11th Anniversary Afternoon of Music
with Kevin Friedrich & Friends

Dargaville Museum, 25 March 2018, New Zealand
Accordion Gems by Kevin Friedrich, ...A Master Collection of Accordions through Time...

The Lighthouse Function Center in Dargaville, New Zealand was filled to capacity for the 11th Annual Afternoon of Music with Kevin Friedrich and Friends, a variety Show featuring accordionists and entertainers from throughout New Zealand. The show called 'A Touch of Kiwi' featured a variety of music, including quite a few items of New Zealand interest. (Pictured right: annual Concert host Kevin Friedrich while welcoming everyone.)

The Christchurch Accordion Orchestra under the direction of David Thorne opened the show performing a selection of items including classical and film music as well as the popular 'Invercargill March' by renowned composer Alex Lithgow, a piece he wrote in celebration of New Zealand's southern most city.

Other entertainers included Chris Davidson (vocalist), The Rivertown Singers and Take 6 (vocal ensembles), Frank Lunberg and Colin Rapana (trumpets), Heather Mitchell-Gladstone, QSM (vocals and accordion), Purotu, Xena, Maiadean and Atawhai Martin (cellos and violins), Alexandra Reekie (vocals and piano), Roslyn Gilmour and Dennise Brownlie as the popular New Zealand duo the Topp Twins, Maurice Jones (piano) Lionel Reekie (accordion and vocals) and Alanah Jones (vocalist), The Dargaville Primary School Kapa Haka Group under the direction of Shelley Friedrich, Alison Worthington and Harley Jones (accordion duo) and Ken Cashin who prepared a multimedia presentation showcasing years of iconic New Zealanders and Kiwi-ana.

The concert host Kevin Friedrich performed a variety of accordion works including the seldom heard Whangarei March, an original Suite of four pieces called Rehutai which he wrote for the unique Kauri diatonic accordion, the premiere of the accordion and piano work Song of the Far North by renowned New Zealand composer Gary Daverne and the magnificent work Cinderella by Alexey Arkhipovskiy, (arr. Alexander Poeluev) which he performed with 11 year old Alina Reekie dancing the story of Cinderella.

A community fundraiser for the Dargaville Museum, the home of Kevin's permanent exhibition 'Accordion Gems, A Master Collection of Accordions Through Time', the 12th Annual concert will be held on March 31st, 2019.

The capacity audience at the Lighthouse Function Center at the Dargaville Museum

The Concert Program

Kevin Friedrich performing Whangarei March by Albert Dobson

Christchurch Accordion Orchestra
The Christchurch Accordion Orchestra came from the South Island of New Zealand to perform at the annual Concert Series, their second
appearance in Dargaville. The orchestra is under the direction of David Thorne
Chris Davidson
Frank Lunberg and Colin Rapana
Kevin accompanying the 'Topp-sy Twins' - Roslyn Gilmour and Dennise Brownlie during the piece called Shepherd's Farewell

Alison Worthington and Harley Jones

Alanah Jones, Lionel Reekie, Kevin in the background and Maurice Jones on piano

Heather Mitchell-Gladstone, QSM - vocals and acordion

Alexandra Reekie - vocals and piano

kapa haka 1
The Dargaville Primary School Kapa Haka Group showcasing the Maori culture
kapa haka 2
The Dargaville Primary School Kapa Haka Group performing the traditional Maori Haka

Kevin Friedrich performs a delightful original suite of four pieces called "Rehutai..... a view from the end of the Road"
Composed by Kevin Friedrich, the piece is inspired by the rural road Rehutai (Sea Spray in Maori), the place where Kevin grew up,
a road which runs paralell to the spectacular coast line of the West Coast of New Zealand near Dargaville.

A local Dargaville odysee, the piece 'Rehutai... a view from the end of the Road' depicts four tales from the windy road found parallel to the coast line near Baylys Beach on the West Coast of the northern part of New Zealand.

  • (1) Dawn's Waltz tells of the frequent visits of the cheeky native New Zealand Fantail birds searching for bugs on the windows.  Leaving little marks, they were in turn transcribed onto manuscript, turning into this lovely waltz dedicated to Dawn Taylor and her late husband Laurie, residents of Rehutai Road since 1957.
  • (2) Charlie's Return is the story of a solo Californian Quail who often strutted through, sometimes pausing to sing out his signature call.  The distinctive call of the bird is heard during the March.
  • (3) Sunset on Trig Hill, An Evening Prayer is inspired by the stunning sunsets from this panoramic high point. Trig Hill is the highest point in the area, offering unparalelled views of more than 50 miles of ocean, the mountains and back to the Dargaville township.
  • (4) Rehutai, a Jig, is the final piece of the set and takes the listener on a journey down this windy metal road, the lifetime location of the Friedrich family farms.

The unique diatonic Kauri accordion has a most interesting history and here you can see the bellows
with the inlay of a New Zealand silver fern. You can see more about this International project between New Zealand
and Finland by reviewing the Kauri accordion story.

Kevin performing on a beautiful 1936 Excelsior from New York City

Kevin performing Cinderella by Alexey Arkhipovskiy, arr. Alexander Poeluev
with 11 year old Alina Reekie dancing the story of Cinderella

Kevin Friedrich and Lionel Reeekie made a new record performing with 11 accordions in one piece!!!!

Concert concluding with Kevin accompanying the Rivertown Singers and Take 6

Stunning views from the hall deck to the Wairoa River

Another stunning view over Dargaville town and the Wairoa River.

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