HOTEL PARCO Castelfidardo

newly decorated in theme of the


Sponsor of all DECORATION (furniture, Hall, Reception, Bar, Dining room with various accordion products ranging, from Lamps, instruments, Posters etc) in the Hotel Parco/Castelfidardo: Fisitalia Accordions - Producer of the Furniture: Galassi Bellows
Exposition of various accordion brands

Historian of Castelfidardo Beniamino Bugiolacchi / Italcinte being the host of the late afternoon - here in presence of Moreno Pieroni, culture councilor of the Marche, the mayor of Castelfidardo Roberto Ascani, Milly Cianforlini and Laura Davezza (direcors of Hotel Parco) Ruben Cittadini culture councilor of Castelfidardo

Beniamino Bugiolacchi / Italcinte
Francesca Pigini, Milena Baffetti on the left
the fisorchestra
Cristian Chiaraluce
students of the paolo soprani music school
Nicolas Chiaraluce on the Organetto
family Chiaraluce/Fisitalia Accordions
Laura Francinella and her mum, Tonino Alessandrini and Genuino Baffetti
Andrea Ottavianelli/Bugari Accordions and Claudio Sabattini/Musictech
mr/mrs Genuino Baffetti
"Don Bruno" priest of Castelfidardo who blesses the event and new idea
mr./mrs. Galassi jun (inventor of the Galassi Furniture)
the YOUNGSTERS Moreschi, Palmieri, Galassi
the owners of the hotel Parco Mr/Mrs. Mercatali Galassi Bellows
accordionist Tonino
Luciano Guffo/Fismen and Massimo Pigini
Daniela and Tonino Alessandrini
Giampiero Giustozzi, Laura Francinella, Massimo Pigini
Palmieri sen/Fismen Selenia Menghini/Scandalli,
Milena Baffetti, Selenia Menghini/Scandalli, Francesca Pigini
Palmieri jun/sen/Fismen and Michele Moreschi (middle/left) Pasco
Gabriele Galassi (middle/right)
Giuseppe Chiaraluce/Fisitalia Accordions Beniamino Bugiolacchi / Italcinte and Piero Montecchiani Fisitalia Accordions with his daughter and wife
Loffredo Vincenzo/collaborator of FISITALIA with his wife and daughter
Family Galassi Bellows
Lady directors of the Hotel Parco Laura Davezza (left) and Milly Cianforlini with Beniamino Bugiolacchi / Italcinte
and the mayor of Castelfidardo Roberto Ascani
Beniamino Bugiolacchi / Italcinte with Holda
Veronika Ruiters visiting guest from Germany with Nicolas
Laura Francinella, DanielaTonino Alessandrini Mrs. Francinella,
Daniela Alessandrini enjoying the cake
Holda and Franco Papa with his wife Fiorella
and to top the afternoon - a wonderful cake to complete the buffet offered by the sponsor FISITALIA and Hotel Parco

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