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2021 National Accordion Convention Registration Now Open – USA

NAA header
NAA 2021Registrations are now open for the 34th Annual 2021 National Accordion Convention which will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Richardson, Texas from March 17th to 20th, 2021.

The 2021 Accordion Convention Theme is “From Classic to Folk - the World of the Accordion”.

Social distancing and masks may be required and all government generated COVID-19 requirements will be adhered to. Thanks to Markus and Sabine Baggio, there will be multiple options available that range from a full-convention down to online only (virtual).

2021 Convention Presenters and Workshops as follows:
* Private Lesson with the Professionals: 50 minute private session for $50
* Tutto a Dio - Improvisation, Playing Techniques
* Tris Gour - Lead Sheets 1 and 2: Accompany Techniques
* Sam Falcetti: Left-hand styles and Patterns; MP3 Files; Two for One
* Bob Donovan: Configure and Program the FR4x and/or the FR8x
* Gary Dahl: Gary Dahl, Tris Gour, and Dennis O'Toole: Publishers of the 2020 NAA Music Book
* Arlyn Visentin: 15 Minutes of Fame; NAA Photo Booth
* Walk In Clinic: Roland Technology Accordions
* Sharon Seaton - Circle of Excellence; World of Accordions - Panel of Experts
* Cory Pesaturo - Italian/French; Tango/Brazilian; Klezmer and Balkan
* Richard Noel: From Acoustic to Digital; Prepare for all Occasions
* Mike Middleton - Enhance your Acoustic Accordion
* Randy McPeck: Accordion Bellows
* Ginny Mac: Accordions and Western Swing
* Matthais Matzke: Read Music vs. Understanding Music; Transcribe Pop Tunes to "Cool Accordion Tunes"
* Shelia Lee: NAA Dance Band; Work Session Link - Convert Piano Music into Accordion Music
* Gordon Kohl: Austria Music; Dance Favorites
* Ian Fries: Proxima Digital Accordion, Stradella Bass Jazz Chords, Accordionist's hand.
* Eli Davidsohn: Making Parties Fun
* Gail Campanella: It is not about you!
* Gary Blair: Scottish and Irish Music
* Dick Albreski: Biographical Information
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