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Daily Reports - Saturday 01 June 2024
Sunday 02 June 2024
South Pacific International and New Zealand National Accordion Championships and Festival

Venue: Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Silver Rd, Epsom,

Thank you to our sponsors:
Four Winds Foundation Pub Charity

FREE ENTRY - The NZAA has achieved a grant that allows us to offer FREE ENTRY to all to come along and watch the 2023 Competitions, so please take advantage of this.

Download the program: 2024 South Pacific Program

Put the program on your phone or print, to take to the event. Information about the competitors times, Finale Concert, massed orchestra, prize giving and the Farewell Dinner are in the program.
Download the rules and competition prospectus at: 2024nz_prospectus.pdf


Saturday Gallery

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  Description of pictures: 01. Tamba Carleton (NZAA committee member) and Jenna Jenna Doak one of our judges. Other judges for the weekend were: Jessica Chen, Stephanie Poole, Sonja Palinich. 02 contestant Ketong Liu (China), Lin with NZAA committee member Jessica Chen 03 NZAA committee members Stephen Cope and Catrina Lin 04 Campbell Bettridge and Peter Joyce 05 Peter Joyce and Harley Jones 06 Compere Stephen Cope 07 Sven Balvan 08 Ivy Du 09 Sophie Kong was our youngest competitor 10 Ketong Liu 11 Tasman Clark 12 Theophile Guion 13. Robbie Chen 14 Sven Balvan 15 Tasman Clark 16 Ketong Liu 17-19 Robbie Chen 20 Ivy Du 21 Andre Samatoi 22 Ketong Liu 23 Sven Balvan 24 & 25 Reina Lin 26 Heather Gladstone & Ivy Du Duet. Presentations 27-28 Sven Balvan 29 Ivy Du and Ketong Liu 30 Sophie Kong 31 Tasman Clark 32 Theophile Guion 33 Ivy Du 34 Robbie Chen 35 Sophie Kong 36 Sven Balvan 37 Tasman Clark 38-39 Andre Samatoi 40 Ketong Liu 41 Reina Lin 42 Ivy Du 43 NZAA President Sonja Palinich making presentation 44 Andre Samatoi.  

Results in Program Order - 2024

Saturday Morning - Hall


Championship Class C16, New Zealand Solo Accordion Championship
      FIRST 84.5 Andre Samatoi
South Pacific Class SP252, South Pacific Accordion Solo, 32 years and under
      FIRST 84.5 Andre Samatoi
Qualified Class Q217, Own Composition Open Solo
      FIRST 79 Sven Balvan
Qualified Class Q203, 7 years Solo
      FIRST 94 Sophie Kong
Qualified Class Q225, Original Accordion Composition Solo, 16 years and over
      FIRST 85.5 Tasman Clark
Qualified Class Q207, 11 years Solo
      FIRST 86 Theophile Guion
Qualified Class Q219, Light Classical Solo, 11 and 12 years
      FIRST 81 Ivy Du
Championship Class C2, New Zealand Solo, 8 years and under
      FIRST 90 Sophie Kong
Qualified Class Q229, Entertainment Solo, 16 years and over
      FIRST 84 Sven Balvan
Qualified Class Q233, Ethnic Solo, 16 years and over
      FIRST 77 Tasman Clark
Qualified Class Q223, Original Accordion Composition Solo, 11 and 12 years
      FIRST 76.5 Ivy Du
Championship Class C5, New Zealand Solo, 11 years and under
      FIRST 81.5 Theophile Guion
Championship Class C8, New Zealand Solo, 14 years and under
      FIRST 83.5 Robbie Chen
Qualified Class Q227, Entertainment Solo, 11 and 12 years
      FIRST 95.5 Ketong Liu
      SECOND 80.5 Ivy Du
South Pacific Class SP250, South Pacific Accordion Solo, 12 years and under
      FIRST 96.5 Ketong Liu
Qualified Class Q235, Accordion with Self Vocal Open Solo
      FIRST 82.5 Sven Balvan
Championship Class C12, New Zealand Open Solo, 18 years and under
      FIRST 83 Reina Lin
South Pacific Class SP259, South Pacific Junior Solo Championship, 18 years and under
      FIRST 83 Reina Lin
Qualified Class Q231, Ethnic Solo, 11 and 12 years
      FIRST 82 Ivy Du
Qualified Class Q210, 14 years Solo
      FIRST 80.5 Robbie Chen
Qualified Class Q208, 12 years Solo
      FIRST 95.5 Ketong Liu
      SECOND 81.5 Ivy Du
Qualified Class Q212, 16 years and over Solo
      FIRST 89.5 Andre Samatoi


Aotango Duo concert poster
  Description of pictures: A superb concert. 61-64 Aotango Duo of Andrew Beer (Auckland Philharmonia Concertmaster) & Grayson-Masefield (multi world champion accordionist). Standing ovation at the end of their program by the excited audience. 65. Former Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) President and NZAA Life Member Kevin Friedrich reads the official Citation for Grayson Masefield NZAA Life Membership. Citation below. 66. NZAA President Sonja Palinich presenting the NZAA Life Membership to Grayson Masefield. 67. Grayson Masefield speech of thanks with Kevin Friedrich in the background, thanking his family and supporters for all their assistance in his career. 68. Encore to finish the concert. Andrew Beer 69. Grayson Masefield 70. Aotango Duo 71. Andrew Beer.  

Thank you to our sponsors:
Four Winds Foundation Pub Charity

Sunday 02 June 2024

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