuri Shishkin to appear.
The introduction and Yuri Shishkin comes on stage.
Yuri Shishkin in performance.
Sonata No. 1 by Viacheslav Semionov
Childrens Suite No. 2 in five movements by Viacheslav Semionov
The Young Prince and The Young Princess from the Suite "Sheherazade"
Valse Caprice No. 1 by Carl Tausig.
Very strong applause.
Dance of the Four Small Swans by P. Tchaikovsky - Xu Dawei.
Strong applause and calls for Encore. Yuri Shishkin performs an
excerpt from Carmen by Bizet as an encore.
As the crowd yelled and clapped for more, on stage came a surprise - The Russian Folk Music Quartet. Group members are: Aleksandar Kolontaev, Vladimir Kolontaev, Vladimir Zolotarev.
They performed Russypukha - Popourri of Russian Folk Themes by Victor Gridin.
Extended applause for Yuri Shishkin and the superb group.
Yuri Shiskin with bouquets and the end of a most memorable
concert from the brilliant Yuri Shishkin.

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