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Video: Arseniy Strokovskiy (Russia), Klingenthal Solo Concert Winner - Germany

Video 1: Video 2:
Video 3:
Arseniy Strokovskiy (Russia) won the Klingenthal Category IV solo concert competition which is in three rounds, with four finalists performing with symphony orchestra for Round 3.

Video of Arseniy Strokovskiy, Round 3, was published in last weeks news.

This week we have video excerpts from his Round 1 program:
Video 1: Toccata No. 2 by Ole Shmidt
Video 2: Tango Prism by Maki Ishi (test piece)

Excerpt from Round 2 program:
Video 3: Metamorphoses by Torbjörn Lundquist

Arseniy Strokovskiy is a student at Schnittke's State Music Institute, Moscow, teacher Sergey Osokin, international competitions winner including this competition in 2002.

Video of a recent concert by Sergey Osokin is online at:

2015 competition successes by Arseniy Strokovskiy include:
1st - The XIII National Competition "Vivat, Bayan!" in Samara, Russia, May 2015.
2nd - 2015 Castelfidardo Premio category.
3rd - 2015 XXIII International Competition "Arrasate Hiria"
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