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Friedrich Lips’ Future Events – Russia and Germany

Friedrich LipsVideo: Friedrich Lips performing on March 20th, 2021 at the Gnessin Hall for the Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica Day.
1:47 - Mikhail Bronner Suite "Jewish Holidays" in 4 parts (2020)
13:40 - Mikhail Bronner Dolce Appassionato (2020)
19:07 - Russian folk song ''Oh, you, guelder rose!'' "Hey Thou Little Snowball-Tree" (Oi Da Ty Kalinushka), arr. I. Panitsky
23:08 - Clement Doucet - Fantasy for Piano, on the motifs of Liszt

Friedrich Lips’ Future Events for 2022 as listed below:
• February 16th: Performance of Sofia Gubaidulina “Fachwerk” for bayan, percussion and strings in Moscow, Russia.
• February 17th to 20th: Masterclass at the Bashmet Festival in Sotshi, Russia
• February 25th and 26th: Head of jury at the Solotaryov Competition in Pushkino, Russia.
• March 10th to 15th: Head of jury at the Saidashev Competition in Kasan, Russia.
• March 22nd to 26th: Masterclass in Moscow, Russia
• May 8th to 14th: Member of jury at the Klingenthal Competition in Germany
• June 13th to 16th: Masterclass in Moscow, Russia
• September 10th: Concert with Piazzolla-Studio in Simferopol, Russia.

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