Marie Jones
(4th December 1928 to 7th November 2022)

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Marie Jones 2018Excerpt from the book: The "History of the Accordion in New Zealand

"When she grew up in Hertfordshire County, England, Marie would not have imagined where her life would lead. Born to a railwayman with a family of six, she and the other five were to achieve County Scholarships at school.

Although her father played the piano and her mother sang, as did one of her brothers in the St Albans Abbey Choir, Marie did not take an active part in making music.

After World War II she wanted to travel and came to New Zealand, then on to Australia. While in Australia, a girl friend she had met in New Zealand was talking about people who were mutual acquaintances, Allan Jones was mentioned and her friend said "No you haven't met him."

Although this was true Marie had a strong premonition that she would marry this man. A little later she returned to New Zealand where she was introduced to Allan and this premonition did become a reality.

Constance Cozens and Marie Jones 1958

From this time on, her interests have been with her family and the accordion movement in New Zealand. Always providing a supportive home for the musical activities of her husband and children (Harley, Maurice and Heather), she has carried many behind scenes responsibilities for the accordion movement. Among these has been co-ordinating the results at National Competitions, and recording and having them published in various newspapers.

1980 Coupe Mondiale

Marie has been the Secretary of the NZAA (New Zealand Accordion Association Inc) since its inception in 1971 and over the years would have been aquainted with most of the accordionists who toured and visited New Zealand. Many committee members would give a strong vote of thanks for her unfailing hospitality at committee meetings held at her home.

Written by Wallace Liggett
Author of The "History of the Accordion in New Zealand"

Four generations of this famous accordion family.

Important events in the life of Marie Jones.

Marie JonesHusband of Marie Jones, Allan Jones, prominent in accordion activities in New Zealand, died in 1980 shortly after the NZAA (New Zealand Accordion Association) hosted in Auckland the hugely successful 1980 Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships.

On 30th October 1981 Marie's husband Allan Jones was awarded posthumously, the CIA Merit Award at the CIA Congress in Kansas City, USA, in "recognition of outstanding services to the accordion movement".

Marie and Allan JonesIn October 1998 the Jones Family of Allan and Marie Jones, and children Harley, Maurice and Heather were honoured for their international achievements and contribution to the New Zealand entertainment industry. Scroll of Honour.

In October 2003, the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) created the Honored Friend of the Accordion Award "To honor those who have made a significant contribution to the accordion movement or accordion organisation. Recipients may be either accordionists or non-accordionists who have had an outstanding influence in supporting and promoting the accordion." Marie Jones became the first person to be awarded the CIA Honored Friend of the Accordion at the 2003 CIA Congress in Hungary for her many years of contribution to the accordion in New Zealand in her role as Secretary of the NZAA since 1971 as well as for her work towards national and international events held in New Zealand over many years.

2011 Coupe Mondiale with many famous accordionists and teachers

Marie Jones was to remain the NZAA Secretary from 1971 to 2008 when she retired from the position and her daughter Heather Masefield took over the responsibilities.

Marie Jones was made a Life Member of the NZAA after her retirement.

Living at 4 O'Neills Ave AccordionHouse, meant that daily, there were many phone calls, and visitors coming to see her son Maurice Jones who was importing accordions for the Australasian market at these premises.

Marie Jones and Arnold RoeMarie Jones and partner Arnold Roe were living at the large O'Neills Ave residence from the late 1980's until the passing of Arnold Roe (10th November 1928 to 5th November 2007). Arnold Roe was a loved member of Marie's family who played accordion and keyboards in a band, loved music and was popular with all.

Following a stroke, Marie Jones lived at the home of Heather Masefield from 2008, returning again to live at O'Neills Ave in 2012 and living there until shortly after her 90th birthday in 2018. Marie Jones then moved to the Lady Allum Retirement Village in Milford where she lived until 2022 when a broken leg, covid and then strokes caused her passing in November 2022.

Marie Jones was beloved by Lian Jones and Tony Davies-Jones who Marie also regarded as "her children". Marie, known as "Minema" was the beloved grandmother of Amber Masefield, Grayson Masefield and Alanah Jones. Marie Jones is also survived by sister Nita Rotherham, the sole survivor of 6 siblings and her children Julie, Wayne and Gail, their spouse and children, some living overseas. Marie is further survived by niece Louise and niece Audine and her children.
2018 extended family picture

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