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Public performances are our outlet for demonstrating the accordion which is our "Musical Instrument of Choice." Every year the National Accordion Association (Association) conduct numerous opportunities for listening to accordion music. During lunches and early evenings, visitors may dine with world-class accordionists or attend our evening concerts.
                     Mary Tokarski            Gary Blair            Michael Bridge            Steve Albini

2017 Saturday Evening Concert Artist
       Mary Tokarski, Gary Blair, Michael Bridge, and Steve Albini

Thursday Evening Concert Schedule
7:30 pm. - 10:30 pm.

    Annual Fun Band: Dick Albreski, Dir.
    Accordion Orchestra: xxxxx xxxxx, Dir
Circle of Champions
This event has become a tradition at the convention and it’s celebrating its seventh year. The Circle of Champions is an opportunity for some of our best and long standing and new gifted accordionists to get to share their talents. Each performer plays 2 musical selection, which allows the evening to showcase a lot of great talent.

Put this on your list of events to attend, because you’re not going to want to miss this one!
Strolling Accordionists
(Daily in restaurant or banquet)

This convention provides wonderful music everywhere, including during lunch and dinner in the hotel restaurant.  It’s a great way to showcase talent and it gives accordionists another opportunity to perform for their fellow accordionists and guests. Not to mention the buffet food provided in the restaurant is excellent.  Plan on having lunch or dinner in the restaurant and enjoy some great strolling accordionists.
Friday/Saturday Evening Concerts/Events

Friday Evening (Progressive Party)
    Folk Dance Music (N. Bernstein)
    Cafe' Accordion (S. Seaton)
    Party Animals (N. Ballarini)
    Jam Sessions (Max/Charly)
Saturday Afternoon Youth Concert

Saturday Evening Concert
    2018 Concert artists
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