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Final World Accordion Day Broadcast 6th June - International

World Accordion Day header
World Accordion Day logoOne final broadcast
6th June 2020 Broadcast WAD2020
Starting: * Rome 7.00 PM * Moscow 8.00 PM - * New York – 1.00 PM - * LA - 10 AM *Auckland – 5.00 AM (June 7th) * China - 9.00 AM broadcast (June 7th).

Earlier broadcasts, 6th May, 9th May, 23 May are online at: WAD2020

Join us for the final episode of the World Accordion Day Project this Saturday.

This episode will include messages & performances from past Coupe Mondiale World Champions Tutto a Dio - Augustinas Rakauskas & Greta Staponkute - Rakau, Liu Zhao, João Campos Palma, Carmine Sangineto, Mariya Kushnikova & Ma Qi.

It will include interveiws and presentations with:

Marko Štumperger- President of the Association of Slovenian Accordionists with guests Zoran Lupinc & Igor Zobin.

Jacques Mornet & Ludovic Beier from CNIMA

Blai Navarro García - International Public Relations Manager of
Associació Catalana d'Acordionistes ACDA

Yuri Shiskin & Alexander Poeluev from International Music Center 'Harmony'

President Joseph Natoli & Executive Secretary Joan C. Sommers from the Accordionists & Teachers Guild International ATG

Dr Helmi Harrington presenting A World of Accordions Museum

& CIA Vice President Jörgen Sundeqvist representing Sveriges Dragspelares Riksförbund with guest Composer Fredrik Högberg.
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