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2022 Coupe Mondiale Online Entry System Now Open - Finland/Switzerland

2022 Coupe Mondiale header
2022 Coupe Mondiale posterMirco Patarini, Kimmo MattilaCIA Secretary General Kimmo Mattila announces that the 2022 Coupe Mondiale online entry system is now open for entries to the 75th Coupe Mondiale from the 2022 General Competition Rules page: 2022CM-Rules

CIA President Mirco Patarini invites all (45) CIA members to register delegates to the 148th International Congress of Delegates which meets twice in Zofingen, Switzerland. President Patarini also invites competitors from all nations to please lodge their entries well before the closing date to assist the organisers for what will certainly be a great Coupe Mondiale.

The 75th Coupe Mondiale will be held from 4-9 October 2022 in Zofingen, Switzerland hosted by the Swiss CIA member accordeon.ch. President Yvonne Glur and CIA delegate and Vice-President Ruedi Marty welcomes everyone to Zofingen and the excellent facilities and halls for competitions and concerts.

View 14 pages of information: 2022CM-Presentation.pdf Poster download: 2022CM-poster.pdf

The festival will feature competitions as follows:
• 75th Coupe Mondiale
• Masters Coupe Mondiale
• Junior Coupe Mondiale
• International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
• Junior International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
• Chamber Music - Classical
• Chamber Music - World Music

Entry closing date is 31 August 2022 and travel information, all entry and hotel information is online at: Coupe Mondiale
Online entries at: 2022CM-Rules
2022 Coupe Mondiale footer
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