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New Site: Grayson Masefield Releases New Website - New Zealand/Switzerland

Baroque Transcriptions CD cover by Grayson MasefieldOn World Accordion Day, Grayson Masefield released his 3rd CD titled Baroque Transcriptions and also released of his newly designed website at: www.graysonmasefield.com

The new site designed to be phone/screen size responsive and promote the 3 albums that Grayson Masefield now has available.

Grayson01 'Concert Accordion Music' CD or download mp3 album
Grayson02 'Symbols of Semionov' CD or download mp3 album
Grayson03 'Baroque Transcriptions' CD or download mp3 album

Baroque Transcriptions Track List
Click on the links to play a sound sample
1. Chaconne in F minor, (P.43), Pachelbel, Johann
2. Sonata in D minor (K.9), Domenico Scarlatti
3. Choral Prelude "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland," (BWV 659), Johann Sebastian Bach
4. Sonata in D Major (K.29), Domenico Scarlatti
5. Sonata in B minor (K.87), Domenico Scarlatti
6. Sonata in B Major (K.262), Domenico Scarlatti
7. Sonata in B minor (K.27), Domenico Scarlatti
8. Passacaglia in C minor (BWV 582), Johann Sebastian Bach
9. Fugue in C minor (BWV 582), Johann Sebastian Bach
Grayson Masefield CD covers
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