2025 Convention Registration Information

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Register will not be available until November 1

Hotel Reservation Closing Date: Monday, February 17, 2025

      Breakfast is included - only if you reserve for the hotel on, or before, February 15, 2025
Hilton Garden Ridge - Lewisville

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Convention Fees include three (3) luncheon and three (3) evening meals:
    Fee information: Non-negotiable mandatory meal fees are $120.00 per-person per-day!

Link to the dues page

Convention Registration - Payment Date Before March 1, 2025!

Registration Options: Fee Structure Chart will be in this location.
2025 Convention Fees (Due in Forney, TX before March 1, 2025):
Fee amounts not determined at this time
    Those paying by PayPal, Credit, or debit Cards use the "Pay Now" button
Otherwise send a check to:
    National Accordion Association, Inc.
    1003 Devonshire Drive South
    Forney, TX 75126
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    Norman including the menus eight (8) months in advance is a record!
    Lunch menu image
    Thursday BQ menu
    Friday menu
    Saturday menu
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