Book Review of: The Shortcut to Playing and Bellows-Technique for the Accordion by Lars Ek reviewed by Franco Cambareri


Title The Shortcut to Playing and Bellows-Technique for the Accordion
Artist Author: Lars Ek
Supplied by: Lars Ek Publications
Review Date:

12th May 2017

Review: by Franco Cambareri

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Lars Ek is an internationally known accordionist, particularly noted for his interpretations of Pietro Frosini and Nisse Lind and also known for his accordion compositions and for being the founder of

You can read about his many accordion activities at: Lars Ek

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In the Prefatory Notes of "The Shortcut to Playing and the Bellows-Technique for the Accordion", author Lars Ek outlines the aims of his book:

"During the years I have noticed a growing need of a ”shortcut” to perfected technique because of the long time it takes to study the conventional way. That’s the reason why I have created this book of technique for accordions.

This is no treatise, but a "shortcut" to improved playing skills by practicing what is the most effective at the shortest of time. You should have some knowledge about notes and you should also consider this booklet as a complement to your ordinary studies

With these aims in mind, these are the topics that I have found very interesting in the book.

- How to build up the Treble Technique;
- Bass Exercise;
- How to build up the Bass Technique Treble Exercise;
- Polka I Luften Exercise;
- Shaking the Bellow in Crotchets;
- Bellow;
- Shaking in Quavers;
- Shaking the Bellows in Semiquavers;
- Bellow Shaking in Triplets;
- Staccato with the Bellow Accentuate;
as well as others.

I have tried the above exercises and found this book very interesting, educational and easy to understand.

Lars Ek has taken care, that this book is suitable for both button and piano accordion players.

It has many great ideas to improve accordion playing techniques and I believe the book fulfills well, the aims of the author (to be a "shortcut" to improved playing skills) that will be useful for most accordionists for many years.

I would like to congratulate Maestro Lars Ek for his work in producing this book "Shortcut Accordion Techniques". I am sure it will be well accepted by Accordion Players around the world.

Well done Maestro Lars Ek you have done a great job and I like your latest book very much.

Review by Franco Cambareri May 2017
The book is available online at:
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