The Viennese Accordion Chamber Ensemble

Picture above: Left to right: Christian Höller, Sylvia Zobek, Walter Dietz, Margarete Gebauer, Anton Barinka, Werner and Elisabeth Weibert, Günther Zobek.

We will celebrate this unbelievable fact on 17th November 2017 with a great event at the same venue we have performed for the last 30 years, Burg zu Perchtoldsdorf (Castle of Perchtoldsdorf), near Vienna. Tickets available from:

Also, we’ll have many performances with our accordion friends in Vienna, Graz, Bavaria a.s.o.
In 1967 by Prof. Walter Maurer (1975-2006 Secretary General of the C.I.A. Confederation Internationale des Accordionists), was comprised of the best soloists in Austria and virtually has remained together ever since. One of the secrets of this lasting success is consistency.

Werner Weibert

The repertory contains all styles and epochs. More than half of their standard programs are compositions from Vivaldi, Bach to Mozart and Mussorgsky, from Johann Strauss to Gershwin, Bernstein, Piazzolla and many more. Success was also achieved through performances of original music by Rudolf Wuerthner, Brehme, Schollum, Jacobi, Dobler or Seiber, just to mention a few.

Over the years the Ensemble has developed an indistinguishable sound, which has been used as a model for other ensembles and orchestras to strive for. The big aim of the ensemble, whether it be classic or light music, is the genuine interpretation.

From the first hour they prove that the accordion claims its place in the concert hall. In this field the Viennese Accordion Chamber Ensemble was certainly one of the pioneers.Since their 1985 tour of the USA, many show elements were added underlining their versatility even further.

The ensemble performed many successful concert tours in all parts of the world. Their sound - which has its origin in own arrangements - not only inspires Austrian friends and fans, but is admired with a great international reputation.

Highlights from popular concert tours:
1977 Eindhoven (Netherlands)
1978 Prague and Koenigingraetz (CSSR)
1978 Lodz (Poland)
1985 USA / New York and Disney World (Orlando-Florida)
1987 Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
since 1988 Yearly great concert in Perchtoldsdorf, nearby Vienna
1990 Australia (Perth, Adelaide, Sydney) and New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington a.s.o.)
1991 Trossingen (Germany)
2001 USA / Texas (San Antonio, Austin) and California (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco)
2006 Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Geelong, Woolongong, Sydney)
The career of the ensemble has many accomplishments, but there are special reminiscences: A concert in the world famous Carnegie Hall 1985 was the highlight along with several performances in Disney World, or to get the Merit Award (1992) of the Conféderation Internationale des Accordeonistes (C.I.A.) as a further sign of its importance for the accordion music.

The Ensemble:
The members of the well known group are:
Ladies: Sylvia Zobek, Margarete Gebauer and Elisabeth Weibert
Gentlemen: Werner Weibert, Guenther Zobek, Walter Dietz, Anton Barink and Christian Hoeller (new member and well known in the accordion scene of Austria).

Viennese Accordion Chamber Ensemble
The soloists Sylvia Zobek and Werner Weibert are foundation members and winners at the highest level in Austrian competitions and very successful at the International "Coupe Mondiale".

Since 1984 the Viennese Accordion Chamber Ensemble recorded four CDs and one Video. The CDs represent a cross section through the repertory including the show elements, and reveals the artistic development of the ensemble.
New CDs

Video excerpts from concert at the 2014 Coupe Mondiale in Salzburg:
Franz Schubert, Oktett 3rd movement (Arr. Werner Weibert)
Richard Strauss, Rosenkavalier-Waltz AV 139 (Arr. Rudolf Würthner-WAKE)

Werner Weibert
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