100th anniversary of his death - 20th february 1918

Elena Soprani - Niece of Paolo Soprani with Beniamino Bugiolacchi/Historian from Castelfidardo

Celebrities playing Paolo Soprani Accordions
students of the music school Paolo Soprani - Castelfidardo
Youngest Soloist Nicolas Chiaraluce performing for the first time in front of an important audience of city officials from Castelfidardo
2 local TV's
Nicolas being interviewed by Beniamino Bugiolacchi
Massimo Marconi performing on a Paolo Soprani Accordion from 1919
The Mayor of Castelfidardo Roberto Ascani on his welcome speech
and the director of the museum Christian Riganelli
head of Castelfidardo Post office Mr. Sasso and
ex Mayor of Castelfidardo Mr. Marotta
Beniamino Bugiolacchi
the numberous audience
proud mother Marcella and father Giuseppe Chiaraluce (producer of Fisitalia Accordions) of their young soloist son Nicolas
Beniamino Bugiolacchi/Italcinte with Rosalba Pigini
Evening Concert at the Auditorium San Francesco
Lucia Santini with Mayor of Castelfidardo Roberto Ascani
.....Beniamino Bugiolacchi
...Ruben Cittadini (ass.cultura)
Christian Riganelli (director of the Museum/Castelfidardo)
performers of the evening: Luigi Presta (winner diatonic accordion/worldmusic Pif 2017) on the diatonic accordion and
Manuel Marchegiani (winner PIF 2017/varieté)
M°Alessandro Gaudio with Milena Baffetti (Accordions)
Elena Soprani and her husband Adriano
M° Gaudio with his students
...and Holda
Jean-Luc Manca (France) with Beniamino
Ida Tringali with her sister in law (left)
city Hall Castelfidardo officials with Elena Soprani and Beniamino
Elena Soprani with her husband Adriano posing in front of her grand father's poster Paolo Soprani