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2017 Convention Register Form (Link)

2017 Workshop Descriptions (Link)

Who's Who for the 2017 National Accordion Convention

Steve Albini Dick Albreski Marcus Baggio Nick Ballarini Nancy Bernstein Gary Blair Nick Bratkovich Michael Bridge Rita: Accordions USA John Blumenfeld Ed Casper Jessica Faltot Elena and Greg Fainsthein Lenny Feldmann Max Frauenthel Ian Fries Marcia Godwin Patrick Harison Ray Harris Charles Henry Gordon Kohl Britt Lane Shelia Lee Masket Accordionist Randy McPeck Michael Middleton Lori Novar: Polka Works Bill Palmer Debra Peters Joey Petosa Rebecca Ratliff George Secor Norman Seaton Sharon Seaton Hank Thunander Mary Tokarski Arlyn Visentin Tom Visentin Dale Wise

Without Norman Seaton giving you any hints, can you name all these individuals? Their pictures are in alphabetic sequence.

Call for Vendors and Advertisements:

The following link is for accordion dealers and advertisements in the 2017 Convention book.

Vendor and Advertisement Invitation Letter (Link)

Hyatt Regency Hotel layout

Hotel Location

The Hyatt Hotel is located on the Corner of East Campbell Road on Highway 75 between George Bush Turnpike and LBJ Freeway. This location is six miles north of LBJ Freeway.
First Floor Conference Center

Second Floor Workshops

The Bluebonnet breakout room will be known as the "Roland Room" because RolandUSA is sponsoring the 2017 Digital workshops. Room Coordinator: Dr. Ian Fries.

Activities Scheduled in the Hyatt Regency Hotel

Salon A-B-C
Day Time
    A: Registration
    B: Round Tables/Socials
    C: 15-Minutes of Fame
Evening Time
    Nightly Jam Sessions
    Friday: Accordion Cafe'
Ballroom (D-E-F-G)
Day Time:
    Accordion Band Camp
    Training Sessions
Evening Time
    Band Camp Show
    Circle of Champions
Friday: Dance Party

    Closing Concert
Longhorn I
Accordion Sales
    New Accordions
    Used Accordions
    Accordion Repairs
    Swap Shop
Longhorn II
    Recorded music
    Printed music
Longhorn III-IV
    Training Sessions
    Evening Practice Sessions
    Nightly Jam Sessions
Second Floor Rooms
Roland Room (Bluebonnet)
    Digital Technologies
    Training Sessions
    Practice Sessions
    Private Lessons
Spurs - Youth Center

Hyatt Regency Conference Center Floor Plan

Conference layout image

Join the National Accordion Association

Join our wonderful association today. The Association has much to offer, but not as much as you have to offer to us.
Convention and Hotel Registration

Convention-related Duties

    Norman Seaton  (Overview)
    Nick Ballarini       (Dealers)
    Rebecca Ratliff   (Registration, Circle, strolling)
    Sharon Seaton    (Cafe' Accordion)
    Nancy Bernstein  (Friday Dance Show)

Get in Touch with your Association

National Accordion Association, Inc.
605 FM 740 North,
Forney, Texas 75126, USA
(214) 938-5984 (President's cell phone)

Convention Advisors

Names added as duties are assigned

Dr. Ian Fries (Digital)
Debra Peters (Dance music, marketing, workshops)
Dick Albreski (Band Camp, Youth)
Shelia Lee (Several positions)