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Renzo Ruggieri Releases New Arrangement, Birdland by Zawinul - Italy

Video 1: Birdland acoustic accordion
Video2: Birdland digital accordion
Renzo RuggieriRenzo Ruggieri (picture right) has now released a new solo arrangement of the famous song Birdland composed by Joe Zawinul (group Wheater Report).

Video: Listen to this special interpretation, where Leonardo Rondolone performs the same arrangement in two versions, Video 1 for acoustic accordion and Video 2 for digital accordion.

Below is a picture of the Diploma 1st Place that Leonardo Rondolone received when he made the premiere public performance of this Birdland arrangement and won with it. Birdland is now available online at: Catalog: rrenzo526 - Birdland

Also, earlier this month, Renzo Ruggieri updated his popular rrenzo502 - Volo Degli Angeli Solo arrangement. The is a famous melody composed by Carmen Carozza. "I made this arrangement especially for international competitions and with this arrangement, my students won many competitions."

Other virtuoso arrangement by Renzo Ruggieri

rrenzo500 - Song For S.B (Accordion and Orchestra) and (Accordion and String Orchestra)
rrenzo501 - Song For S.B (Solo)

rrenzo503 - Tango Italiano (Solo) this very successful solo has been updated in February 2021 (ver. 1.3). Tango Italiano for 5 types of ensembles rrenzo522 (ensemble)

rrenzo504 - Carnevale (Solo)
rrenzo505 - Roma Tango (Solo)
rrenzo506 - Cinema (for 4 parts and drums, electronic accordion)
rrenzo507 - Variations on Säkkijärven Polka (Solo)
rrenzo508 - Medley Disco (Solo)
rrenzo509 - Acquarelli Italiani (Solo)
rrenzo510 - Grande Jo (Solo)
rrenzo511 - Figaro (Solo) or (Solo with string orchestra)
rrenzo512 - Accordion Kids (10 pieces) simple and modern compositions
rrenzo514 - La Vita Delle Cose (The Life of Things)
rrenzo515 - Peccatum et Gratia for electronic (hybrid) accordion
rrenzo516 - Lo Scuro e il Chiaro (accordion duo)

rrenzo517 - Il bosco incantato (for free bass accordion, solo) This work for free bass accordion and string orchestra is catalog rrenzo524

rrenzo518 - Valentango (Solo)
rrenzo519 - The Jackson Medley (Solo)
rrenzo520 - Acquarelli Italiani for Accordion and Orchestra
rrenzo521 - ll Tuo Sguardo (solo)

rrenzo522 - Tango Italiano (ensemble) (full score and individual parts). The solo version is catalog rrenzo503

rrenzo524 - Il Bosco Incantato for free bass accordion and string orchestra (full score and individual parts). The solo version is catalog rrenzo517
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