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Weekly News from Around the World - 16-Dec-2016
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Editor’s Note
Tian Jianan (China) Wins Arrasate Hiria XXIV Competition - Spain
2017 Coupe Mondiale Rules and Regulations Released, Osimo - Italy
Fisitalia Accordion Factory Interview, Castelfidardo - Italy
XXVIII International Moscow Festival "Bayan and Bayanists" – Russia
2nd Rhapsody for Accordion and Orchestra by Gary Daverne - New Zealand
VAMÖ-Akkordeonwettbewerb, Vienna – Austria
2017 South Pacific Accordion Championships & Festival Prospectus – New Zealand
Free Postage, Super Value Christmas Gifts Books

Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Inger Murray: Get Rid of Your Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety - Denmark
Rafal Luc new CD release ‘acc++ca’, London – UK
New release: Jessi Teich & Laurent Derache Duets eTracks Album - USA

Future events

Mirjana Petercol "Hommage a Hildegard von Bingen" Concert - Germany
Marko Kassl Concerts – Netherlands, Germany
Larry McEvoy Gigs, Cork, Clare – Irish Republic
Antonio Spaccarotella Master Class, Petilia Policastro (KR) – Italy
Fintan Stanley Concerts, Massachusetts - USA
Scottish Hogmanay @ Cairngorm National Park, Scotland - UK
Martynas Concert, Duisburg – Germany
New Year’s Day Concert, Lyss – Switzerland
Zoltan Orosz Concert, Budapest - Hungary
Sharon Shannon Tour – Australia

New and Updated Sites

Updated Website – Second Printing of “An Accordion! What Is That?” - USA
Serenellini Accordion Factory Interview, Castelfidardo - Italy
MusicForAccordion music page updates

Help Desk, Information needed, Readers Comments

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Editor’s Note

Happy New Year

Editorial from 16th December.
Christmas is almost upon us, and December is a busy time for many accordionists, and some of the events taking place are listed in this final edition of the year.

If you are still looking for presents, there is a large and varied selection of books, CDs and DVDs, music books, sheet music, instruments, accessories, etc, advertised on this website. Please support our loyal advertisers, whose quality products should meet the needs of most accordion enthusiasts.

The first news of 2017 will be published on Friday January 13th.

Have a peaceful Christmas and a healthy New Year, and enjoy your accordion music. Seasons greetings to you all from the team at Accordions Worldwide.

Rob Howard


Tian Jianan (China) Wins Arrasate Hiria XXIV Competition - Spain

Prize Giving
Tian JiananPicture of the 2016 "Arrasate Hiria" competitors prize giving above, organised by Hauspoz (Euskal Herriko Akordeoi Elkartea) in Arrasate-Mondragón, Basque Country, from December 9th to 11th, 2016.

The results were:
1st Tian Jianan (China)
2nd Aydar Salakohov (Russia)
3rd José Valente (Portugal)
Tian Jianan from Beijing, China has been a winner at most major international accordion competitions. José Valente (Portugal) won the test piece performance prize and an award by SUDC (Association of Societies of Arrasate).

Download the 60 page 2016 program at: 2016AHiria.pdf
with full competitor and jury information.

Held concurrently is the XXXVII Certamen Gipuzkoa State competition. The winners in each of the three categories were:

Categoría Senior
1st Ane Urbizu (Euskadi)
2nd Queralt Morral (Cataluña)
3rd No award

Categoría Junior
1st Beatriz Leonardo Labraña (Galicia)
2nd Ainhoa Quintana (Navarra)
3rd Eneko Sota Zabaleta (Euskadi)

Categoría Infatil
1st Manuel Loureiro (Galicia)
2nd Iván Armada Santiago (Galicia)
3rd Inés García Prieto (Galicia)


2017 Coupe Mondiale Rules and Regulations Released, Osimo - Italy

Coupe Mondiale 2017 header
2017 Coupe Mondiale posterThe Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA), a member of the International Music Council (IMC), an NGO offical partner of UNESCO, has published the official Rules and Regulations for the 70th CIA Coupe Mondiale in Osimo City, Italy from 5th to 10th September, 2017.

The 2017 Coupe Mondiale will feature seven international categories of competition
– Coupe Mondiale
– Masters Coupe Mondiale
– Junior Coupe Mondiale
– Virtuoso Entertainment
– Junior Virtuoso Entertainment
– Chamber - Classical
– Chamber - World Music
The on-line entry system will open in April-May, entry closing date: 31st July 2017

Host Italian Accordion Culture (IAC), Artistic Director Mirco Patarini, has announced a superb lineup of concerts from Baroque to Jazz, Digital to Opera, world premieres, the 9th World Accordion Orchestra plus the Coupe Mondiale Winners Concert to make a wonderful event in the beautiful city of Osimo.

Full information online at: Coupe Mondiale


Fisitalia Accordion Factory Interview, Castelfidardo - Italy

Fisitalia Accordion Factory Interview
Video 1:

Video 2:
Video 1: The Scottish girl band, Celtic Quines, joined by the legendary accordion player, John Carmichael, performing some Scottish Ceilidh tunes. Scotland.
Video 2: Flight Of The Bumblebee -Balalaika by Bryats Band. Russia.

"Know the People" Fisitalia Accordion Factory Interview 2016Fisitalia with:
- Giuseppe Chiaraluce (Owner)
- Piero Montecchiani (Owner)

Editor: Holda Paoletti-Kampl

"Know the People" behind the manufacturing of accordions in Castelfidardo who have made this small city so famous around the world for their quality accordions. Interview 2016Fisitalia


XXVIII International Moscow Festival "Bayan and Bayanists" – Russia

XXVIII International Moscow Festival header
XXVIII International posterArtistic director Friedrich Lips together with organizer Alexander Gataullin opened the XXVIII International Festival “Bayan and Bayanists” taking place in the concert hall of the Russian Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow from December 14 to 18, 2016.

Video above: Opening Concert, 14th December featuring:
- Anatolii Belyaev (Digital accordion) - birthday - 85 years old with Lubov Torgasheva (domra).
Prize winners of international competitions in 2016: Arsenii Strokovskii, Rafael Sapukov, Yulii Mistukov, Nikita Ukrainskii, Aleksandr Komelkov, Lev Lavrov, Ensemble “Compromise”, Ensemble “Russian Renesans”.

Video of 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th December Concerts at: 2016Moscow

Videos of further concerts and a full report with results and pictures will be made available in the coming days. 2016Moscow

Download Russian language poster: 2016MPoster.pdf
Download 39 page printed program: 2016MProgram.pdf (60 MB)


2nd Rhapsody for Accordion and Orchestra by Gary Daverne - New Zealand

Gary DaverneVideo: 2nd Rhapsody for Accordion and Orchestra by Gary Daverne (picture left) was recorded at the Takapuna War Memorial Hall, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, 11th December 2016. Soloist Grayson Masefield performs with the North Shore Accordion Ensemble conducted by Lionel Reekie.

Ensemble players left to right: Lian Jones, Campbell Bettridge, Alanah Jones, Jenna Murray, Kristina Roper, Stephanie Panzic, Catrina Lin, Alexandra Reekie.

This was a New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA) project and the work was commissioned by a grant from Foundation North Trust.

Gary Daverne is one of New Zealands most famous composers and has written extensively for the accordion. The 1st Rhapsody for Accordion and Orchestra by Gary  Daverne has been performed over 150 times in many parts of the world with symphony orchestra and with accordion orchestra.

The 2nd Rhapsody is expected to be equally popular and is composed for accordion solist and accordion orchestra or accordion soloist with symphony orchestra.

In 1996, Daverne was awarded the Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit - ONZM for his contribution to New Zealand Music.

Daverne has also composed many other works for accordion solo, duet, group and accordion orchestra which are all available at: Gary  Daverne


VAMÖ-Akkordeonwettbewerb, Vienna – Austria

Hermi KaletaThe international competition VAMÖ-Akkordeonwettbewerb takes place on Sunday February 26th in Vienna, and the organiser is Hermi Kaleta. Picture left: Hermi Kaleta being presented the CIA Honored Friend of the Accordion Award in Russia, September 2016.

The competition is open only to players from EU countries. The closing date for entries is January 14th. The 2017 rules and entry information in German and English at: 2017VAMÖ.pdf

There are competition categories from 10 years through to adults, and competitors may use either piano or chromatic accordions. The performance order will be drawn three weeks before the competition (without right of appeal) and sent to the participants by email.

Prizes are awarded at the festival evening concert 6 pm at Waldmüllerzentrum, Hasengasse 38, 1100 Vienna. Admission is free.

For further information email: kaleta.hermi@aon.at


2017 South Pacific Accordion Championships & Festival Prospectus – New Zealand

NZAA header
2017 South Pacific Accordion Championships posterThe Prospectus (Rules and Regulations) for the 2017 South Pacific Accordion Championships & Festival, to be held in Auckland on Saturday 3rd June and Sunday 4th June 2017, are now available at: 2017 NZ Prospectus
2017 Poster download: 2017SPposter.pdf

The rules for the international categories closely follow the rules of the Coupe Mondiale. The South Pacific international concert music category has exactly the same rules as the Coupe Mondiale Masters category and the South Pacific entertainment category has exactly the same rules as the Coupe Mondiale Virtuoso Entertainment category.

Similarly Junior (under 18 years) South Pacific entertainment category. The South Pacific Junior solo concert category has the same rules as the first round of the Coupe Mondiale Junior category.

Entry closing date is 15th April 2017.

NZAA President Sonja Palinich writes: “The NZAA has staged this event since 1972 and we are delighted to once again have the use of the Raye Freedman Arts Centre (picture below). This outstanding modern venue is ideally suited to our requirements with excellent acoustics, lighting and full facilities all under one roof.”

Past events reports at: South Pacific Daily Reports

The Australian AATA Championships are held 1 week later in Sydney and have similar rules for the international categories.
Raye Freedman Arts Centre


Free Postage, Super Value Christmas Gifts Books

Benetoux books
Merry Christmas logoAccordion Christmas Gift ideas for friends and family at: 2016Christmas Ideas

Free Postage until 28th December ONLY make the following books SUPER value for a Christmas Gift.

Free Postage Special: The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by Thierry Benetoux (catalog benetouxen00). A quality book about accordion repairs, tuning etc. that is very popular indeed. In English and French. Comprendre et Reparer Votre Accordeon (catalog benetouxfr00).

Free Postage Special: Sounding Out The Accordion by Thierry Benetoux (catalog bthierryen). A very quality book that cares of the sounding and tuning up your accordion. In English and French. L’Accordeon & SA Diversite Sonore (catalog bthierryfr).

New eBooks (sent to you by email) that are interesting.
NEW - Catalog: rrenzo401 - 10 Approaches to Jazz Improvisation eBook by Renzo Ruggieri
NEW - Catalog: ek203 - The Shortcut to Playing and the Bellows - Technique for The Accordion by Lars Ek
Play the Accordion Without Pain by John Bonica

These Christmas gift ideas have been compiled to hopefully attract your Xmas gift money to be spent with accordion artists, composers, arrangers and publishers.

Please support accordion artistry and choose from over 2,347 eSheet pieces, 300 plus CD/DVD’s, 1,903 eTracks recordings, 833 plus printed works and numerous books (text) to choose from. 2016Christmas Ideas
Books covers for sale


Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Inger Murray: Get Rid of Your Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety - Denmark

Cover: Get Rid of Your Stage Fright and Performance AnxietyFinally available in English Language – Inger Murray’s Mental Training for Musicians – A cure for stage fright.

The long-awaited Inger Murray book "Get Rid of Your Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety" Catalog: murray101 is now available in English (original in Danish) - an invaluable book for musicians, teachers and other people in the performing arts as well as those who suffer from nervousness and other exposed situations.

Psychologist Inger Murray has worked with many professional musicians with her Mental Training for Musician workshops. She regularly holds them at the Royal Academy of Music in London as well as the Royal Danish Conservatoire in her native Denmark.

Many performers find they can play perfectly well when they practise but then in performance they lose focus, or show outward signs of nervousness which prevent them from giving a performance they are worthy of.

This book will help conquer this all to common problem with professionals, students and amateurs alike. It will help one to understand why it happens and how to counteract it.

This translation is by her husband, Owen Murray, accordion professor at the Royal Academy of Music. His students are notoriously strong in performance thanks to his inclusion of his wife’s experience and workshops as part of his teaching.

A must have book for most accordionists.

"Get Rid of Your Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety" by Inger Murray Catalog: murray101


Rafal Luc new CD release ‘acc++ca’, London – UK

Rafal LucPolish accordionist Rafal Luc has released an album of modern music that combines the accordion with computer accompaniment. His perfectionism and extraordinary ability combine to create a perfect symbiosis between his instrument and the sounds generated on the computer.

The title track by Cezary Duchnowski ‘acc++ca’ one might even hear references to Gubaidulina’s works. In Michal Moc’s ‘Betegeuse’ for accordion and tape a more familiar Rafal Luc shines through. The soundscapes created in this album are very much the sounds of our technological age with the acoustic accordion almost playing the role of human amongst the technology that surrounds us. Listen with an open mind.

Tracks: Pavel Heindrich – ‘Accant’ (2014), Slawomir Kupczak – ‘4 Dances’ (2014), Cezary Duchnowski – ‘acc++ca’ (2012), Michal Moc – ‘Betelgeuse’ (1999-2000), Mikolaj Laskowski – ‘neath me, itch!’ (2014)

Rafal Luc studied the accordion with Owen Murray at the Royal academy of Music in London where he received a Distinction and the Lady Theodore Holland Prize for the second highest BMus graduate. His concert career has seen him perform with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, The London Sinfonietta, The London Contemporary Orchestra, the Rambert Dance Company among others.

He regularly collaborates with composers writing new music for accordion including Cezary Duchnowski, Pavel Heindrich, Gavin Higgins, Aleksander Nowak, Julian Phillips, and more, and has given many world premieres of these and other composers’ works.

For further information email: romanoviazzani@hotmail.co.uk


New release: Jessi Teich & Laurent Derache Duets eTracks Album - USA

Jessi Teich & Laurent Derache
the Duets album cover, Jessi Teich & Laurent Derachemp3 eTracks album by Jessi Teich & Laurent Derache released on 8th December.
Sound samples now added.

Singer Jessi Teich, International Award Winning Indie Singer, Songwriter, Musician, and Performer based in Los Angeles writes:

"I have added a video above that my amazing team put together so you can see some of the footage from the recording session. Enjoy!

It is with great pleasure that I share one of my most treasured projects with you today - "the duets". Rarely do I perform covers, but these particular ones are all very special to me.'

Each one of these songs has moved my musical heart in one way or another throughout my life. I hope they bring you joy and peace in this upcoming holiday season!"

The single mp3 tracks and album are available online at: TheDuets00eT


Future events

Mirjana Petercol "Hommage a Hildegard von Bingen" Concert - Germany

Mirjana PetercolOn 16th December, 8 pm, Mirjana Petercol performs at Capella Hospitalis, Bielefeld.

"Hommage a Hildegard von Bingen" honors Saint Hildegard of Bingen (1098 to 1179) who is described as abbess, artist, author, composer, mystic, pharmacist, poet, preacher, theologian - a most remarkable woman.

St. Hildegard von Bingen was regarded as an ingenious figure long before she became a religious lecturer (Doctor Ecclesiae universalis) in 2012. Their theological works and their scientific writings testify to profound knowledge and great creativity. Likewise, their musical oeuvre, which naturally belongs to the church context, is a peculiarity in the music of the Middle Ages. Here, too, the composer Hildegard acts as a connoisseur, an innovator and an avant-garde.

The three Christian-spiritual composers (Sofia Gubaidulina, Violeta Dinescu, Diana Cemeryte) deliberately deal with psalms and Hildegard's works in their concertacordon works. Thus the newly composed works seem to be a continuation of Hildegard's thoughts and fit into a unity.


Marko Kassl Concerts – Netherlands, Germany

Marko KasslAustrian accordionist Marko Kassl performs this weekend, as follows:

December 17th, 9.30am – Gesti - Berio Symposium - lecture and masterclass, Splendor, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116, Amsterdam, Netherlands
December 17th, 7.30pm - Gesti - Berio Symposium - concert 2 (Folk Songs), Splendor, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116, Amsterdam
December 18th, 8.15pm – with vocalist Eve Marti, Le Chat Noir, Brigittastrasse 22, Essen, Germany

For further information email: info@marko-kassl.de


Larry McEvoy Gigs, Cork, Clare – Irish Republic

Larry McEvoy posterAccordion entertainer Larry McEvoy plays for dancing this month, as follows:

Monday December 19th, 9.30pm until 11.45pm – The Crossroads, Buttevant, County Cork
Saturday December 31st, 9.30pm until 12.30am – The Cobber’s Rest, Bodyke, County Clare


Antonio Spaccarotella Master Class, Petilia Policastro (KR) – Italy

Antonio Spaccarotella posterAntonio Spaccarotella holds a master class followed by a concert on Friday December 23rd, 6.30pm, at the Scuola Statale, Pagliarelle, Petilia Policastro (KR), Calabria, Italy.

Antonio Spaccarotella has won numerous international competitions, most notably the International Competition in Castelfidardo in October 2008. He teaches modern and classical accordion at the Nuove Armonie Musical Institute in Italy.

For further information email: antonio.accordion@alice.it


Fintan Stanley Concerts, Massachusetts - USA

Fintan StanleyOn December 30th and 31st, 8pm both evenings, the ever popular Boston-based Irish accordion entertainer Fintan Stanley performs at the Cape Cod Irish Village, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

Fintan Stanley, born in County Louth, Ireland, is based in Boston, USA. In 1955 Fintan was the first to win an All-Ireland Championship title on a Continental chromatic accordion. He later played in several bands, most notably the Gallowglass Ceili Band and with Dermot O’Brien & The Clubmen, and for many years has performed as a solo accordionist. He has worked mainly in the USA, Ireland and the UK, and also in Germany and Italy.

For further information email: Info@TommyFoxs.com


Scottish Hogmanay @ Cairngorm National Park, Scotland - UK

Scottish Hogmanay posterThe New Year weekend of December 30th, 31st, and January 31st is a residential Scottish Hogmanay celebration at the Carrbridge Hotel, Main Street, Carrbridge, Aviemore PH23 3A, featuring lots of accordion music and dancing. Entertainers include Fergie Macdonald, Brandon McPhee, comedian Eddie Rose, the Kirkjuvajr Ceilidh Band, singer Robert Lovie, singer/guitarist Mikie Henderson, and the Ian Cruickshanks Ceilidh Band.


Martynas Concert, Duisburg – Germany

Lithuanian accordionist Martynas Levickis performs in concert on Saturday December 31st, 7 pm, at the Theater Am Marientor, on Plessingstraße 20, 47051 Duisburg, Germany.

Martynas graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London, played at the Royal Albert Hall, Auditorio Nacional in Mexico, Debussy's residence in Paris, the Berlin Waldbühne, etc. In his home country he won ‘Lithuania’s Got Talent’ on national TV.

The spectacular "Classic Live Show" leads the audience through the ballrooms of various centuries by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi and Ennio Morricone to Lady Gaga. In addition, the audience meets wonderful people such as Carmen, Maria of Buenos Aires or Figaro. Impressive effects and great music create a magical atmosphere that will continue after the show in the foyer.

For further information email: info@theater-am-marientor.de


New Year’s Day Concert, Lyss – Switzerland

Finkpositiv posterOn New Year’s Day January 1st, 5pm, the versatile accordion duo Finkpositiv perform in concert at the Cathoilic Church in Lyss, Bern, Switzerland.

Finkpositiv are a married couple Sandra and Markus Fink, from Lyss, who have performed as duo since 1999. They play classical, klezmer, the works of Piazzolla, folk music, popular pieces, and even Irish music. Markus Fink is a music teacher, publisher, and conducts an ensemble.

Sandra Fink supports her husband in the music publishing company AME LYSS. They are both members of the Board of the ‘Accordion 100 Club’, a non-profit association that has set itself the goal of promoting accordion music.


Zoltan Orosz Concert, Budapest - Hungary

Zoltan Orosz poster
Accordionist Zoltan Orosz and his quartet perform in concert together on Sunday January 2nd, 7pm until 10pm, at MOM Kulturalis Kozpont, Csörsz u. 18., Budapest, Hungary.

Zoltan Orosz studied the accordion and the organ at the Bela Bartok Conservatory in Budapest, and later at the Franz Liszt College, Budapest. He has since pursued a very successful international career as an accordionist, with several recordings to his credit.

For further information email: info@harmonika.hu


Sharon Shannon Tour – Australia

Sharon Shannon TourVideo above: Sharon Shannon and Alan Connor. This was taken on Joanie Madden's Folk 'n Irish Cruise 2013 Next cruise is in 2015.

The very popular Irish accordionist Sharon Shannon and her band begin 2017 with a tour of Australia. The tour dates include:

January 5th – Listening Post, Cootharaba, Queensland
January 6th - Mick O'Malley's Irish Pub, Brisbane
January 7th - The Basement, Macquarie Place, Circular Quay, Sydney
January 8th – Milton Theatre, Milton, New South Wales
January 11th - Jack Duggans Irish Pub, Bathurst NSW
January 12th – Hotel Nicholas, Beechworth, Victoria
January 13th – Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh RSL, Victoria
January 14th – Spotted Mallard, Brunswick, Victoria
January 15th - Spotted Mallard, Brunswick, Victoria

Sharon Shannon, originally from County Clare, is best known as a 2-row diatonic accordionist, but also plays the fiddle, tin whistle, and melodeon. In 1991 her debut album, ‘Sharon Shannon’, was the best-selling album of traditional Irish music ever released In Ireland.

Since then her work demonstrates a wide-ranging number of musical influences, including reggae, cajun, Portuguese, and French Canadian folk music. She won a lifetime achievement award at the 2009 Meteor Awards in Dublin.


New and Updated Sites

Updated Website – Second Printing of “An Accordion! What Is That?” - USA

“An Accordion! What Is That?” cover
If you missed this engaging and popular accordion book for young readers the first time around, here is your chance to “spread the word” and get it into the hands of children everywhere! www.accordionbee.com

Author Karen Malan-Uribe, Illustrator Joan Geller Grauman, and Accordionist/Narrator Mary Tokarski announce the second printing and re-release of their book “An Accordion! What Is That?”

The books are now available for distribution, just in time for Christmas! Books can be shipped now, which means you should have them in time for Christmas giving.

Book prices $17.95 each (PLUS a shipping charge of $4.00 for up to 4 books to one address in the US). Orders of 10 or more books to a single address will receive a 20% discount. Contact Mary Tokarski at mary.tokarski@comcast.net for all orders, and for information on additional shipping charges or for orders outside the US.

Spread the word about the accordion to all your grandchildren and all the young people you know! It is a gift that will give joy for years to come! An Accordion! What Is That?
“An Accordion! What Is That?” back cover


Serenellini Accordion Factory Interview, Castelfidardo - Italy

Serenellini Accordion Factory
Valerio Russo (Italy), 1st place 2015 Coupe Mondiale Junior Virtuoso Entertainment category.

"Know the People" Serenellini Accordion Factory Interview 2016Serenellini with:
- Sabrina Serenellini (Manager)
- Luciano Serenellini (father of Sabrina, Founder and former Manager)
- Donatella (Secretary/Translator/Export Manager)

Editor Holda Paoletti-Kampl

"Know the People" behind the manufacturing of accordions in Castelfidardo who have made this small city so famous around the world for their quality accordions. Interview 2016Serenellini


MusicForAccordion music page updates

Home page updates:

mfa7050 - Home Sweet Home
mfa7051 - Red River Valley
mfa7052 - Arkansas Traveler
mfa7053 - America, The Beautiful
mfa7054 - American, The Beautiful (Medium Version)
mfa7055 - Dixie
mfa7056 - Star Spangled Banner
mfa7057 - O Come, All Ye Faithful
mfa7058 - Onward Christian Soldiers
mfa7059 - The Lost Chord
mfa7060 - Country Gardens
mfa7061 - Auld Lang Syne
mfa7062 - Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here
mfa7063 - Good Night
mfa7064 - Camptown Races
mfa7065 - Vieni Sul Mar (Oh Come To The Sea)
mfa7066 - I Dream Of Jeanie
mfa7067 - Cradle Song
mfa7068 - Cradle Song (Easy Version)
mfa7069 - Volga Boatmen’s Song
mfa7070 - The Rose Of Tralee
mfa7071 - Vilia (The Merry Widow)
mfa7072 - Beautiful Dreamer
mfa7073 - Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
mfa7074 - She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain
mfa7075 - Yankee Doodle (State Anthem of Connecticut, USA)
mfa7076 - For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow
mfa7077 - Battle Hymn Of The Republic
mfa7078 - Whispering Hope
mfa7079 - Silent Night
mfa7080 - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
mfa7081 - La Paloma (The Dove)
mfa7082 - Humoresque
mfa7083 - O Sole Mio (Simplified Version)
mfa7084 - O Sole Mio
mfa7085 - O Sole Mio (Duet)
mfa7086 - La Donna E Mobile
mfa7087 - Abide With Me
mfa7088 - Ave Maria
mfa7089 - Traumerei
mfa7090 - Romanze
mfa7091 - God Save The Queen
mfa7092 - Fur Elise
mfa7093 - Marche Slav
mfa7094 - The Happy Farmer
mfa7095 - Clarinet Polka
mfa7096 - Reverie
mfa7097 - La Sorella
mfa7098 - La Cucaracha
mfa7099 - Bamba - Samba
mfa8000 - Valse Bleue by Alfred Margis
mfa8001 - Jarabe Tapatio "The Mexican Hat Dance" (Traditional)
mfa8002 - Minuet in G by Ludwig Van Beethoven
mfa8003 - Mazurka Polish traditional
mfa8004 - You Cuban traditional folk song
mfa8005 - Two Waltzes by Franz Schubert
mfa8006 - Husia Siusia traditional Polish Polka.
mfa8008 - Frankie And Johnny (stomp style), traditional USA
mfa8009 - Southern Roses by Johann Strauss
mfa8010 - Can - Can Charles Lecocq
mfa8011 - Roman Guitar by Eldo Di Lazzaro
mfa8012 - Bolero by Moritz Moszkowski
mfa8014 - Dengozo by Ernesto Nazareth
mfa8015 - Quiteno Conga
mfa8016 - Jigs And Reels Virginia Reel Medley
mfa8017 - La Cinquantaine Jean-Marie
mfa8018 - Tarantella A. Pieczonka
mfa8019 - Waves Of The Ocean Charles Dupee Blake
mfa8020 - Pop Goes The Weasel Old English Dance
mfa8023 - Camptown Races by Stephen Foster
mfa8025 - Carnival of Venice by Jules Demersseman
mfa8026 - Around The World In 80 Days by Victor Young
mfa8027 - Beer Barrel Polka (Duet Easy Version)
mfa8028 - Beer Barrel Polka (Solo Easy Version)
mfa8029 - Ragging The Minor Arnie Hartman
mfa8030 - Dark Eyes (Easy Version)
mfa8031 - Dark Eyes (Intermediate Version)
mfa8032 - Ciribiribin by Alberto Pestalozza
mfa8033 - Danube Waves by Johann Strauss
mfa8034 - Danube Waves (Duet) by Johann Strauss
mfa8043 - My Old Kentucky Home (Easy Version) by Stephen Foster
mfa8044 - My Old Kentucky Home (Medium Version) by Stephen Foster
mfa8045 - Bye Bye Blackbird by Ray Henderson
mfa8048 - Espana Cani by Pascual Marquina
mfa8050 - Loganolo by Clarrie Bruce
mfa8051 - Tender Tango by Andrew J. Glover
mfa9315 - Lady Of Spain
niko105 - Nina by Francesco Paolito
niko106 - Ole Guapa by Arie Maasland
niko107 - Aromas Mendocinas by L. Cunita


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