Picture of International Trio
Rarely does the accordion world have three such versatile and entertaining musicians as those in The International Trio. Who would have imagined that Kevin Friedrich from New Zealand, Juha Silfverberg from Finland and Julie (Gettler) Silfverberg from the State of Kansas in the U.S.A., would meet as students at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, Conservatory of Music and eventually form such a truly outstanding and unusual trio!

All three young musicians hold various titles from numerous accordion competitions entered as students; all have formal academic training; and all have professional experience as teachers and soloists. In addition, as individuals and as trio members, all have that unbeatable air of youthful effervescence surrounding them whether on or off stage, their music reflecting the multitudinous experience and diverse environmental background of each.

When performed by these superb technicians, the performances and recordings of The International Trio demonstrate many of the colorful and sensitive nuances inherent to the accordion. Welcome to a world of musical enjoyment produced by instruments familiar to all, but in an exciting combination new to many!

Introduction by Joan Cochran Sommers: founder and Professor of Accordion at the University of Missouri - Kansas City Conservatory of Music.
(Joan C. Sommers has been acclaimed as one of the world's leading accordion teachers, being regularly invited to serve as adjudicator, teacher and clinician in major accordion festivals all over the world.)

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