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Klaus Paier “Visions for Two” Tour - Austria, Slovenia, Tunisia, Lithuania, Germany and Poland

Klaus Paier tourAccordionist Klaus Paier and Asja Valcic (cello) celebrated their 10th anniversary with a tour to China in September, their “Vision for Two“ CD release in August and further tours to Austria, Slovenia, Tunisia, Lithuania, Germany and Poland throughout the rest of 2019.

In addition the duo will entertain on the cruise ship MS Europa at the end of this month.

Tour schedule:

October 10th: Austria - Klagenfurt, Villa For Forest at 8pm
October 11th: Austria - Spittal/Drau, Schloss Porcia - Ahnensaal at 7.30pm
October 12th: Austria - Wolfsberg, Kuss at 8pm
October 16th: Slovenia - Ljubljana, Cellofest Ljubljana - Kavarna Slamic at 8pm
October 23rd: Tunisia - Tunis, Mûsîqât - Internationales Festival Traditioneller Musik, Palais Ennejma Ezzahra - Sidi Bou Saïd at 8pm

October 29th to November 3rd: - MS Europa Cruise Ship – Music Waves Jazz, Swing and Soul

November 15th: Austria - Neunkirchen, Sparkassensaal der Musikschule at 7.30pm
November 20th: Lithuania - Vilnius, Akordeono Festivalis - St. Catherine's church at 7pm
November 24th: Austria - Salzburg, Jazzit Musik Club - Musik Salon at 5pm
November 27th: Germany - Berlin, A-Trane at 9pm
November 28th: Germany - Berlin, Konzerthaus - Musikclub at 6pm
November 29th: Poland - Poznan, Blue Note at 8pm
November 30th: Poland - Gdansk, Shakespeare Theater - Österreichische Kulturwoche at 7pm
December 20th: Austria - Bodensdorf, Mountain Resort Feuerberg - Musikfestival "Klassik im Advent" at 8.45pm
December 21st: Austria - Völkermarkt, Step at 8.30pm

For further details email: klaus.paier@aon.at
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