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Instructions for Video Uploads for the BCA Anniversary Festival 2021

The competition will be adjudicated by a jury of national & international repute, the rules and categories for all sections are below.

Entry forms for all competition categories and payment of entry fees must be made by Monday 1st February 2021 - links are available above - on submission you will be taken to a paypal page for payment.

Candidates are required to record their performance as a single continuous video.(Except of Ensemble) Please upload the video to Youtube and mark as UNLISTED. The youtube link / video must be sent by 14th February 2021 by email to Link available above re video uploading.

The videos will then be forwarded to the jury members. The  videos will be judged by National and International jury using the BCA’s marking criteria giving each performance a mark out of 100.
Each jury member will submit their marks to the BCA and the result calculated & published for all categories on Sunday 28th February.

Special Anniversary BCA Diploma’s will be awarded to all contestants.

The BCA reserves the right to publish any videos online at any time after the announcement of the results.