Manufacturer of Musical Instruments
67 years in the music market
Ul. 5-Krivoluchenskaya, d-3,
Tula 300016, Russia
Tel: +7 (0)872-431358

Melodia manufacturers reeds for all types bellows driven instruments, including the bayan, Russian harmonicas and concertinas. They also manufacture parts and accessories for pianos.
Two time winner of the "International Diamond Star for Quality" of INAME (National Marketing Institute) in 1994 and 1996, Mexico
Winner of the Gold Prize, Madrid, Spain, 1995
Winner of International Prize "Earthmaker", 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
picture of a Tula Bayan
Picture of a Tula Diatonic accordion
Melodia manufactures all types of chromatic accordion:
1. Standard bass, B and C systems
2. Converter accordion, B and C systems
3. Russian Harmonikas 25-25-III of all tunings and designs
Melodia will examine all suggestions in co-operation with other manufacturers and individuals on the production and distribution of instruments.

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