Allan William Jones - 1909 to 1980
1908 to 1980

Allan William Jones
Businessman, salesman, sportsman, hotel manager and motor mechanic were some of the interests and profesions that Allan Jones was successful at during his life, but among his varied interests the accordion held clear predominance.

Seeing his father play a small button accordion commenced an interest greatly stimulated by contact with American accordionist Arnie Hartmann in 1938. From that time despite a severe heart condition, often not realized by his associates, Allan devoted much time to gaining expertise on and promoting the accordion.

In the early 1950's acknowledged as New Zealands top accordionist he turned his attention to teaching and promoting the accordion. A list of his students reads like a directory of the outstanding accordionists of New Zealand, most New Zealand solo champions learned from him or one of his students.

He was a founding member and executive office holder in the New Zealand Federation of Accordionists and the New Zealand Accordion Association.

Perhaps his greatest achievements were the hosting of the 1980 Coupe Mondiale in New Zealand and the organisation and subsequent recognition by the Institute of Registered Music Teachers (New Zealand) of the Accordion Examination Board of New Zealand. The Board sponsors the Allan Jones Memorial Scholarships for accordionists.

The History of the Accordion in New Zealand book, was dedicated to Allan, saying, "To the memory of Allan William Jones, whose musical instruction was the significant factor in commencing my musical career and whose fatherly interest had a profound influence on the formation of a philosophy and value system for my life."

photo allan & marieA statement many others would also claim for themselves and with all his three children, Heather, Harley and Maurice now also top accordion artists, teachers or entertainers, his unique contribution to the accordion was acknowledged by the C.I.A. Merit Award.

Written by Wallace Liggett
Author of The "History of the Accordion in New Zealand"

On 30th October 1981, Allan Jones was awarded posthumously, the CIA Merit Award, in recognition of "outstanding services to the accordion movement."

In October 1998 the Jones family, were honoured for their international achievements and contribution to the New Zealand entertainment industry. Scroll of Honour

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