2024 National Accordion Convention
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All information on the review pages Display of pictures that were submitted by the 2024 Conventioneers.

2024 National Accordion Convention Presenters and Performers

Dick Albreski image Mary K. image Bob Basciglia image Lori Brooke image Elijah Clemments image Mary Ann Covone image Dr. Fries image Roy Helsing image Tom Jordan image Gordon Kohl Alex Miexner image Sharon Seaton image Mitch White image
Dick Albreski, Mary K. Archuleta, Bob Bisciglia, Lori Brooke, Elijah Clements, Mary Ann Covone, Ian Blair Fries, Roy Helsing, Tom Jordon, Gordon Kohl, Alex Miexner, Sharon Seaton, and Mitchell White.
The 2024 Satisfaction Survey Results is located at the below the 2025 Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plans for 2025 and Beyond:

Problem Statement:
    Accordion-related research projects conducted during 2023 and 2024 indicate an unprecedented growth in accordion popularity worldwide. Social Media is driving the sudden growth of accordion popularity, not the accordion associations.
Proposed Solution to the Problem:
    Market the National Accordion Convention as the best learning tool for increasing musical and performance skills.
Problem Solving Steps to be taken by the NAA:
    • Realign the National Accordion Convention to address the current terminology and workshops that will address the educational needs of all accordionists.

    • Electronically poll the known accordionists who have attended the Dallas-based convention during the past six years to determine their desires to continue attending the National Accordion Convention. The years include 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019.

    • Consult with professional researchers to determine how to reach the accordionists who are joining the musical world and have a desire to attend conventions for social, educational, and growth purposes.

    • Consult with marketing experts such as the Happy Music Organization.

    • Recruit other music-related non-profit organizations to conduct joint operations designed to share resources and musical talent with others.

    • Consult with online accordion teachers to share recruitment efforts for both the teachers and the Accordion Convention.

    • Work with manufacturers and vendors to form a communication partnership among the association, accordionists, social media outlets, and the vendors.

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Gallery Information
The National Accordion Association (Association) gallery is a pictorial presentation demonstrating the fact that the accordion world is all about having a lot of fun playing our accordions. Participating in the National Accordion Convention is the easiest method for having your picture displayed in this area of our website.
2024 Convention Pictures
2024 was definitely an exciting convention. The images on this page are a random selection of 2024 pictures that conventioneers sent to the Association during the post-convention review sessions.
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