Born on 29 January 1974 in Modum in Buskerud, Norway, Håvard has established himself as a professional performer of both classical and traditional entertainment music.

Educated in music at Barratt Dues Musikkinstitutt in Oslo with the accordion as main instrument, Håvard is the winner of various competitions, such as categories in the Norwegian Accordion Championships in 1992, 1993 and 1994, as well as in the Nordic final of Frosini Grand Prix in 1993 and the Vivian Vivio Memorial Entertainment Competition hosted by the American Accordionists Association in the United States.

Håvard Svendsrud has been in great demand as an accordionist for more than 10 years, and has frequently performed on radio and television, as a soloist and as a group musician. He has contributed to, and released, several recordings. His performances included an appearance as one of the guest artists during Oslo's 1000-year jubilee in 2000.

In addition to his solo work, on several occasions he has also appeared with different orchestras, including the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and Forsvarets Musikkorps.

He accordion career has also included work in the theaters, among them Nationaltheatret in Oslo, and he has contributed to performances such as Spelemann på taket and Tolvskillingsoperaen. Håvard has also worked to commission several pieces including among them Belgprisen (1992), Ticon-Prisen (2000) and Henschiens ærespris (2002).

Håvard Svendsrud was appointed ”cultural ambassador” for the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, involving a long-term commitment in Venezuela in 1995. He has also toured with his own concert program in the USA, Iceland, Finland, Italy, England and throughout Scandinavia.

Today Håvard Svendsrud works as a freelance musician, both solo and with fellow musicians Tor Bekkelund, guitar and Kay Hartvigsen, bass (above) and he is one of the most sought after on his instrument.

Entertainment - A considerable part of Håvard Svendsrud’s performing activity is giving musical performances for different types of companies and businesses. This includes features at special events, lunch concerts, and even entire recitals. His repertoire can be tailor-made – in collaboration with the client – to suit any occasion, and may include everything from classical, French musette and Argentinean tango, to contemporary classical music.

Although Svendsrud mainly gives concerts as a solo artist, he also performs with other instrumentalists. As a studio musician, he frequently contributes to productions in various genres. He is occasionally active as a musician in the theater, having commitments at Det Norske Teateret and Nationaltheateret. Not least, Svendsrud is frequently employed as an accompanist with several vocal performers, among them the legendary Åse Wentzel.

Håvard works as an accordion entertainer in different contexts. From time to time he can be found as an entertainer on the cruise ships of Color Line and Fjord Line. He is constantly performing at various accordion festivals in the Nordic countries.

Also, he is often employed as a musician for different types of parties and celebrations. In this context, he performs either alone or alongside his regular accompanists, Tor Bekkelund, guitar and Kay Hartvigsen, bass.

Classical - Håvard Svendsrud is a freelance musician, one of the most sought after on his instrument. His musical activity includes a wide range of commitments, and this page provides a few examples of this.

Concerts with a classical repertoire make up one part of Svendsrud’s activity. He performs both on his own, giving complete concert programs, and alongside other musicians.

In addition to performing in all types of assembly halls, he frequently holds concerts in churches. His repertoire includes the foremost works in the classical accordion canon, as well as other classical works arranged for accordion.

Håvard Svendsrud regularly holds workshops for accordion players. Accordion groups and music schools are the most important clients in this part of his activity. He has developed a program for ”middle aged” accordion groups, and a special plan for children.

These workshops are usually combined with a concert. This enables Svendsrud to offer a cheaper price to the customer, and at the same time it contributes to additional interest and enthusiasm in the local community.

Håvard Svendsrud - Tango Jalousie (2011)
01. Guapita (A. Malando)
02. Tango Pathetique (Jean Delahaut)
03. Adios Muchatchos (Julio Cesar Sanders)
04. Tango Jalousie (Jacob Gade)
05. Rote Rosen, Rote lippen, roter wein (M. Harden)
06. El Choclo (Angel Villoldo)
07. Das ganze Jahr lang blüh'n keine Rosen (M. Jary)
08. Amaranten (Lennart Wärmell)
09. La cumparsita (Gerardo Matos Rodriguez)
10. Olé Guapa (A. Malando)
11. Oh mia bella Napoli (Gerhard Winkler)
12. Hør min sang, Violetta (O. Klose og R. Lukesch)
13. Carmelita (Pietro Frosini)
14. Måneskinnsnatt (Karl Andersen)

Håvard Svendsrud - Klassisk På Trekkspel - Transkripsjonar (2010)
EDVARD GRIEG (1843-1907)
Fra Holbergs tid, op. 40
01. Preludium
02. Sarabande
03. Gavotte
04. Air
05. Rigaudon
ISSAC ALBENIZ (1860-1909)
arr. Friedrich Lips
06. Asturias
Tema av NICOLO PAGANINI (1782-1840)
arr. Rudolf Würthner
07. La Campanella
arr. Ferruccio Bussoni
08. Chaconne i d-moll (BWV 1004)

Håvard Svendsrud - Valse Varieté (2009)
01. Anno 1945, novelty (Henry Haagenrud)
02. Musetta, mazurka (Pietro Frosini)
03. Italiano, etyde, opus 7 no 5 (Pietro Deiro)
04. Gullflimmer, konsertvals (Hilmar Fredriksen)
05. Ivana, tango (Erling Eriksen)
06. I due Cardellini, java (Nino Rovetto)
07. K. 4497, foxtrot (Bjarne Hartviksen)
08. Vestlandsminner, vals (Henry Haagenrud)
09. Tirade-polka (Ottar E. Akre)
10. Fox Caprice (Ottar E. Akre)
11. Flashing Fingers, vals caprice (Pietro Frosini)
12. Skandia marsj (Toralf Tollefsen)
13. Som smør i solsken, vals (Egil Hauge)
14. Orfeum Intermezzo (Christian Liebak)
15. Synkende sol, vals (Erling Eriksen)
16. Valse Varieté (Egil Hauge)
Håvard Svendsrud - Spelar Per Bolstad (2008)
01. En landsbyrose, vals
02. Tergeren, polka
03. Vesle-Marit, mazurka
04. Blomsten i Stryn, vals
05. Mona Lisa, reinlender
06. Moldenser Polka
07. Fagre Sunnmør, vals
08. Guri, reinlender
09. Jonsokliv, mazurka
10. Ein lyngblomst, vals
11. Esther, reinlender
12. Aften på Grotli, vals
13. En aften på Erdal, reinlender
14. Fagre Stryn, vals
duoRETRO - Retro and Up To Date (2007)
01. Paris Canaille
02. Domi Valse
03. La Mer
04. Les Triolets
05. Hymne à l'amour
06. La Valse à Margaux
07. La Vie en Rose
08. Flambée Montalbanaise
09. Les Parapluies de Charbourg
10. Sous le ciel de Paris
11. Les Fauolles mortes
12. Oslo - je t'aime
13. Domi Valse
Håvard Svendsrud - Spanish Holiday (2006)
01. On The Air Waves, marsj (Pietro Frosini)
02. De Vrolijke Duikelaar (Harry Mooten)
03. Eccentric, novelty-fox (Fred Caphat)
04. Darina, mazurka (Erling Eriksen)
05. Hesitation, tango (Toralf Tollefsen)
06. La petite valse (Joe Heyne, arr: Håvard Svendsrud)
07. Hora Staccato (Dinicu-Heifetz, arr: Bernard Alkoff)
08. Accordiana (Charles Magnante)
09. Amaryllis, valse-tintermezzo (Henry Haagenrud)
10. Spanish Holiday (Eugene Ettore)
11. Accordion Impromptu (Toralf Tollefsen)
12. Estrellita (Emanuel Ponche, arr. Charles Magnante)
13. Konsertvariasjoner en russisk folketone (A Jakovlev)
14. På båt-tur, vals (Erling Eriksen)
Håvard Svendsrud - Gammaldans Trio - Damenes Vals (2005)

01. Turné-schottis (Einar Nyhaug)
02. Galopp Brilliante (Oluf Melvold)
03. Blånande fjärdar, vals (Egil Hauge)
04. Accordion schottis (Erling Eriksen)
05. Stradella Mazurka (Christian Liebak)
06. United Nations Polka (Eric Gylling)
07. Standidyll, vals (Ragnar Sundquist)
08. Dansen på Bjørndalssletta, reinlender (B. Hartviksen)
09. Piccolopolka (Harald Henschien)
10. Gull-liljen, vals (Ole Rønning)
11. Brita, reinlender (Per Bolstad)
12. Snurrebassen, mazurka (Kåre Korneliussen)
13. Sulitjelmavalsen (Kåre Korneliussen)
14. Polkakavaleren (Einar Nyhaug)
15. Damenes vals (Erling Eriksen)
Håvard Svendsrud - Frosini & Deiro (2004)

01. Frosini's Symphonic March (Pietro Frosini)
02. Finger Acrobatics - Hot novelty (Pietro Frosini)
03. Florette, Konsertvals (Pietro Frosini)
04. Militaire - Overture (Pietro Deiro)
05. Mimicri ("Hjertets Ekko") - Intermezzo (Pietro Deiro)
06. Blue Mood - Swing Intermezzo (Pietro Frosini)
07. Swedish Italian Mazurka (Pietro Frosini)
08. Blanche - Marsj (Pietro Deiro)
09. Silver Bell, Konsertvals (Pietro Deiro)
10. Rapsodi nr. 2 i c-moll (Pietro Frosini)
11. Flirtation - Scherzo (Pietro Frosini)
12. Dark Eyes, Tema med variasjoner (Budinov, arr: Pietro Frosini)
13. Pietro's Return, Marsj (Pietro Deiro)
14. Fragrant Flowers, Konsertvals (Pietro Frosini)
Håvard Svendsrud - American Victory March (2003)
01. American Victory March (Charles Nunzio)
02. Presto con fuoco (Egil Hauge)
03. Nola (Felix Arndt)
04. Variasjonsmasurka (Einar Nyhaug)
05. Vivacity polka (Pietro Frosini)
06. Domi Valse (Dominique Emorine)
07. Polka Giocoso (Henry Haagenrud)
08. Kjhakala masurka (Henry Haagenrud)
09. The Lady and The Waltz (B. Wolmer)
10. Gauchos On Parade, paso doble (Pietro Frosini)
11. Fancy Twisters, novelty (Pietro Frosini)
12. Accordiomania (Pietro Frosini)
13. The Accordion World March (Pietro Frosini)
14. Waltz Allegro (Charles Magnante)
15. Tømmerhuggerdans (Torlaf Tollefsen)
16. Scherzo i a-moll (Eric Gylling, arr: John Molinari)
17. Italiensk polka (S. Rachmaninov, arr: I Yashkevich)
18. Fullmåne, vals (Bjarne Hartviksen)
Håvard Svendsrud - Accordionist
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