Coming to Klingenthal to the 53rd Internation Accordion Competition - by TRAIN
organised by the International Förderverein of the Klingenthal Accordion Competition
TRAVELLING between the towns Falkenstein to Klingenthal and return. About 130 guests took part of this 1 1/2 hours tour.

For entertainment responsible - Dieter Grünert und Gunter Gerber, members of the Accordionorchestra Klingenthal
and the
Mundharmonikagruppe Vogtland unter Leitung von Jürgen Just

Day-by-day galleries

above- the beautiful and imponant City Hall of Klingenthal and the MUSEUM where the office of the Accordion Compeititon is located
Director of the Accordion Compeitition Klingenthal - Joerg Kuenzl Mrs Kuenzl and Ingeburg Flechsig
Michael Grimm and Anne-Katrin Zengler/Tourist Office Elisabeth Schanz/russian Translator, Antje Wenzel and Brigitte Lausmann
Pascal Riehm from the City Hall placing the first competition results on the board
Director Joerg Kuenzl - hiding? - no - just organizing the evening concert in the Walfish Gasthaus, or tyring to catch the big fish in the fishlake ? ;-)
Maria and Holda Maria and Rainer Schneidenbach (Ex-Maire of Klingenthal as well as Director of the Klingenthal Accordion Competition
Beautiful venue "Walfish Gasthaus" hosting the concert evening with the Irish Bastards (Friday 6th of May 2016)
Elite Sports Gymnasium Elite Sports Gymnasium
Elite Sports Gymnasium Elite Sports Gymnasium
  Musik Manufacturing Schoold
above the ITALIAN "Castelfidardo" House Frauenrundkirche
at the Marktplatz in front of the City Hall and famous Hotel zur Post (below)
The catholic church The catholic church
lovely views of Klingenthal and surroundings (above) ex skiing slopes

one of the very famous sporsmen of Klingenthal: Klaus Ostwald
Ski-Jump-World Champion


Klaus Ostwald, Skiflugweltmeister 1983
Sci/Jump World champion 1983 - Klaus Ostwald
from Klingenthal/Germany
  Rainer Schneidenbach with his daughter Antje Wenzel
Die Alte Schule (now restaurant right in the center of the city)  
The most famous visitors in the Waldhotel....from sports and music  
Thank you to Maria Schneidenbach for driving me around showing the beautiful parts of the lovely city of Klingenthal in bright and warm sunshine
The drivers: Danny Herkner, Manfred Dòlling, Martin Zentner Holda, Herold, Maria Schneidenbach
Ana Sterpin Zagoranski, Tamara Ignjatovic, Friedrich Lips, Sanjica Sara Radetic (from left) The italian group with Rainer and Maria Schneidenbach
Maria/Rainer Schneidenbach, Antje Wenzel The chinese accoridon group led by Prof. Cao Xiao-Qing

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