Johann Sebastian Bach - Volume 2 - The French Suites 4 – 6 Prelude and Fugue in A minor Air by Mika Mika Väyrynen, accordion Review by Joan Cochran Sommers.

Live in Rostov-on-Don 2013

Alexander Poeluev, accordion

Roman Sbchegol in Rostov-on-Don May 2013
April 2014

Live in Rostov-on-Don 2013

Alexander Poeluev has shared his consummate artistry with the world through this recording made live in Rostov-on-Don in May of 2013. Any single piece on the recording is worthy of many hearings but the one single composition deserving of our undivided attention and admiration above all else is the opening piece by J. S. Bach, the famed Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in d minor. Written sometime around 1720, it is described by some as “wild music - daring, powerful, expressive, brilliant…with a chromatic freedom often dissolving any sense of a stable home key and with moments of dissonance, surprising to the ear.”

This opening performance is absolutely pure perfection, with a sense of musicianship and a dazzling technique in both hands, rarely, if ever, equaled. The Fantasia has chords demanding to be freely arpeggiated, improvised and resolved by the performer, thereby making the collaboration of performer and composer intensely personal and important. It is here that the teacher of Poeluev, Viatcheslav Semionov, has contributed his genius as a composer to this particular piece through his transcription. It is spectacular in realization by Poeluev.

The Fugue is in three voices and is no less exciting than the Fantasia. Poeluev maintains a tempo unrivaled by standard interpretations so often heard by pianists and harpsichordists! Every note in each hand is flawless, while attention to clarity in each voice is never denied! Bach wrote no tempo and few dynamic markings but in the hands of an artist such as Poeluev, they are carefully selected and exhibited throughout this particularly difficult and demanding piece. Johann Sebastian Bach’s composition is indeed extremely well-served!

However, there are nine more pieces on this CD to be savored by the listener. Each and every piece is a gem by every standard. Some are very well-known, others less so, but all are gifts to be admired. Scarlatti is represented several times as well as the works of Daquin, Rameau, and Couperin, with a return to J.S. Bach, and finally a transcription of a composition originally written by the balalaika player, Alexei Arkhipovsky.

For a teacher or student of music, this recording is a true gold-mine; however, anyone who enjoys and admires fine musical performances by musicians in any field, will listen and share this collection of ten pieces with others. Alexander Poeluev does indeed show us why he has won various important musical competitions and that he has continued to bring ever more understanding and finesse to his already superior performances.

The recording is very highly recommended to everyone. The recorded sound is superb! You will enjoy listening many times to “Live in Rostov-on-Don 2013” by Alexander Poeluev, accordionist.

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Reviewed by Joan C.Sommers – April, 2014.

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